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Some people also use a website called Google to find out the meaning of things.
I wasn't being sarcastic, just actually didn't see it at first, sorry about that.
I don't see any sale.
Gitman sizing is all over the place, some sleeves are long, some are fine. Then the plaid that I bought in S on MyHabit is really XS, which was disappointing. I've paid about $110 for each of mine, in basic colours, but I find it kinda hard to start spending $130 and over for EP or other patterned Gitmans. But maybe now that I'm stocked on basics, maybe I'll just save up a little longer and splurge on one or two a year.
I'm not sure why you would think it's allowed - what would prevent hundreds of other people spamming their links all over these forums just as you've done?
I think you might also want to take a look at how tight your pants fit.
These prices are getting kinda ridiculous.
I don't think anything can be quite as satisfying as having a pimple popped and splashed onto the mirror. But it's close.
Would wolverine resole shoes after you've had raptor halfsoles put on? I think this has been asked before but ive forgotten. I just wanted to get that in there before the douche above me starts cursing my entire family.
I put my trees in right away.
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