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Don't you have anything better to do? Seriously? Let the guy wear what's appropriate for him, jeez. Or just make some comments that are more useful, not your lame attempts at being witty.Anyway, maverick, usually flannel is reserved for fall and winter, and linen and tropical wool for the summer, as you probably already know. You're in a tough bind as to what to wear since you have to go in to those freezers from time to time, so just do what's best for you. Maybe consider...
What'd you buy!
My brother wears his Strands to work and gets compliments on them all the time. He needs a couple more pairs of casual shoes, so I was thinking the McTavish and McAllisters, unless you guys have any other recommendations. Also, it looks like I just missed Amazon's and the Shoebanks' deals, am I right? I guess maybe Boxing Day might be the best time to get a few? I used to keep track of this thread but there are so many posts; I guess I'll have to resume keeping track of...
I think you got the math correct there - 32 inseam, 2 inches and 2 inches for the cuff, and then you still need a seam allowance. You might have to reduce the cuffs to 1.75 to make it work.
I've worn mine a couple dozen times, and my brother just got his yesterday. Brand new it's almost like cardboard trying to get into them, but they eventually do soften up quite a bit. I'm in Toronto, and I couldn't wear this in the summer at all, and I'll be wearing it in the winter, at least on weekends.I wouldn't say it keeps me warm - so far it's only been as low as -3 or so though. But it certainly doesn't make me feel as cold as I would be had I been wearing a lighter...
Gitman on sale at South Willard.
Thanks to both of you, especially Winston! I'll get a few pairs from Century 21 online!
I was looking at their peccary gloves - retailed for $250, and then dropped to about $190, and with the extra 30% off it was coming up to about $132. I decided against the purchase eventually though, because Epaulet's new site sale caused a lot of unplanned purchases. The glove was very very soft though.
Thanks for that; what would you recommend for interestingly-patterned socks? I can use Uniqlo for a huge range of solid colours, but not sure about where to get patterns.
Are there any good prices for interesting socks on anywhere? I'll check out the Happy Socks at The Bay after work, but I don't think I'd want to spend more than around $13 per pair.
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