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It's called a thread shank, and yes they do it. I don't know if they do it by default, because I've asked them to do it on all 3 of my orders so far, which they've done. It's a nice little detail.
I got rust, and I'm happy with it. Unless you really like brown, get the rust, as it'll just get a little darker eventually, and it makes an interesting visual - not quite brown, with maybe a tad orange mixed in. To me it's much more interesting than a plain, flat brown.
Looks fine I guess, though not at that price. Not something I need in my wardrobe. I've moved into a smaller place, so apart from the obvious issue of spending too much money, I'm also trying to just buy the things I need and are versatile.
Fit pic?
If we're talking about the same one, I didn't like the big patch pockets.
Can someone explain what is so bad about signing up here to share your experience? It's like people keep shitting on low post count people who have issues.
Yep, I'd never buy anything there full price. Right now they've got 40% off sale items, and lots of sizes are still available. I really wanted that navy seersucker blazer, but missed it in 36.
Is anyone ever apprehensive about ordering a whole bunch of swatches, but if you're ready to order one of them a few months from now they're out of stock?
That's how I understand it, yep.
I call it flare.It's the difference between:And:
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