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If in a warm climate also consider a linen-cotton mix as a less expensive option. Especially if you're ordering your first pants from Luxire: you don't want your first experiment to be that expensive.
I was going to try out one of those RC CM sweatshirts, but the logo man. Jesus.
I'm tempted but the Weller is what's holding me back; I like the more open quarter of the Napoli more.
Are these all we're going to see for FF for now? I remember previous FFs offered the Napoli as well as the Weller.
I've put it aside until the fall, I haven't really thought about wearing it now for whatever reason.
I was really disappointed to see the elimination of the $25 option. I was really happy with it, and it made the whole process stress free. Plus it encouraged me to buy 3 shirts when I would have only bought 1 at a time.
Did luxire change the option to pay $25 shipping with customs/duties covered for shipping to Canada? All I can find is: "Shipping Only. Customer pays duties - $15.00" I ordered only 2 months ago and the $25 option was there.
This sounds great, but the dropdown on the linked page and the table below it don't seem to match up. One says Class A and Class B, the other says Group A and Group B, and the pricing for Class B 1 item is $40, whereas in the table Group B's 1 item charge is $20. I'm assuming "ITEM:1" means Items: 1, and "ITEM:2" means Items:2, etc.? And what do you mean that the costs are an indicative cost, with extra items billed back to the customer?
He mentioned it would be an Italian shell I think.
I got PM'd here asking to use Grailed and provide feedback.
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