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My actual waist is about 31.5 or so. Would the 32 work if I took it in you think? I figure the 28 might be too small to let out enough?
I was looking at that earlier today. I really wanted to get the trousers, but wouldn't want to risk the jacket.Are the trousers vanity sized?
Are you guys suggesting GUP get a MTM from another company so that he can send that shirt into his new MTM company? This strikes me as rather odd. The whole point about Luxire is that it's MTM. Why not measure your current shirt, decide what you want adjusted, pick Luxire's cheapest fabric and go with that? It'll also help because the measurements and process will be from the same company - there's no guarantee that measurements/construction techniques will translate...
They don't call it a temple of jawnz with cheese?
Yes, you're right. I wouldn't want that navy though, and was wondering if any of the "lightweight wools" from the MTO Trousers section could be made into a full suit.
Mike, any updates on the Southwick MTO? Any possibility of doing a one-off before official launch?
Such injustice. I actually lay awake in my bed last night for a while, unable to sleep knowing that you were forced to pay these fees for the items you imported. Today might be better, but only just.
Okay got it, thanks!
Thanks. What about ordering pants with a different drop?
What's the difference between the Classico and the Classico II? And if can you order pants that are bigger than the usual drop?
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