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Best description I've ever heard for what, by most accounts, has been a pretty shitty site lately. And by lately I mean the last couple years. He's got 200 posts, so it's unlikely he'll fall for it.
I leave for an hour and come back, and there are 50 new posts on this thread; how am I supposed to get any work done?!?
Yep, I never tuck mine in.
I wear as is.
Are the prices as marked?
Nice of you. I also think you a word there somewhere.
Shit just got real.
I think the general rule is that Factory stuff is lower quality.
Does your "American Math" say anything about people who have opinions but don't necessarily publicize those opinions? Also, he wasn't bitching.
That doesn't sound so bad then; basically you just had low expectations but wanted to try it out, and it turned out it didn't exceed expectations.
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