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Does your "American Math" say anything about people who have opinions but don't necessarily publicize those opinions? Also, he wasn't bitching.
That doesn't sound so bad then; basically you just had low expectations but wanted to try it out, and it turned out it didn't exceed expectations.
Hey man, just wanted you to know that you come across like a real douche here, especially for someone who seems to be operating a one-man operation selling clothes, which by nature vary in sizes and tolerances. I won't ever buy from you, but you seem not to care about that anyway. Cheers.
I'm curious about this too, would you like to share? I'm about the same height and weight, and for the 30 American cut I have to let the waist out the maximum it can go. I'm just wondering what size I should try for the Italian cut.Is the American cut 28 too big for you?
Started a new thread cause the leather artisan one hardly gets updated. Was looking at leather wallets on Etsy, and came across this: http://www.etsy.com/listing/104052990/minimal-leather-wallet-cash-card-holder His stuff looks exactly like Makr's: http://makr.com/round-wallet-saddle-tan Even the fonts appear to be the same, and the line at the bottom both have "Designed and Handcrafted." Does anyone have any idea who copied who? Atilier Pall says they've been around...
You know, you could have at least linked to the site from which you copy and pasted all that, jeez man.http://putthison.com/post/36216262400/thanksgiving-sale-roundup
Why would you do that?
Has anyone seen this stuff from Etsy by a guy named Atilier Pall? It's a dead ringer for Makr's stuff, down to the font and everything: http://www.etsy.com/listing/104052990/minimal-leather-wallet-cash-card-holder But the question I have is who copied who? Atilier Pall says their workshop has been around since 1955.
I bought a whole bunch of sweaters in different colours and sizes, and only intend to keep 1 or 2.On another note, can anyone in San Fran proxy some Gitman's shirts from Acrimony to me in Canada? It's 30% off online, but 40% off in store. I'm happy to pay a proxy fee, I'd still make it out on top if the proxyer would be kind enough to mark stuff down. PM me if you think you could do that. Thanks.
The light brown is sold, just the Black Melange left!
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