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Why would you pay a premium for something you don't understand, appreciate or need?
I benefited from this, but I believe it's no longer available; your best bet might be to call Crane's.
Is there a price target for the oxfords? I can tell so far it's not going to be $400, but just wondering if I should hold off some purchases for those.
[[SPOILER]] I really like that cream shawl collar one.
Yeah, you should check out FilsonGuy. I haven't bought anything personally, but maybe he can help you out.
I agree; the last pair of pants that "fit" you don't actually fit you very well: notice how the pockets are flaring outwards. It's a problem with the seat area I believe.
I'm really excited to get them, I can't wait.
I recently got 2 Starks - light brown and black. I'll post fit pics the next time I put them on. I'm 5'10" and they're the older ones, slightly long-ish, but it's very warm and more of a lighter outerwear piece than something I'd be able to keep on indoors for any great period of time. I wear a shirt underneath.
I finally dropped the cash on 2 wool flannels - mid-grey and purple. I'm really looking forward to it, but that guy's fit pics really scared me, but I'm 5'10", so hopefully I'll be okay. The deciding factors were the higher rise of the American made ones, and Epaulet's rising prices. I think they're slowly pricing themselves out of a certain market, but they seem to be doing well, so it looks like that might not be the brand for me anymore. Their least expensive cotton...
Hi there! For sale is a brand new without tags SNS Herning Marked Cardigan. It's their heaviest, thickest and most luxurious knit. I'm not sure if they're made anymore, and I was on the lookout for one for a long time. I bought it off a fellow forum member, but it's a little big for me. I can throw in free shipping to Canada and the US as an extra treat. Measurements: Pit to pit: 20" Shoulder to shoulder: 17" Sleeve: 29" Length (from base of collar): 28"
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