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I've put it aside until the fall, I haven't really thought about wearing it now for whatever reason.
I was really disappointed to see the elimination of the $25 option. I was really happy with it, and it made the whole process stress free. Plus it encouraged me to buy 3 shirts when I would have only bought 1 at a time.
Did luxire change the option to pay $25 shipping with customs/duties covered for shipping to Canada? All I can find is: "Shipping Only. Customer pays duties - $15.00" I ordered only 2 months ago and the $25 option was there.
This sounds great, but the dropdown on the linked page and the table below it don't seem to match up. One says Class A and Class B, the other says Group A and Group B, and the pricing for Class B 1 item is $40, whereas in the table Group B's 1 item charge is $20. I'm assuming "ITEM:1" means Items: 1, and "ITEM:2" means Items:2, etc.? And what do you mean that the costs are an indicative cost, with extra items billed back to the customer?
He mentioned it would be an Italian shell I think.
I got PM'd here asking to use Grailed and provide feedback.
Are you Cyc's boss?
Why don't you just order something extra to get the free shipping and then return it in store?
Does anyone have the problem where their placket near the top 2 buttons sort of collapses when worn? To mitigate this problem, when I take my shirts out of the washer to dry on the hanger I button them up complete, but it still happens sometimes. Is there a way of maybe having the placket reinforced at the top to stand better? Is this even a thing for other people?
Pics would be good! I ordered the trousers to wear as odd trousers. It felt pretty great, but only time will tell if it holds up.
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