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I'd also suggest going with the small, and not XS. You might have a problem with sleeves though, as they're already designed a little longer. It's returnable anyways, isn't it?
What sizes do you wear in anything else? Not sure how comparable the measurements would be for different models.
Hi, I guess you're looking at the one they call the Clean Moto Jacket? That's not the one I have unfortunately; mine is here: http://www.lyst.com/clothing/club-monaco-golden-bear-leather-jacket-navy/
Shell shoes are pretty expensive, even among "good" shoes; if I could offer some unsolicited advice, it would be to reconsider getting such an expensive pair of shoes as you're still new to all this. I know when you're new, and all the advice says buy the good stuff, it's tempting to rationalize getting the absolute best, but at this stage you might end up finding our that it doesn't eventually match your needs or liking.A lot of the Brooks Brothers shoes are pretty good,...
The tanking CAD is really making reigning in spending a lot easier. A 30% premium on everything from the US is really hard to swallow.
I get that it's shell and all, but $800 is a very ambitious asking price. You might be more successful with something more realistic.
Here's some research I did earlier this afternoon. Land's End stocks moleskin pants in the fall, at a very affordable price (under $100), which seem to be well-rated, but they're all sold out. LL Bean also sells them, and they're well-rated, but some people have reviewed it and said it's not very good moleskin. And then Orvis has them, at $150, which is more than I wanted to spend, but they seem to be pretty good. J. Crew also had some in their Bowery fit, but for some...
Any tips on the sizing for the jeans?
I also don't see what's so terrible with the pockets. Also don't see why people are being rude to the gentleman who just came to say hi and thank you. Way to be pricks.
I'm not a proponent of violence at all, and would never do anything physical to anyone as retribution, but I do know there are lots of people out there that don't have the kind of qualms I do, so I'm surprised he's not fearful of some kind of repercussion.
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