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I actually got three of their cashmere sweaters for about $30CAD each about three months ago in-store at the Eaton Centre, which I thought was weird as fall was coming.The reviews aren't great, but I haven't gotten the chance to wear them as yet.
Anyone interested in resurrecting this thread? J. Crew does have some interesting items from time to time. What I'm really interested in this season are the donegal sweaters from Kilcarra that they have here: I've bought the first one, but haven't taken the tags off as yet, while I'm debating whether to keep or not. Of...
Right now you're getting 30% off sale stacked with the Black Friday sale. I bought a sweater for my wife, along with a couple merino crewnecks. At this stage, there isn't really much that I need. For me, the alpaca sweaters had too much synthetic stuff in them, so I skipped. It's the same blend that they're using in those sweaters and scarves.
Just don't go to that place on Yonge, near King. Novelty Shoe Rebuilders. Really bad service and management.
Is it possible to order online, but come in to get measured?
What parts of the outfit are from SM? Suit, tie, shirt?
Mike, you're probably catching up to the messages in this thread, but just in case mine falls through the cracks - the coupon for the Couro Cromo derbies is expired and they haven't made it into the sale section yet. Looking to pick one up, so would be happy to know when they're heading into the sale section.
Whoa cool, thanks for sharing. Googled it and found an RSVP page here: timing is tough, not sure I can make it.
Details on the warehouse sale?And how did I not know about this thread; I've been on SF for 5 years.
Definitely agree that something should be done on the photos side. The current photos almost look like photoshop mockups.
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