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These prices are getting kinda ridiculous.
I don't think anything can be quite as satisfying as having a pimple popped and splashed onto the mirror. But it's close.
Would wolverine resole shoes after you've had raptor halfsoles put on? I think this has been asked before but ive forgotten. I just wanted to get that in there before the douche above me starts cursing my entire family.
I put my trees in right away.
I've recently been looking for this same thing myself, and am probably going to end up getting a few of these: http://woodenhangersusa.com/cedar-hangers/165-aromatic-red-cedar-ultimate-wide-curved-suit-hanger.html Maybe I'll try one or two. If I'm not satisfied maybe I'll try the Hanger Project ones, although I'm reluctant to. They have a 10% discount code for SF btw. Or was it from Ask Andy About Clothes? I don't remember, google it.
I bought a CG from a company in the US and when they sent it I got assessed about $80 in duties and taxes; I filled up all the forms, put together all the documentation I had, and sent it in like 8 months ago, never heard a thing back.
My gf thought hers was broken when she took it home and tried it on, but it wasn't, just tricky. Mine I don't recall bein tricky tough.
Thanks, I'm working on that too!
So I've had some issues with knee pain and my IT band while running, and I've been prescribed orthotics. Now 2 of my 3 shoes won't fit with the orthotics in them, and I have to buy new shoes :-/.
Any pics?
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