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Keep your eye on the Filson thread. Hilton Tent City is one place that has sales sometimes, and from time to time people will point out where other sales of Filson are happening.
Brand new in box Stowa Antea Small Second Silver (Kleine Sekunde KS) watch from the famous Stowa watch company in Germany. Hand-made, in a stainless steel case with a sapphire crystal and sapphire display case back. There's currently a 7-month wait period from the moment you place an order for this watch to the time it gets shipped out. Here's a chance to get a brand new, unworn one next week. Buyer to cover Paypal fees. More from stowa.de: In the 1930s STOWA built...
I actually like it a whole lot, but find it's a little pricy at $720. Can't you find anyone here to custom make you one at that price?And like the guy above me said, it would look pretty awesome in a couple years.
Careful, you're letting your insecurities show.
Can someone confirm for me that the rivets on these jeans are offset too far from the middle of the pants to get them buttoned properly, and it's not the case that I'm just inept and can't button a pair of pants?Theyr'e Elephant 2 WGs that I bought from Tate and Yoko, and I've worn them for months, but it's just impossible to get them buttoned because I feel the rivets are just too far to the left (if looking at the crotch from the front).I emailed them about it explaining...
Does it have a size?
What I've found useful is to put all the parameters into a spreadsheet in Excel, and keep track of each order as I go along. Allows me to help fine tun them. You could just copy and paste it into the note when you're done.
I thought slavery was outlawed?
[[SPOILER]] I don't really understand what's happening here; you had the 4 inch measurement between the collar points in the photo you submitted, but did not ask to have it made that way?And if you didn't ask to have it made that way, why would you assume they would?To me it looks like you've been messing around with fundamental aspects of a shirt, and you got what you asked for, even though it wasn't what you wanted. They did what you asked them to do, and I think you run...
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