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I fell in love with a pair of unlined peccary gloves since last November. They're pretty much fall gloves, and were $250 last November. Last week I was able to cop them for $65 all in, it was marvelous.I got the small, and it's perfectly fine for me, even though I have longish fingers. And it's very, very soft to the touch. I don't know about their other leathers.
Does anyone else find it really time-consuming and a little bit annoying to have to individually clean all the little brogue holes on their brogued shoes?
I've had to pay; but I don't remember what percentage it was.
Does anyone know what the "fit" on the sportcoats are going to be? As in, Caine, Weller, Marcello etc.? I ask because for at least the Marcello and the Caine, they fit a little differently (the Marcello is a bit snugger).
This is retarded; can he even bend his elbow? Look at how tight that thing is.
It's very thick, and definitely too heavy for summer. That's not mine btw, but I have a pair.
Generally my work shirts which I wear tucked in have formal features - no placket, no pocket, slightly wide spread collar. My casual shirts which I wear untucked have a placket, pocket and button-down collar. So basically - you shouldn't be wearing your formal shirts casually.
Thanks for the replies - I didn't even remember the pic of it, because I wasn't thinking of getting a new bag until recently, so i wasn't really on the lookout for anything. Do you think it could fit a pair of ice skates?
Does anyone have experience with the tin cloth small duffle? I have a Sportsman and I'm looking for something that'll be easier to carry around stuff for gym, when I'm going skating, that sort of stuff. The Sportsman can tend to be heavy sometimes. Would those things fit in there? Any other suggestions for "weekender" bags, or any other Filson that might be lighter than the Sportsman?
So, what you're saying, is an off the rack shirt that's built for the masses doesn't fit your unique body shape? Oh shit.
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