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Decided to keep.
Decided to keep.
Grabbed 2 chocolate duck canvas - one for me and one for my brother. The navy sold out from under my nose. Not sure what else was there before I got to it, but any flannels in 30-32 that don't work out, hit me up.
Come on, show us some pics. I wanna see if it's worth getting.
Someone buy the Made in America Harris Tweed Topcoat for $300 (down from $950) before I make a bad decision please: http://www.clubmonaco.com/product/index.jsp?productId=29013646
[[SPOILER]] Which leather is that?
Linen generally starts to wrinkle if you look at it too hard. That's just how it is. That navy/blue Dugdale jacket looks really amazing, I have to say. Much better than previous pieces. Congrats.
For what it's worth, I didn't see anything inappropriate in your questions. But who knows what lens he's viewing them through that causes him to be offended by it. Anyway, your response was very polite, hopefully that's the end of the matter.
Damn that sucks.
Distorbiant, just cause the guy is selling his spot for more then he paid for it doesn't give you the right to shit in his Classifieds thread. Why would you think it is okay for you to that? People are either going to pay for it or not. Do you have a problem with the price I'm selling the jacket in my sig for? Would you perhaps like to warn people off of it?
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