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What parts of the outfit are from SM? Suit, tie, shirt?
Mike, you're probably catching up to the messages in this thread, but just in case mine falls through the cracks - the coupon for the Couro Cromo derbies is expired and they haven't made it into the sale section yet. Looking to pick one up, so would be happy to know when they're heading into the sale section.
Whoa cool, thanks for sharing. Googled it and found an RSVP page here:http://www.styledemocracy.com/event/nordstrom-warehouse-sale/The timing is tough, not sure I can make it.
Details on the warehouse sale?And how did I not know about this thread; I've been on SF for 5 years.
Definitely agree that something should be done on the photos side. The current photos almost look like photoshop mockups.
Well just use your common sense.
Tried calling the store to see if I could just do the transaction that way, but David unfortunately wasn't able to do it at the sale price, because it's still listed at full price online, which is okay. Hopefully it shows up online on sale soon.
The 5 last, sorry.
[[SPOILER]] If I'm an 8.5D in AE, would the same 8.5 work for the Derby?Edit: Looks like the code's expired as described, but it's not showing up in the sale section with the discount. Hopefully tomorrow?
Why should people take the talk of an Epaulet sale out of the sales thread? Are you serious? And it was what, three posts? Do you have an aneurysm with all the coffee talk?Lots of questions.The camo field jacket is almost a no-brainer for me too, but I guess there's a reason they were hardly sold. Pretty bold pattern.
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