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I don't understand, if you're interested in his services, why don't you just contact him?
What's the measurements on the Stark that you're selling?
Could you elaborate more on what you disagree on, and why? Just for our edification, and I'm not being sarcastic.
But hey, at least you're stylish!
I just realized the effect of having the pairs of holes at increasing distances the further up the shoe you go: when you put the shoe on it'll make them look almost all the same distance apart. Or rather, it would depending on the height of the arch of your foot? On mine it would have that effect since the vamp (?) makes a V on my shoes.Has this been discussed before, or am I way off?
Woops, wrong thread.
I guess you guys are the kind that would let someone continue to make the same mistake over and over again. If this were real life and there was a group of people obviously only an asshole would correct someone right there. Since it's the internet I thought I'd let him know he was making a mistake, and probably save him the embarrassment in future.
Obvious to who?He was calling something by the wrong name and I thought I would let him know, so that he wouldn't make the same mistake in the future. Unless on your keyboard somehow the "a" is near the "i."
You're saying you got an invoice from a delivery company that had a line item that said "Transportation Costs?"Also, I don't think you realize how delivery company works; surely you don't think they pick stuff up at once place and drive straight to the delivery address? Companies have hubs where everything goes first and then ship back out. I've seen packages from one Caribbean country go to Miami and then back down to the other Caribbean country, for example.
I think you meant gig; hopefully you don't think I'm an asshole for pointing this out.
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