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I think it's banned because of stuff like this.
Why don't you close the thread if it's been sold?
Thanks. Moneysworth and Best will do it for $45, but they don't have Vibram soles, they have one called Emu I think. I'll check around a few other places.
For this offer, one could, in theory, buy a couple items to reach the threshold, and then keep what you want and return the rest, yeah?
Anyone in Toronto put any Vibram soles on their boots? Where'd you do it?
Yeah well, those taxes pay for all sorts of stuff, like, you know, the free healthcare we all enjoy by living in Canada?
I find it pretty ridiculous that you'd go to all that trouble to avoid paying a local business $15 to go through all of it for you. Edit: Also, if you need to save $15 so bad, you probably shouldn't be spending $160 on jeans.
Some people also use a website called Google to find out the meaning of things.
I wasn't being sarcastic, just actually didn't see it at first, sorry about that.
I don't see any sale.
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