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Richer Poorer has 30% off site-wide if wearing socks is your thing.
Who would have thought that shipping them across an entire ocean, paying duties and paying more than the shitty US minimum wage would've inflated their EU costs?
How many people you think had no problem and immediately thought "I have to go online and tell everyone about this!"?
Thanks for the replies. I saw it for 230 and an extra 50% off and was tempted. It really isn't anything special, and I wasn't looking for something like that as I already have that space in my wardrobe filled. The assumption that it's a bit better quality because it's Wallace and Barnes sort of was influencing me, but I think I'll pass on it. I haven't purchased anything for the year, and this doesn't look like what should break that streak.
What do you guys think of the blanket-lined work jacket? I saw one in the store and was thinking about it, but it's final sale. They only had the black one. I kind of like it for a fall jacket.
Lol this is hilarious. What is wrong with you? Canada is a foreign country from a US perspective?
Thanks for the info on the free returns. Twice I've returned stuff for $15 apiece.
I got this one a while ago:http://custom.luxire.com/products/pale-blue-dress-stripesAnd I really like it; my favourite shirt.
Wait what, they offer free return shipping? How do I get that? And thanks for the additional info innerstyle. It appears that one can order custom sweaters from Canadian Sweater Company for about $395 (if you google it you'll find their page).
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