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Doesn't look like there's any love for Canada.
Nice watch!
Is everyone buying up these polos just cause they're from MB? They don't look that attractive to me. Of course that's just me, but they're pretty loud.
I get you're trying to be witty or something, but you totally missed the entire point of the referral link. You ended up looking a bit dumb.
[[SPOILER]] Dose it matter what they call it?Also, it's best to measure your best fitting shirt and make adjustments as necessary.
Dude I can't even read anything you say, all I'm doing is staring at your profile photo. Change plz.
Keep your eye on the Filson thread. Hilton Tent City is one place that has sales sometimes, and from time to time people will point out where other sales of Filson are happening.
Brand new in box Stowa Antea Small Second Silver (Kleine Sekunde KS) watch from the famous Stowa watch company in Germany. Hand-made, in a stainless steel case with a sapphire crystal and sapphire display case back. There's currently a 7-month wait period from the moment you place an order for this watch to the time it gets shipped out. Here's a chance to get a brand new, unworn one next week. Buyer to cover Paypal fees. More from In the 1930s STOWA built...
I actually like it a whole lot, but find it's a little pricy at $720. Can't you find anyone here to custom make you one at that price?And like the guy above me said, it would look pretty awesome in a couple years.
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