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Was it that tweed herringbone blazer? I was looking at it, but unfortunately I shouldn't right now. It was $750 and is now $499.
Barbour's Commander Jacket was on sale for $250 off, and then another 25% off, making it under $400 CAD. This was 2 nights ago, and by yesterday morning they had taken it off the site. I'm pretty sure they took it off, and it didn't sell out, because the jacket retails nearly everywhere for $500-$600. I really should have grabbed it.
Yep, that's how it's supposed to work I think.
The topcoats with Thinsulate aren't sold in stores, only online. I actually ordered them both to try them on, and found that the quilting for the Thinsulate made the coat drape in a way that wasn't that nice. I ended up keeping the one without it. It looks better but isn't as warm (this is with a jacket and scarf). I think when it gets to -15 or so with the windchill I'll have to swtich over to my Canada Goose.
I don't think you should try removing the patch, as the results might be unpredictable. If its hard to find something that fits you well and you've finally found it, maybe it might be best to get comfortable with that patch, regardless of what people think. I just wouldn't risk it on such an expensive item. For what it's worth, this will be my 3rd season wearing mine, I got it dry cleaned once, and it's in great condition. The only difference is the elastic material in...
I didn't find anything particularly enjoyable about it, just subjected myself to it as I was just about to pull the trigger on some MTM flannels, and this came up. At this price and factoring in the alterations, it works out to about the same, and I like Epaulet, so... yeah.I got:1. Grey Donegal2. Pearl Grey Barberis Flannel3. Dark Mocha Barberis FlannelIt was a lot of clicking though.
Got a pearl grey!
Agree on making the tartans into scarves. I can't imagine anyone wearing those as pants.
I got the grey donegal, but was undecided about the copper and it disappeared. Looking for one more brown or grey.
Noticed that too.
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