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Warm it up again with a blow drier and you can wipe off any excess with a cloth.
So I've finally made my first shirt order, and had a bunch of requests, so we'll see how it comes out after a wash and iron. Looking forward to it!
The belts look really great, but i'm having some trouble deciding if they're formal or casual? Some of them look pretty formal, but some don't. And can bridle leather be used to make formal belts? Narrangansett Leathers make theirs out of bridle leather, and they look pretty formal. I've gotten one from them, but would like to try one out from Equus.
This is a funny thread - items are ostensibly posted to be sold, but the seller is acting like he doesn't want them to.
[[SPOILER]] I think it looks good - with a wider leg opening you need to have some break. If you'd prefer no break then you'd need to really taper that a lot.
I fuckin hate Harry Rosen. Apart from being overpriced, they're almost always very snooty.
In my experience it's been my cotton that's been getting shiny. Either way, as recommended, you should be "pressing" your pants and not "ironing" it, per se. Just lay flat, put a lot of pressure, then raise. Move on.
Ok, just thought I'd let you know since I've seen that up there for quite some time.
They're charging $40 to ship a shirt to Canada, wtf?
Unionmade charges $40 to ship a shirt to Canada? Fuck that.
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