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I've always wanted to get one of these, but apart from the price, I always felt that they're the sort of Harris Tweed of sportcoats - too warm to keep on inside, not enough to use on its own outside. And it's way too bulky to fit under anything I have already. Anyone else feeling me, or am I just trying to make myself feel better for not having one yet?
I always thought I would do that if I ever got one, but then I eventually did get one and didn't do that. I figured that if anyone ever thought less of me for having one, then that's their problem. Other brands that could also work are Nobis, Cold Manufactured, and I see Epaulet selling a Canadian brand called OSC Cross which I had never heard of before.
[[SPOILER]] Very comprehensive response, thank you very much.Anyone else have a cashmere/silk grenadine with some wear on it and can chime in on how it holds up?As others have recently mentioned, I might just go with 2 other ties this order to hopefully avoid duties.
While codes questions can be annoying, you could have either pointed out there are none, or just simply ignored the question. Now he's confused, other people will be confused, and we'll get pages of jokes about it.In my opinion what you did is worse than what he did.
Does anyone have a tie made up in Gold & Midnight Blue Cashmere/Silk Grenadine Grossa Silk Tie #8? https://www.samhober.com/cashmere-silk-grenadine-grossa-silk-ties/gold-and-midnight-blue-cashmere-silk-grenadine-grossa-silk-ties-8.html And thoughts on how versatile it is? I already have a few darker grenadinese, navy, black, dark green, and a few stripes.
They usually have 20-30% off sales on stuff, just keep an eye on your inbox. Eventually, many items make it to sale, and then there are also xx% off sale items too.
I think it's pretty funny how you point at the things in your picture. Nice jackets.
I think you did the right thing by posting about it in a thread that's been shown to be largely ignored by owners of the company.
I know this is pretty old, but you could try using your phone's hotspot feature, and connecting to that wifi hotspot to browse their site with a different IP address using your same laptop/desktop. If that gets banned too, then you know it's something going on with your computer.
That's fair. I just wanted the person to know that any expectation beyond bad publicity wouldn't be realistic, they can't actually redress anything.
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