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Sorry, I didn't see your post earlier. Do you mean what my thoughts are?
Business Pale Blue End on End ($70) with NOBDII collar, medium fused collar.
This was a very nice, informative post, good job. Better than what I was going to respond with.
This is my 34 "rusty small tattersall" Factory Finds from a few months ago. I don't know if the shirt and tie go well with it, but it's what I had on when I came home to take the photos of it to post.
Hello! For sale is a "rusty" small tattersall sportcoat from Epaulet's Factory Finds program. It's a midweight lambswool and it's really a luxurious piece, but I should have ordered a size 35 instead. The color would work with all ranges of grey trousers, most navy trousers, and any shade of tan. A pale olive would work too. It's also a year-round fabric that you could easily wear in the Springtime. The price paid was $495, so I'm offering a savings of $50. I'll even...
I picked up a couple ties and one of the Hanger Project hangers about 2 weeks ago. The ties are here: http://www.exquisitetrimmings.com/products/Ties/Navy-and-Sky-Striped-Handrolled-Shantung-Tie.html http://www.exquisitetrimmings.com/products/Ties/Flecked-Brown-Handrolled-Shantung-Tie.html They're great, and the hand-rolled edges do feel a little more luxurious than just a machine-stitched one, but I don't think it's something many people would appreciate. Anyway, this...
What a bargain.
It was awful - $100 on $235 worth of stuff. It ended up being $20 apiece, so still a bit cheaper than retail. Plus the shipping was free, down from $20.Either way I just got 2 this time.
Oops I really meant the jackets.Sorry to hear they are not selling. Personally the reason I haven't tried it out is because in my size, 36,the colours didn't work for me: black and Prince of Wales.Solid browns and navys might do better. I was surprised actually to see those 2 colours in the first batch.
It's the jacket, sorry for any confusion. Edited to clarify.
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