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Any tips on the sizing for the jeans?
I also don't see what's so terrible with the pockets. Also don't see why people are being rude to the gentleman who just came to say hi and thank you. Way to be pricks.
I'm not a proponent of violence at all, and would never do anything physical to anyone as retribution, but I do know there are lots of people out there that don't have the kind of qualms I do, so I'm surprised he's not fearful of some kind of repercussion.
For sale is a brand new (just tried on) Alden Tan Calfskin Shortwing in 8.5D on the Aberdeen last, which is a bit more tapered than Alden's usual shapes. I bought it quite a few months ago, and haven't gotten around to wearing it, so I'm selling it. It is made in French calfskin, and has a double-leather sole, so can work in a smart business casual office or with jeans and sneakers. It comes with the box, shoe bags and even wrapping paper. Can ship in Canada for free,...
Alright, thanks a lot, this is really helpful!
I've never even heard of that store, that's great. Can you share any details on pricing, size or colour? I could probably try to make it over there today at some point.
I'm thinking of getting the Shetland sweater on Friday when it's 40% off; does it get better after Christmas? It's $130 + taxes in the store (Toronto).
I wear a Small in GBV and find that it's the same size for Golden Bear. Got the moto jacket from them and I really like it. The leather seems thick and soft, and it smells great when you're real up close. Received quite a few compliments on it.
I realized what throws me off about the jacket - the pockets are off the centre so much they go under the arm. Or is it just cause of the pose?
Lol thanks for the feedback, I'll scale it back.
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