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[[SPOILER]] I think it's perfect; any longer that thing's going to hit you mid-thigh if you went any longer.
False, someone could post about it every three days, and they'd be right every time.
I can see where the confusion might have started, as the original question stated that they asked the retailer for the price protection, and they weren't having any of it. Either DWW has it out for you, or just wanted to chime in with a snarky joke before anyone else did, but it was a bad one. Maybe let's give him the benefit of the doubt, and all just move on?
What was the post? I see a whole bunch of comments erased.
For any Canadians out there, the Scotiabank AMEX offers the same type of protection. Purchase has to be full price, and there's a total dollar amount cap per year.
I'd also suggest going with the small, and not XS. You might have a problem with sleeves though, as they're already designed a little longer. It's returnable anyways, isn't it?
What sizes do you wear in anything else? Not sure how comparable the measurements would be for different models.
Hi, I guess you're looking at the one they call the Clean Moto Jacket? That's not the one I have unfortunately; mine is here: http://www.lyst.com/clothing/club-monaco-golden-bear-leather-jacket-navy/
Shell shoes are pretty expensive, even among "good" shoes; if I could offer some unsolicited advice, it would be to reconsider getting such an expensive pair of shoes as you're still new to all this. I know when you're new, and all the advice says buy the good stuff, it's tempting to rationalize getting the absolute best, but at this stage you might end up finding our that it doesn't eventually match your needs or liking.A lot of the Brooks Brothers shoes are pretty good,...
The tanking CAD is really making reigning in spending a lot easier. A 30% premium on everything from the US is really hard to swallow.
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