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Dude come on, shut the fuck up about the Barney's sale already.
You might get more responses if you gave a budget per shirt, the kind of climate you live in: do you need cool-wearing fabrics like linen/linen cotton, or regular fabrics? Do you have any kind of shirts already? Usually for business dress anything with a white base and light blue stripes/checks/gingham are pretty good, as far as I know.Just try to provide as much context as you can for people to work with.
Do the jackets get shipped with duty pre-paid? Or are you guys having to pay duties on them when you get them? I imagine it could add up to a couple hundred.
Thank you for the advice and the congratulations. I think I'll go with that.
I'm wearing a charcoal suit for my wedding, white shirt, black captoe oxfords and deciding on the tie now. I have a black grenadine grossa, and considered that. I was also thinking of Kent Wang's black and white glen plaid here: http://www.kentwang.com/ties/glen-plaid.html His black and white shepherd's check is OOS, leaving only the navy here: http://www.kentwang.com/ties/shepherds-check-navy.html The wedding will start in the afternoon and go into the night. Any other...
Not to derail, but navy suit with walnut shoes is very popular conversation. You can read more about it here, and I'm sure many other places.http://www.styleforum.net/t/146143/ae-shoes-in-walnut-with-navy-suits/30To me it looks good, it's up to you though.And by "you" I meant the guy you were replying to, of course.
Why do people ask for shirring? As for lining, as far as I know it's mostly needed in the thighs down to the knees. You're pretty much spot on as to the use of it.
That sounds like really great news. I'll just have to bite the bullet on this one, I made the order anyway. Hope there is good news to share soon.
Thanks! I picked up the brown linen. Last October I picked up the Navy Irish Linen pants on sale, and I've been wearing them this summer and have gotten a few compliments. Was pretty excited to see this one.
I think you may be misunderstanding.The option to pay $25 and not worry about duties has been removed. Now the only option for Canada is $15 and you have to pay duties when it arrives.
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