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Yellow stripe sold, only the green remains: Handrolled Solid Wool Tie - Bottle Green.
Price drop to $200.
Price drop to $200.
Mosivy, if you don't mind me suggesting, is there any way to reduce the spacing between the item description and it's associated photo? Everything's equidistant from each other, so it's really confusing when scanning.
I get nervous about flipping someone the bird while I'm driving, for fear that it might trigger some madman. Much less ripping people off of hundreds of thousands of dollars, lol.
Thanks! Mention this thread for a 15% discount.
Sorry to hear about your passport issues, Ben. Hope it all works out soon. Entrepreneurs such as yourself are always way braver than I.
Still hard to believe no one has confronted him in person. He's really lucky.
No reservations sounds good to me - I won't have to lie to my wife anymore, when I forget to make them.
Let's build a GUI interface with Visual Basic to track him!
New Posts  All Forums: