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Slightly bigger pics wouldn't hurt. But yeah, don't get carried away.
Nobis is another company that makes what sounds like excellent parkas - they're fully waterproof, which CG aren't, and have real fur (like CG). They are also a bit more stylish in my opinion, and appear to have a few more useful bells and whistles in terms of pockets and stuff. I've had my black CG for 5 seasons now, and just the other day someone told me it looked like it was new. I don't think I'd buy again, I'd probably get Nobis, but it goes for around $800 full...
I paid straight out of my checking account, so I have no chance of getting anything back from the bank.
I admire your patience dealing with this guy, DWW.
Why don't you just stfu? You're not helping at all.
Is this the same restaurant on TripAdvisor? https://www.tripadvisor.ca/Restaurant_Review-g294197-d7738671-Reviews-The_Libertine_Bar_and_Kitchen-Seoul.html
I hear ya. Starting a family soon, and will be selling off some books that I collected. It actually is easier when there isn't a choice.
When you're hungry, go through these easy four steps to send your order to a stranger, who's going to order YOUR FOOD and send it to you, LOL.
I was very happy recently to sell to a first-time buyer just a few days ago! To be honest, I didn't even check what their rating was; they communicated really well, used the right precautions on EBay, and it all went well.
For sale are two Berg and Berg ties, picked up during their sale in early January. Looking to get what I paid for them - Berg and Berg charges $20 shipping with FedEx, plus taxes and duties. Can meet up downtown Toronto. Shipping in Canada I can do for free, elsewhere at cost. The pictures are a mixture of actual photos plus stock photography. Edit: Yellow stripe sold, only the green remains: Handrolled Solid Wool Tie - Bottle Green.
New Posts  All Forums: