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The light brown is sold, just the Black Melange left!
Someone buy this guy a beer!!
Yeah bro, you're gonna wanna check it out right about now. ^
I tried that code on the Canadian site but doesn't work. I don't mind so much though, because their V-neck merinos at $41 plus tax is a great price.
I took a piece of large grain sandpaper and just did a single swipe across, and then again to create a crosshatch pattern in the leather; that helped the get some grip, because otherwise as you've said it slips off too easily.However, I should warn you that carrying these sorts of heavy things on your shoulder isn't recommended. My right shoulder can handle the weight a lot better than my left, which means I have more muscle on that side. It can also mess up your back.
Setting a budget and trying to stick with it really helps me not overspend. I feel really shitty every time I check mint out and see that I've overspent. There's always going to be deals to had every month, but it really requires discipline, especially when everyone else is going gaga over it. Also have to admit that there's plenty to learn from on the threads, what with all the "man I know I really shouldn't be doing this but I couldn't pass up on the [insert $800 boots...
Both for $360.
I've actually taken out my American pants myself, and there is a white, sort of porous band of material in there that's a little tough. I personally don't mind it, as it helps keep the shape of that portion of the waist, but I can see why some people might dislike it. I'm sure I'd like the Italian cut without it just as much. On another note, can we please stop responding to Jet, he's really just shitting this thread up with his useless comments.
I was in the Eaton Centre store a couple nights ago, and came across this pair of burgundy gloves that were really, really, really soft. Checked the tags, it said peccary (that's when I got scared of the price) and checked the other tag, yep - $250. No way I'd spend that kinda money on gloves, but it's pretty amazingly soft.
[[SPOILER]] I wouldn't let that stop me from enjoying my boots.
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