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Thanks to both of you, especially Winston! I'll get a few pairs from Century 21 online!
I was looking at their peccary gloves - retailed for $250, and then dropped to about $190, and with the extra 30% off it was coming up to about $132. I decided against the purchase eventually though, because Epaulet's new site sale caused a lot of unplanned purchases. The glove was very very soft though.
Thanks for that; what would you recommend for interestingly-patterned socks? I can use Uniqlo for a huge range of solid colours, but not sure about where to get patterns.
Are there any good prices for interesting socks on anywhere? I'll check out the Happy Socks at The Bay after work, but I don't think I'd want to spend more than around $13 per pair.
Like sex?
What the fuck is a must buy item?
Let him wear what he wants to wear .
Try to get them when they're on sale, that way they're closer to $100-$110.There's a company called Lumina that makes OCBDs; it was reviewed on Well Spent. You won't get any crazy prints there, but you'll get good basic colours for $85 or so.You could also try Uniqlo.Also, keep an eye on the Buy and Sell forum, they pop up there from time to time anywhere from $75 to $100.
Best description I've ever heard for what, by most accounts, has been a pretty shitty site lately. And by lately I mean the last couple years. He's got 200 posts, so it's unlikely he'll fall for it.
I leave for an hour and come back, and there are 50 new posts on this thread; how am I supposed to get any work done?!?
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