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Did you offer to go in and sew your jacket yourself?
Nice finds.I picked up the Reigning Champ Raglan Crew for $60, retail $155, and Ebates was giving back 8% or something, so pretty happy with that. Keeping an eye out for the Hybrid hoodie, though other places in Toronto have it for lower, hoping that CM can get even lower when it eventually goes on sale.
Are we gonna turn this thread too into a thread about quality? There's the ToJ one for that.
Price drop.
This actually made me lol here at work.
You could also try Ireland's Eye.
You're right. I was just being lazy. I'll add it when I get back home in a couple days.
I saw there was only the POW in 36 (not interested in the black). I'll keep an eye out for the newsletter, and this thread, to see when other fabrics come in 36. The measurements look fine for what I normally wear, so I'm actually really looking forward to some other fabrics.
I would be interested in size 36 or 34 Blue Label sportcoats that are half-canvassed at $300. Currently I get my half-canvassed sportcoats from Epaulet; they're American-made and have interesting fabrics from time to time, but cost about $450-$500. The only concern I would have is how to size it, as I wear a 35 there, but I imagine with a tape measure and some precise measurements most of that risk would be mitigated.
For sale is a Sailor Professional Gear Sapporo (Slim) medium nib 14k fountain pen. I was interested in fountain pens, and tried this one out and realized they aren't for me. I used it with a blue ink, and it has been completely flushed. It comes with everything a brand new pen comes with, but instead of paying $180 for a new one, you can get this one for $100. You can find a review of the pen...
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