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It says $210 though...
Why so angry?
This made me throw up in my mouth a little.
Tagged sizes are completely meaningless I've found. I also keep a little extra room for the shrinking I expect after a few washes.
Aw, looks like the Daltrey factory find isn't coming with the suede elbow patches.
I've found that you ask some very interesting questions.
See, if you'd said it the way you did in the second paragraph, I don't think people would be ragging on you as much. Thanks for the reasoned response.
Looks like Wolverines.
Judging from the extreme attention to detail that people on this thread have, and the willingness to return firsts for very minor flaws, it should come as no surprise that there exists lots of seconds with hardly anything wrong with them. I'm not saying this is wrong or right, just that the chances of getting an almost first quality second is pretty good. Crane's probably shouldn't rag on people buying these up like crazy either, I'm sure many people who buy them would...
I have a lightly used Filson Sportsman bag. I'm trying to get rid of some things I don't use much, and this is currently up for sale. There's some slight indigo on the side that might has come from my jeans, but as you can see there's not much wear otherwise. Price Drop: $175 I'm shipping form Toronto, and can do pickup. Shipping and PayPal fees will be extra. A rugged, heavy-duty bag designed for sportsmen. Each of the two zippered outer pouches has four vertical...
New Posts  All Forums: