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I bought a CG from a company in the US and when they sent it I got assessed about $80 in duties and taxes; I filled up all the forms, put together all the documentation I had, and sent it in like 8 months ago, never heard a thing back.
My gf thought hers was broken when she took it home and tried it on, but it wasn't, just tricky. Mine I don't recall bein tricky tough.
Thanks, I'm working on that too!
So I've had some issues with knee pain and my IT band while running, and I've been prescribed orthotics. Now 2 of my 3 shoes won't fit with the orthotics in them, and I have to buy new shoes :-/.
Any pics?
[[SPOILER]] Useless contribution ^^.I haven't bought any Luxire shirts as yet, but the time is getting very near; I can't wait.
I've had my 1Ks for a year, with moderate wearing during that time; is it too late to put a half sole on them?
It cost you $20 to drive a couple studs through the handgrip and into the handle?
What'd you buy!
My brother wears his Strands to work and gets compliments on them all the time. He needs a couple more pairs of casual shoes, so I was thinking the McTavish and McAllisters, unless you guys have any other recommendations. Also, it looks like I just missed Amazon's and the Shoebanks' deals, am I right? I guess maybe Boxing Day might be the best time to get a few? I used to keep track of this thread but there are so many posts; I guess I'll have to resume keeping track of...
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