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I got 2 Starks a black melange Stark - the older fit that's longer and more traditional, but I think the new fit would work best for me. They're very lightly used as I got them new, and they're size Small. Worn exactly twice each. And by that I don't mean the old Styleforum "I wore it about 5-6 times and I'm saying I wore it twice." I literally wore them twice each. S.N.S. Herning's waffle knit cardigan is refined but rugged. Extra-textured with high ribbed collar and...
Lol agreed. I don't mind the tradeoff.
Nice try Rchmnd Shop.
Those 2 things are not one and the same.The questioner is asking if the seller is offering to sell it at what he bought it for, or another 25% off. I don't think it's a great question, because he's asking if anyone wants to buy it before he returns it, so I don't see why he'd be selling it at a further 25% off to incur a loss.
I can't imagine anyone would brag about a $30 OCBD, but that has nothing to do with what quality or value for money it is, does it?
Also, how does the OCBD stand up after 3 months of wear?
Looking at the closer pictures of the collar, I feel that the button placement is way too low on the shirt; if it were placed higher you'd have a much better collar roll. Right now it looks like the collars are stretching their gosh darndest trying to reach that button. Any further and they'd just give up. Also I don't really get why the hips flare out so much. Like someone said, it could be remedied by darts, but that still requires extra effort/money. I think I'll pass.
I think Ill wait a while and see how measurements and stuff goes before I order.
I guess you're the one that ends up looking stupid huh? Maybe try not to be so condescending next time?
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