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Wow. Too bad I couldn't get any because of no measurements. I'm having someone proxy them to Canada, so no chance on returns.
Anybody from Toronto here with one of these jackets? How much of the year are you able to wear them for? Fall and Spring don't seem to last very long, and it kinda seems that it might be too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter for these. Thoughts?
I'm really itching to try out one of the sweatshirts, but really need measurements on this. I'm actually sort of surprised that a product can be posted with no measurements to be honest.
Snow doesn't stick on to genuine fur ruffs; just shake it a bit and it all falls off. Synthetic "fur" gets all frozen and clumps together. Plus it starts to look pretty horrible after a while.
Yeah, I agree with this; they look a lot better, but they are indeed a pain to get into in a hurry. And pretty much impossible to do so with one hand.
Pants sizes pretty much don't really matter anymore. Also, where the pants sit on your hip will also dictate the size of the waist (this is called the rise of the pants). You should measure a pair of pants you have and then compare it to the measurements on the site. That should help a bit.
Not as yet! I was surprised, from the SNS thread I thought he was a fan.
[[SPOILER]] This is the new, shorter one, correct?Edit: It looks great to me, btw.
I was pretty embarrassed when the 6 I ordered came in this huge box at work; they used a trolley to bring it up.
Why would you pay a premium for something you don't understand, appreciate or need?
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