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[[SPOILER]] The fit of the pants looks good, but I'm having trouble reconciling a no-break, perfectly creased wool trouser with cargo pockets. A pants with an identify crisis if I may say so without sounding rude.
So funny story about cramerton cloth - my brother is moving out of the place we used to live, and stumbled across two trousers I ordered when Epaulet was switching to their new site and had a pretty big sale. They were a sample butterscotch Walt and a Rudy cramerton cloth that I had picked up for $60 and $90 each but never actually wore. Got the Rudy tapered at the tailor and it fits perfectly now!
I always felt that maroon is a fall colour, and not something I'd usually wear a lot in the summer.
Have a shirt made with the fabric.
[[SPOILER]] It looks much better than my first pants with them. I took measurements from my best fitting pants and it still had that wedgy, diaper look, so it's kind of turned me off. Does anyone know why that would happen, even if I sent in exact measurements? I think I'll send in pants to be replicated from now on.I'm not sure what's on the front of the pants, but it doesn't look bad, and shouldn't prevent you from enjoying it.
Pants look great, congrats!Edit: Do you have a pleat? If not, then that crease probably shouldn't go all the way up to the waistband.And how does it fit from the back?
About going without your favourite jacket for 2 months while they make the new one - I think you can ask to have your original jacket returned while they make the new one. Might be out of your fave jacket a month or so I guess?
Yeah, I don't like fused cuffs, feels very artificial.
I own the fabric that you linked to, and I've washed it many times and it's perfectly fine. But are you sure the fabric you linked to is the same one as the one in your photo? It looks a little different from mine. They have so many fabrics called pale blue dress stripes.
You're recommending he change all the measurements of his entire pants to fit his jacket, on what is admittedly a too boxy jacket?I had some trouble figuring out if it's a sportcoat or an outerwear piece.And finally, you live in 161 square feet? Are you only renting a room somewhere? I can't imagine you are able to live in that.
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