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Yeah, and post some fit pics of the marked cardigan *drool*
Nice going out shirts.
Yeah, the difference is that many of the MyHabit shirts were shit.
Any stockists in Toronto anyone know of?
Even the Small in Wessex was too big for me, and that's part of the Heritage line.
I went to Sporting Life to try on different Barbour jackets, and they were all too big and boxy on me, even the Small and Size 34s :-(. The manager actually suggested I check out the ladies section. Ideas? I'm really skinny, and wear S in Gitman Bros.
I actually did notice that; that medium that they have now certainly looks a lot shorter than last year's.Also, that marked cardigan is the shit.
What country is that?
I think I may have missed it, but are the samples available in all sizes?
Thanks, somehow I'd missed this before.
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