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The XS that I've ordered all seemed to be pretty consistent. I don't work far from their store though, so returns aren't a problem for me. Online also usually has a larger selection, and in Toronto they arrive sometimes 2 days after ordering, which is pretty sweet.
I don't want to come off as rude, but are you aware that you can post more than 1 photo at a time in a post? I keep noticing that you post 3 times with one photo in each, and sometimes 2-3 posts with just a paragraph in each.
[[SPOILER]] I also think you're an asshole. You seem to be one of those people that can't enjoy something unless you let other people know you have it?
Too bad you were wrong about the age group.I've found most of jet's posts to be quite useless, and some even obnoxious, like his most recent one. I guess shitting on people must make him feel better about himself somehow.
What's the price? Or did I miss it? And may I ask what's different about doing it this way, as opposed to a regular custom order?
Yes, I'm sorry, I meant GETGRAY, my apologies.
I know, finally a good thing to happen to Canadian buyers.
For Canadians Roden Gray has some pretty good deals on some of the basics - the red, olive and blue overdye oxfords are $100 each shipped in Canada. Remember to use the code RODENGRAY to the additional 10% off. My bro bought all 3 of the above, so he can finally stop wearing mine.
New Posts  All Forums: