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Doesn't seem like something worthy of a PM though: I'm sure lots of other people would be interested in this answer. I know I would.
Whatever you do, please buy something that fits your needs exactly. Otherwise, in a few months it'll be lying at the back of your closet and you're going to be needing to drop that much and more to get exactly what it is you want.
I haven't gotten any sales code from them., and I'm on their list.
I'm glad to see the Sportsman getting some love, and I'm surprised it doesn't come up more often. I have the Sportsman, and have used it on trips recently and didn't have a problem with any of them. It's very handy to have the main compartment and the smaller ones, and the open pockets on the outside are great to put your passport case and stuff to retrieve it more often.You can pack a lot of stuff in it and make it really heavy though, so be careful. It's a pretty awesome...
Mine came with screws too, which I promptly unscrewed.
I'm really surprised at the low cost Suddenlee charges. It's a sustainable model, all they need to do is start charging more.
You can do this; it's one of the options you can choose after you're done designing your shirt. If you have a tape measure it's also not really hard to do the measurements yourself, but it's up to you.About the thick buttons, I've made about 6 shirts all with thick MOP buttons and none have ever chipped. Some of them I've washed and dried in the machine, some I've hung-dried, and they're all okay.
You're right about the leather soles leaning more towards something that's on the formal side about the spectrum, that's a good point.
I don't think you should try to make a "workwear" boots into dress boots. These are always going to look rugged. If you want a dress boot there are lots of options to choose from; they have calf leather and are going to be able to shine quite a lot.
Hi Laughing man. I don't usually respond, but you look like you need a lot of help. As someone else said, pick your best fitting shirt, and add and remove measurements as needed. If you insist on modifying these measurements, it looks like you'd need to: 1. Reduce the cuff 2. Reduce the biceps 3. Reduce the shoulder measurements - each seam should fall about an inch closer to your head than they are now 4. Reduce the chest 5. Reduce the waist by a whole lot I also...
New Posts  All Forums: