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I don't really like the creasing, but yeah, they're workwear boots. Having said that, my next pair of boots are going to be something a lot more refined. This one fills a niche in which I only really need one pair of boots to fill up.
I've never asked for a retailer to mark down prices for me, and I'll also never buy from a retailer who doesn't take off VAT if I'm buying from outside the EU.
I'm sorry for coming across as harsh.I get that vintage jeans from the 40s or something would be worth it; it's just that my jeans rub all over my thighs, and sometimes my balls get sweaty and stuff (I know this happens to everyone, right? right guys?) and of course I wear underwear, but I just can't imagine wanting someone else's jeans that have been worn more. To each their own though.
Are they allowed to just leave shit at your door?
The first time I used the couple brushes I have, I thought all the bristles were coming off, it was that much. After the second or third time, none really come off. They're from Moneysworth and Best, not AE, but I don't imagine there's a lot of variation in the source of brushes at that price range. So don't worry about it.
Don't use anything Filson, it's way too heavy. You should look into a brand that makes more technical gear designed for what you're going to do. There are a lot of brands that can provide you with a good backpack, but the only personal experience I've had is with a Tom Bihn Brainbag (I think that's the model), that has compression straps across the chest and waist, and elsewhere. You'll want really good support. I've had it since 2007, and although it doesn't get a lot of...
The cobbler I went to also suggested that the lug soles would add more weight to what's already a pretty heavy boot, so I went with a thinner one that should still help with slippage on ice.
Out of curiosity, how much was it?
Am I the only one who thinks it's a little ridiculous for someone to:a) try to sell jeans that have been worn so much they're starting to blow outb) someone else to actually buy those jeans
I'm sorry I picked on you bro.The best bet is to completely IGNORE the tagged sizes. Get a pair of pants that fit you; measure the rise and measure the waist. Then try to compare what waist size you'd need based on the rise for the jeans you're thinking of buying.
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