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Very helpful hookem, thanks for the warning, too bad you had to pay the price though.
I personally find Unis prices pretty ridiculous. $150 for shorts?
Very happy to see that moron banned as well, he was in the Sales forum talking a lot of trash too. I for one reported him.
Although I would suggest going for actual measurements, and ignore the tagged sizes. Tagged sizes don't mean anything anymore. It's also inches btw.
I was really upset when I dropped about $260 on 2 Gitmans, the red and red overdye, and when I got it the buttonholes have stray threads. If I'd paid $100 I wouldn't mind so much, but shirts that cost so much should really be pretty darn perfect.Do other people have these issues, apart from the few that have commented so far? If so, how do you justify spending so much on these shirts?
I agree. I own 4 of them, and there are issues like stray threads at the hems, and the thread in the buttonholes are giving away. Sometimes I just wonder if it's best to just buy Uniqlo for OCBD staples. And spend about 20% of the price.
Why do you keep double-posting?
Why wouldn't you put it? I've always put it, because I want to control the size of the shirt between the armhole and the cuff.
I agree with you to a certain extent, but python brogues are a lot easier to deliberately avoid as opposed to factory farmed chicken legs or bacon.Also, there are a lot fewer products made from pythons, and they fetch a much higher markup for the creators, so even diminishing demand by a small number can make a difference.
New Posts  All Forums: