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Right now it's 9, and it's going to rain for the next 4 days or so. It's going to get pretty close to 0 too.
When people use the word irregardless.
It's okay not to criticize something in someone's outfit you know. Sometimes everything looks pretty good.
I hear yktjoe can get you any colour you want.
Yeah, I actually purposely let my briefcase or duffel bump into them as a I pass.
I use it, I think it's awesome. Really helps a lot in the struggle not to overspend.
Man, shit that pisses me off are those fuckers that refuse to move to the back of the streetcar during rushour; they just come in and stand in the middle. And those that just stand blocking the exit with their headphones on and totally oblivious to people trying to come off. Oh, and those assholes who ignore lines and just walk right up when a streetcar/bus arrives. God damnit I'm getting mad just thinking about them.
[[SPOILER]] I think they're all fucking nuts, but it might be best to only send photos like that to your wife from now on.
[[SPOILER]] Mine looks like this too. I attributed it to the coarseness of the weave, and it doesn't bother me.
lol what the fuck?Their stuff is usually overpriced? I'd be happy to find a place to buy SNS shit in Toronto, but not if it's unreasonable. And I hate going to stores to try shit on just to buy it online somewhere else.Their Filson briefcases were okay, but I think Filson might have some kind of price control on that.
New Posts  All Forums: