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I think it's pretty funny how you point at the things in your picture. Nice jackets.
I think you did the right thing by posting about it in a thread that's been shown to be largely ignored by owners of the company.
I know this is pretty old, but you could try using your phone's hotspot feature, and connecting to that wifi hotspot to browse their site with a different IP address using your same laptop/desktop. If that gets banned too, then you know it's something going on with your computer.
That's fair. I just wanted the person to know that any expectation beyond bad publicity wouldn't be realistic, they can't actually redress anything.
Many people don't know this, but the BBB isn't some kind of government agency. They can't actually do anything.
You're right, it's not by Golden Bear, my bad. Yeah, that's right up there with the cashmere pyjamas lol.
The shearling coat you linked to is by Golden Bear, and is not actually by Club Monaco itself. Any re-positioning to me is in the expansion of third-party products, such as Allen Edmonds, Wings and Horns, a lot of Golden Bear stuff, and yesterday I saw they had Woolrich Woolen Mills winter parkas in there. So what I'm saying is retail for a shearling is probably going to be very expensive, what boggles my mind is why CM thinks anyone would be dropping that in their store...
Deleting the sale price is against the rules.
Deleting the sale price is against the rules.
I called the Eaton Centre store and they said that's not allowed.
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