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[[SPOILER]] Nice shirt, but you don't look so happy lol.
Thanks. It's not available anymore?
Can Matt, Dylan or anyone else tell me what belt is being worn here: http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0184/4436/products/liberty_elizas_3_1024x1024.jpg?5753
[[SPOILER]] There's a forum for this.
You're breaking the rules - you're not supposed to edit out all information, including pricing information, when an item has been sold.
What size do you normally wear, and what size did you order?
It was odd that they didn't list it as peccary on the website, but in the store the gloves have a label saying they're peccary.
Sounds great, what size were you?
Thanks for the info on the tongue stitching, it actually makes sense apart from the initial lacings.
My brother got 2 pairs that he bought during the $50 off one pair, $150 off 2 pairs from a few weeks ago. One was a red Neumok, and the other a walnut boot, can't remember which. I can post pics of anyone wants them, of the Neumok. Also, the flaw with them is that on one side the tongue was accidentally stitched to the upper when they were doing some stitching for the brogueing. It makes it a little harder to lace, but that's fine.
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