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Doing that will do weird things to the back pocket, and probably the side pockets. It would throw the proportions off too much.
They've got 50% off sale, which isn't too bad; I picked up 2 pairs of the Sutton Melange at $79.50+tax each, to see what they're like. I felt them in store, and the fabric felt nice, and wasn't too thick, so if it can work as a 3-season trouser that would be nice. Some of my other flannels are thicker.
They should come up with a name for that, where the prices of things increases every year.Im just poking fun, but yeah, I hear ya.
If anyone sees Swims on at a good price, let me know. A couple years ago The Bay had them for $60 for BD, but not since.
[[SPOILER]] Thank you sir!
Do you need to have the email to get the extra off the extra $150 off sportcoats?
Got a little card in the mail saying boxing week there's going to be a sale of "Up to 50% off" but exclusions apply.
Yes, why not remove the tissue paper lining too. If they end up removing stuff for hundreds of shirts, wouldn't that make a difference?To be honest, I couldn't really understand what you were trying to communicate, especially in that last bit.
They had Hestra gloves on their site not long ago. Checked for them again today in case they ever went on sale, and they've taken them down, weird. Nice looking pents btw Churchill.
[[SPOILER]] Looks like a devastating tornado, glad you're okay.
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