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Thanks for the response. I don't have a problem with $20 for a hand-made monogram, but I didn't necessarily care for a hand-made one and was happy to have a free machine-made one.I also remembered that you said you got complaints about not-so-neat hand-made monograms and were switching back to the machine-made ones.I'm looking forward to the no-cost (to me) machine-made ones again whenever they become available.
The last time I ordered a couple months ago, I think the monograms were free and machine made, but now it looks like they're hand-made and cost an extra $20?
I've actually found that my Sportsman is uncomfortably heavy when I pack it, and hate using it as a carry-on now, and as an overnight/gym bag, which is basically all that I bought it to use for. Been looking into a lighter bag. Saw the Qwstion Weekender and been thinking about it.
Similar with mine, but to a lesser extent. You should use shoe-trees too - they're good for the longevity and also helps straightening that out a bit.
[[SPOILER]] http://trextrying.tumblr.com/Sorry, I couldn't resist.
Why's everyone shitting on this guy? Since when did it become sacrilegious to criticize something?
Take it easy bro, it's just a piece of cow skin.
I just wanted to chime in with my experience. I ordered a shirt, and I'm mostly happy with it; the sleeves require a bit trimming, but otherwise everything was perfect. Compared to Modern Tailor, which is the only other online MTM I've used, it was a much better experience here, and the prices and ability to customize everything at no extra cost is amazing. At MT, I had to pay extra for shell buttons, split yoke, and shipping. So yeah, I'm happy and looking forward to...
You don't say!
I was unhappy when it happened to mine as well - navy and grey twill. I decided I'd either step up and buy wool trousers to wear to work, or buy some other cheaper brand of cotton trousers when I wanted casual ones.
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