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This is perhaps one of those things that are so small but make me so happy - when I started buying more expensive trousers, they started coming with pockets that could actually fit shit.
[[SPOILER]] And maybe some extra space around the seat, so the pockets don't flare.
It has happened before where the codes worked on Alden's, albeit for a short time till they corrected it.
I think the brown linen pants look great, even more so considering what your first pair looked like.A question though - after you did that fantastic job pinning stuff up, how were you able to modify measurements to send for Luxire to create the second pair? Did you just remeasure the rise, etc.? I think we'd all be a bit better off if you could share some more details about how you went about this part of it.Edit: I'm just wondering if all you had to do was reduce the back...
You should wait on what you really want.
Dude, just calm down. Look at their website and their new Tumblr; I'm pretty sure they acknowledged that certain technological things aren't up to par.I think you're being overly sensitive because of some kind of slight you've received for being Indian.
Just wanna chime in that I got a pair of brown Neumoks from the Nordstrom sale for $200 CAD all told, including $0 for shipping and $25 or so for duties/taxes. Very happy with that!
Are any that they have right now the same? I'm curious as to which ones you're talking about.
Sorry if I missed something, but is that sportcoat from Luxire or is it the Caruso you own, or the Corneliani you gave away or what? It looks pretty great to me.
I haven't used any saphir products, but I have used Obenauf's LP on a veg-tanned briefcase I got made by Unlucky, and I didn't realize that some stuff rubs off onto my pants until I wore a light-coloured trousers in the summer.It came off with Oxy-Clean though, but yeah, it was noticeable.
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