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Nice try Rchmnd Shop.
Those 2 things are not one and the same.The questioner is asking if the seller is offering to sell it at what he bought it for, or another 25% off. I don't think it's a great question, because he's asking if anyone wants to buy it before he returns it, so I don't see why he'd be selling it at a further 25% off to incur a loss.
I can't imagine anyone would brag about a $30 OCBD, but that has nothing to do with what quality or value for money it is, does it?
Also, how does the OCBD stand up after 3 months of wear?
Looking at the closer pictures of the collar, I feel that the button placement is way too low on the shirt; if it were placed higher you'd have a much better collar roll. Right now it looks like the collars are stretching their gosh darndest trying to reach that button. Any further and they'd just give up. Also I don't really get why the hips flare out so much. Like someone said, it could be remedied by darts, but that still requires extra effort/money. I think I'll pass.
I think Ill wait a while and see how measurements and stuff goes before I order.
I guess you're the one that ends up looking stupid huh? Maybe try not to be so condescending next time?
An American rise with the rest of the pants having the slimmer Italian dimensions would be absolutely perfect.
Yeah doesn't sound like it would work with those attachments. I have the Makr bottle opener, which is a normal key with a notch top, here: http://makr.com/bottle-key It's a bit of a pain because it's narrow, but it definitely works.
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