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I agree with going a whole size down from whatever you wear in Nike or other sneakers.
What's the cashmere going to be used for? I'm afraid I missed it.
You should get a needle and thread and try doing it yourself! I'm serious. Iron it down straight as a ruler, do a temp running stitch down to make sure you got everything in a line, and then backstitch that sucker down.
I've found some of the materials recently to be almost... papery to the touch. It's not necessarily thin, it just wrinkles very very easily, and doesn't feel soft like normal material.I might try one of their more expensive options sometime, and see if it's better, but for now the fit and cost are what's most important.
Cool, thanks.
I was tempted to buy it, but seriously $90 is a little bit ridiculous I think. At Chapters here in Canada, they had a travel kit made out of canvas, and it was on sale for $15 a few weeks ago, I picked up two. I'm sure it's going to last a long time.I also realized that the "pay more, buy less" philosophy needs to have certain limits and should be used with a healthy dose of common sense.Which 15% off is this?
What horrible style photos; almost looks 2 sizes too large.
Do you guys save for retirement?? Or are you just ballers?
I also wouldn't mind hearing of any discounts on the 256; my brother loves the quality of my Sportsman bag and wants a 256 for his own use.
How do we separate the American made ones from the rest, on the site?
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