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Mike, any updates on the Southwick MTO? Any possibility of doing a one-off before official launch?
Such injustice. I actually lay awake in my bed last night for a while, unable to sleep knowing that you were forced to pay these fees for the items you imported. Today might be better, but only just.
Okay got it, thanks!
Thanks. What about ordering pants with a different drop?
What's the difference between the Classico and the Classico II? And if can you order pants that are bigger than the usual drop?
Decided to keep.
Decided to keep.
Grabbed 2 chocolate duck canvas - one for me and one for my brother. The navy sold out from under my nose. Not sure what else was there before I got to it, but any flannels in 30-32 that don't work out, hit me up.
Come on, show us some pics. I wanna see if it's worth getting.
Someone buy the Made in America Harris Tweed Topcoat for $300 (down from $950) before I make a bad decision please: http://www.clubmonaco.com/product/index.jsp?productId=29013646
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