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For sale is a pair of Allen Edmonds snuff suede double monkstrap shoes in 8.5D. I've only worn them once and decided they're not for me. You can see the minimal wear on the soles. They have been stored in shoe trees all along (not included) and I even had metal toe taps installed on the front. These were made for Club Monaco, and I'm selling them for $220USD. Shipping will be at cost, but I can also meet up downtown Toronto. Since 1922, Allen Edmonds has been at the...
For sale is a brand new without tags Club Monaco bonded wool trench in size Medium (measurements below). It is made of wool bonded to waterproof material, so great for this rainy winter through spring. It retailed for about $350, but as with most things Club Monaco it went on sale, and I bought it for half that, and I'm selling for $90 plus shipping and PayPal. Here's their description: Bonded Trench - The bonded seams of this classically tailored, beautifully constructed...
How about you guys take the credit card discussions somewhere else more suitable?
You should be able to let the waist out a little? If you do that, and don't put on anymore weight, it should be okay. Is the buttoning point a little on the high side? I have some jackets with the point there, and some lower, and I prefer the lower ones, but I'm not sure what is the more "traditional" position.
Curious about the price for the FF jackets too.
Berg and Berg has a 40% off sale on their winter ties. They are pretty beautiful ties.
[[SPOILER]] I think it's perfect; any longer that thing's going to hit you mid-thigh if you went any longer.
False, someone could post about it every three days, and they'd be right every time.
I can see where the confusion might have started, as the original question stated that they asked the retailer for the price protection, and they weren't having any of it. Either DWW has it out for you, or just wanted to chime in with a snarky joke before anyone else did, but it was a bad one. Maybe let's give him the benefit of the doubt, and all just move on?
What was the post? I see a whole bunch of comments erased.
New Posts  All Forums: