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Anyone ever used to sign up to The Sale Scout? Looks like it hasn't been updated in months. I remembered cause I got the notice of the Unionmade archive sale from him last year, and only when I checked I realized I hadn't seen any emails come through in months. I guess that says something, but it was still nice to get a daily summary, without having to wade through all the CP noise here.
Do they make Grant fit stuff anymore? I got that Grant fit grey hopsack trousers to wear as odd trousers in the summer, and after tailoring, it's great. But I don't see any more of that fit. I actually bought it much earlier this year. I like it cause the rise doesn't seem to be very short, so it works out as I like higher rises. Haven't bought anything lately, but as winter is coming, I'm keeping at eye on sweaters at CM and J. Crew.
If you go in store, are you able to use that 25% off to have them order from the website? Looking at some sweaters that are on sale, and wondering if it could go another 25% off.
I love your avatar pic.
[[SPOILER]] How is that tobacco linen treating you? I had picked up one a couple seasons ago, and got around to wearing it this summer. I don't wear my pants tight, but the seam on the seat started to pull away at the weave; I had my tailor reinforce it, but it started to pull away at the edges of the reinforcements. I was disappointed, as I didn't even get to wear it for a whole season.In contrast to my very first pair of Epaulet trousers - a Walt indigo Italian linen,...
#4 green and #8 brown are great.
It sounds like the length, lapels and roll aren't to your liking; perhaps you should look elsewhere for a product you'll be more satisfied with?
For sale is a pair of well-cared for Allen Edmonds Fifth Avenues in brown and size 8D. Here are a few details: - Well-worn and resoled once. Soles are in excellent condition. - Always stored with shoe-trees (not included) - metal toe-taps to prevent wearing away of the toe area of the soles These shoes would be a pretty great way to see what all the fuss is about relatively more expensive shoes without having to spend anywhere near that much. Will need to have one of the...
Is the brown melange hopsack sold out? I can't add it to my cart, now that I've finally decided to pull the trigger
Are you able to do any navy fabrics for the summer trousers?
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