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Looks like they're all flat?
I'm interested in this as well. My cat chewed through the laces on one of me AE shoes, and I can't find a good replacement. I ended up getting one from Moneysworth and Best, but they're not as nice; even though they say they're waxed, they don't appear to be.Will check out the ebay option posted.
Mike, earlier this year I picked up a moleskin called "Green Mist Moleskin" that's been pretty in the cold weather here in Toronto so far. Do you know what weight it is? Trying to use it as a benchmark for future purchases. Are the current MTO moleskin trousers the same weight?
Perhaps he thinks it looks a little tight and short on the model.
Messed up the link.
Got my Couro Cromo steerhide shoes, thanks a lot Mike. I got the 8.5, which is what I wear in AE 5 last, and it fits really well. It's actually very comfortable, maybe even more than my AE; pretty stoked about it. Green mist moleskin also in the photo. I also own a sportcoat in that Southwick fabric called olive with cranberry check shetland. I can take a photo if anyone is interested in how it made up.
Will do!
Ah okay. Know if they had any 36's left in stock?
[[SPOILER]] Nice find! Was that at an outlet somewhere? Or the one near Union Station?
To clarify, BB isn't Bjorn Borg, it's Brooks Brothers.
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