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I guess I should provide some more context.I bought some Epaulet cotton pants, and while I like the fit, I've noticed that after a few months they've tend to show some signs of wear that I'm unhappy with. Similar to fade points you'd find on jeans, although not that extreme. I suppose that might be due to the fabric being cotton? Does wool wear that way?Also, Epaulet's prices seem to be creeping up pretty consistently ($150 in May, now $165), and with the new American-made...
Can anyone comment on the longevity of the flannel trousers? Jamison maybe? If I wear one twice a week, what kind of lifespan am I looking at? Worn only during fall and winter.
Hi I have for sale 2 1 XS Gitman Bros. Vintage tartan plaid shirts that are BNWOT. They're identical because one was for me and one was for my brother, but they're mistagged as Small. Price is $80 $70 each. The measurements are below: Shoulders: 16: Pit to Pit: 18.5" Waist: 19.5" (that's the bottom where the side seams end) Bottom of Collar to bottom of shirt: 27.5" Shipping in Canada is free (Toronto pickup available), shipping to the US is going to be $10. Thanks...
Yeah it would be really great if the website got a little bit more functionality.
You might want to look into the new SNS Herning "Stark" for the current season; it seemed to have shortened by a few inches and is now a lot shorter than it used to be apparently. Of course, it may still be too long for you, but I thought I'd mention it anyway.That's if you can afford/willing to spend $200-$300 for it.
In my experience they smoothen out. I'm happy with how tough they are, I'm not afraid they'll break anytime soon.
Higher rise too. You can compare the fit guides.
Thanks for the replies. Every time someone puts a cardigan on a hangar, someone kills a kitten. Stop killing the kittens!
I agree with going a whole size down from whatever you wear in Nike or other sneakers.
What's the cashmere going to be used for? I'm afraid I missed it.
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