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I was in the Eaton Centre store a couple nights ago, and came across this pair of burgundy gloves that were really, really, really soft. Checked the tags, it said peccary (that's when I got scared of the price) and checked the other tag, yep - $250. No way I'd spend that kinda money on gloves, but it's pretty amazingly soft.
[[SPOILER]] I wouldn't let that stop me from enjoying my boots.
About how Starks are "supposed" to fit: if they're made in Denmark, an area of the world where people are generally taller, then the bottom of the cardigan is probably going to be just below their belt, right? So if people that aren't as tall as the Danish are wearing the Starks so that it falls to their crotch, then that's pretty much not how it's intended to be worn. So I don't think that this change in length is really such bad thing, it's just getting the fit closer...
I actually don't have it on the hanger, and I hate it when people put sweaters on hangers - I just used the pic from the guy I originally got it from.
If you order from the US and have it shipped to Canada, expect to pay duties. I ordered mine from Revolve when they were still doing the discount, and I got charged. Edit: It was still cheaper than buying it locally in Canada at those ridiculous prices they have here.
Uh huh.
Someone get it quickly, hopefully they'll take down that disgusting-looking shirt once it's out of stock.
How versatile is it? I'm pondering whether to get it or not. What would I wear with it?
One of mine looks exactly like that, and I think this topic has come up before. I don't let it bother me.
I wasn't the one who suggested modifying the garment, but like the guy above me said, unless you leave your trousers unfinished, then you're also modifying a brand new garment.Also, your implied laughter shows that you're pretty ignorant, but that's okay, as I don't mind edifying ignorant people. This article should help you a little bit:http://www.businessweek.com/magazine/content/11_23/b4231018705849.htm
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