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Price drop to $400.
Price drop to $200.
Is this the Facebook profile for the business?https://www.facebook.com/iimakzipInside our unofficially kickstarted project: https://instagram.com/p/7iGIZauzRB/And is Zoohee Lee his girlfriend? Apparently spelt as Joohee Lee also, they're friends on Facebook.https://twitter.com/catail3https://www.facebook.com/catailMight be useful to get in touch with her to see if she has contact info for Drew so we can ask for an update?
Anyone in Korea able to go down there and ask him a few questions? I went through catail's Instagram and it doesn't look like there are pics of him.
I thought the topcoat was pretty neat too. It's almost a duplicate of the J Crew Ludlow topcoat (but then again, it's just a style), except that one has 5% cashmere while the CM one has 10% cashmere and is from Loro Piana. CM stuff goes on pretty good sale sometimes, just risk missing your size. I've put it on my Wishlist, and if it drops low enough I'll grab another.
Yes, heaven forbid someone actually express a preference. If we use that rule, maybe you should stfu too.He literally said "no thanks" because he's doing exactly what you said: not buying it.
They had a cashmere baseball jacket for $1,100 or so, currently on sale for $800. They also had a big black shearling coat last winter that was well over $1,000 if I remember correctly. But yeah, cashmere onsie, what were they thinking. I don't think it's a bad idea to have one or two pieces that are so pricey. Remember, they're right next door to lots of true luxury brands, so people are willing to spend that kinda dough. I'm still rueing that grabbing the Barbour...
I visit the Eaton Centre location quite a lot, they do seem to have pretty much everything there. And as someone else said, their sale section is pretty huge, so you often find great deals there. The Bloor one is also pretty neat. I really like how much third party stuff they have, as quite often it goes on pretty good sale.
Unfortunately I can't make any purchases right now, but I have to say that I'm a really big fan of the Bella Spalla sportcoats, and I'm really envying the people who've managed to get the navy hopsack. I think at $325 it offers really great value, and I currently have no where to go except the Club Monaco Made in USA line. I don't like J. Crew's stuff, and Epaulet's half-canvas blazers from Southwick are $900 up for MTO and the stock ones will be $800 they said. Well done!
Just keep on ignoring these guys who're just sitting here doing nothing but complaining, and the ones who're just here for entertainment. There's what, 500 people on that Sheets document? There's hundreds of people who support what you're doing dieworkwear, including me.
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