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[[SPOILER]] Very nice, thank you for sharing!
What's the price of the rain mac?
I think the red looks pretty great with the navy, hope that makes you feel better! The armpit thing sucks, that's because the armpit is too small and I don't think that can get adjusted.
Ah okay. If I didn't have a pair of penny loafers already, I'd jump all over those Rancourts.
[[SPOILER]] What does it look like when you wear it? Show it to us!
Here is some criticism which I hope you will find constructive: The shoes do not look that great. May I suggest only showing pictures when you have achieved the level of quality that you desire? Otherwise it just looks underwhelming. The second pair looks especially inferior. Do you think it would be a good idea to perfect more traditional styles of shoes before venturing into the less traditional models?
Ah ok. It's still a pretty good price for Canada.
The Made in America blazers were full price in store, and $399 online, with a further 30% off. I ordered the houndstooth to try out, as in store they didn't have 36R. CM online also has Rancourt beefroll penny loafers for $219 (full price $325) here: http://www.clubmonaco.ca/product/index.jsp?productId=12621742&prodFindSrc=search I think that's a great price. Neither the student code or the Victoria Day code are working though. Not sure if you call in if you'll be able...
Man, it's HARSH in here!
Do you intend to keep those flap pockets on the final version? I prefer patch pockets myself.
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