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What I do for winter here in Toronto is use my peacoat until it hits around -5 or so, and then my Canada Goose, which I know for some people is the last thing they'd wear. But I have to say it keeps quite toasty, and I'm happy with it.My brother is thinking of getting one from Luxire though, so I'm looking forward to that.
If you got a bonus shirt that was made exactly to your specs, how come you never bothered to tell them? It's not like they accidentally dropped it in there. Seems like Luxire could've shot you an email regarding the hole, but it does seem that they tried to do right by you.
Thanks for the advice on the cotton sportcoat. Sounds like a 34 MTO would be the best bet.
Any recommendations for a fabric for an unstructured cotton sportcoat? In navy.
What about the duck napoli sportcoat? That's a hardier cotton, right?
Inexplicably, only the XS has sold out. Jump on this one while you can guys!
Does anyone have any recommendations for something that's available in 34R and a bit less formal that the Herringbone Hopsack Napoli Sportcoat? I picked that up from the Factory Finds earlier this year but decided to part with it instead of trying to get it adjusted, so I'm on the lookout for something similar, preferably cotton.
I'm parting with my Herringbone Hopsack Napoli Sportcoat from Epaulet. I've only ever tried it on, never worn it out, and mulled over whether to get it adjusted to fit me better or look for something else. I finally decided on the latter. It's 36R and I'd be happy to offer free shipping to anywhere in North America, and split shipping anywhere else in the world. I'm in Toronto. Measurements: On the back, from top of collar to bottom of sportcoat: 30 inches Across the...
I wear Small also, and on sale or SF Classifieds I've gotten red, white, blue, green, but for just around $100, not below. I guess it's hit or miss.
I was surprised by this too, jeez. $300 is too much, especially jumping from $210.
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