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What's the difference between Left Hand Twill, Deep Indigo and regular Indigo?
[[SPOILER]] How does a permanent stitch crease work? I googled it and all it said was to sew a line down the crease?
Why do you guys keep doing this? You're not supposed to delete everything from the post after the item has been sold.
It sounds like you needed a Glaser, Clegg, or even Dunhill or SAB or something. Perfection doesn't come at the $350 price point.
What are the measurements like on the 34?
The top one is described as 120% cotton on the website.
Hi, is this the one with Thinsulate?
FYI it's against the rules to delete all of the information in a classified after the item has been sold.
Interested in this too.
Ok let's stop flogging a dead horse. Anyway, does anyone know where I can get my 1k Miles resoled in Toronto?
New Posts  All Forums: