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To be honest I'm no longer even sure what freaking post it takes me to, so I just reserve browsing SF on my computer at home (and at work, ha).
I don't get the hate for the basics - I think it makes a lot of sense to spend $100 to get good quality staples that you can wear lots of times hopefully over a couple years, if not more.On the other hand, how many times can you really wear a hideous llama or pinup shirt without people thinking you only have 1 or 2 shirts? So then why spend $150 on it? If you want a crazy, really out there print that you can wear a couple times before it becomes last season's shirt, then...
Yeah I'm an iPhone user; I guess the Android version doesn't have it.
So I checked it just now and in the settings there's an option for what to do when you go to a forum. My default was already at First Unread post, but I changed it to Ask Me Every Time, and then tried it, and it worked. Maybe I'll just leave it at that, I don't really mind the extra click if it's working. Or some time later I'll try leaving it to that as the default.
When I use Tapatalk and go to my bookmarked threads and click one, it takes me the first page of the thread (or the last, I can't remember which, it's been a while). I prefer it if it took me to the first unread post; is there any way to do this? SF is the main reason I bought it, and I spend most of my time in certain subscribed threads.
How is the Apex different from the Stark? I couldn't really notice any big differences. Also, what retailers usually sell them? Any in the US?
I agree with this, I think it's a bad idea to keep talking about it on a public forum. It's happened once for me with a merchant, and while I didn't ask them to I really appreciated the fact that they did; but I wouldn't go posting it all over.
I'm a big fan of Epaulet, and I went far out of my way to visit the store when I was passing through NYC a few weeks ago with my girlfriend, met Mike and had a great discussion; it made me like their stuff even more.But it's stuff like the above that makes me feel that sometimes this thread is only for adulation, and negative criticisms aren't tolerated at all. No one minds the camera tangents you went off on wj4, or basically any other sort of tangent that's present on...
What is it then?
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