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Like sex?
What the fuck is a must buy item?
Let him wear what he wants to wear .
Try to get them when they're on sale, that way they're closer to $100-$110.There's a company called Lumina that makes OCBDs; it was reviewed on Well Spent. You won't get any crazy prints there, but you'll get good basic colours for $85 or so.You could also try Uniqlo.Also, keep an eye on the Buy and Sell forum, they pop up there from time to time anywhere from $75 to $100.
Best description I've ever heard for what, by most accounts, has been a pretty shitty site lately. And by lately I mean the last couple years. He's got 200 posts, so it's unlikely he'll fall for it.
I leave for an hour and come back, and there are 50 new posts on this thread; how am I supposed to get any work done?!?
Yep, I never tuck mine in.
I wear as is.
Are the prices as marked?
Nice of you. I also think you a word there somewhere.
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