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Ah, so this is where you get it from.
And praytell, how would anyone know if you've seen it?
You emailed a store asking when they would be reducing their merchandise further? Jeez. I'm surprised you even got a response. Some of you people are really ridiculous.
You're selling 2 year old shoes for $600? Yiu might get more interest with a lower price.
Selling my Neumok in brown that I got from Nordstrom, I find I don't wear it often, in fact I've only worn it about 8 times. I know this might sound like blasphemy, but for casual wear I've actually found sneakers to be ideal - more comfortable, cheaper and easier maintenance.
The NOBDII works well for me, I think; I haven't tried any others.
http://shop.havenshop.ca/collections/reigning-champ/products/tiger-fleece-full-zip-hoodie-navy-pacfic ?
All of mine are also NOBD II. If it ain't broke...
Actually, I owe an apology, I had accidentally selected two-button cuffs on my order without noticing. I checked the order to confirm that's what I ordered. Sorry about that. I think when I was ordering I kinda zoned out and for some reason was thinking that "2-button cuff" meant that there would be two buttons horizontally, to adjust for a tighter or loser fit. But I forgot that my previous shirts had only 1 button period. Sorry for any confusion.
Ah, I see I'm not the only one bored on this Saturday night.
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