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[[SPOILER]] Looking good man.
I realize that most people just read the thread and don't post. Much like me. But I did want to chime in and say "fuck you" to the people that are threatening violence to Drew/his restaurant/coworkers. First of all, it's just wrong. You emailed money to a guy in South Korea because he posts nice pictures on the internet. You knew the risks. Second, doing those things is going to affect the possibility of those of us who still decide to wait however long it takes to get...
Hey man, I agree it's a lot of work to find out something like that for yourself. Why don't you send me your address, SS #, birthdate and bank info and I'll find out for you.
Mike, any update on that in-house sportcoat that you had shown a prototype of many months ago? I've been hoping to see it soon, as I've found a lot of the sportcoats on sale, while being pretty awesome, have been out of my budget. It feels as if the store is moving in a higher-end direction, and I've been having to look elsewhere.
For sale is a pair of Epaulet Walts in luxurious VBC Mocha Flannel from their Ends for our Friends sale back in November 2014. The actual colour is very rich, and darker than in the photos attached. Shipping will be at cost - I'm selling at the price I bought it for even though it was in really high demand, and I've eaten the shipping cost to Canada. Waist: 32" Rise: 12" Thigh: About "12, give or take quarter of an inch Leg Opening: 8"
Hi, I'm selling a used pair of first quality AE Lasalles 8D in Chilly. They've had toe taps on the front and back since they were new, and have been stored with shoe trees whenever they weren't worn. Worn about 12 times in total, but they're too narrow for me. Shipping from Toronto, if you're in the US you can just pay $10 and I'll cover the rest.
So because it's not stated what kind of leather it is, it somehow rules out it being calf or HH? I'm glad you've only made 88 posts so far.For what it's worth, a label on the inside says "cow" in the midst of a bunch of other stuff.The Epaulet moto looks exactly the same as someone said, cept it's made out of HH. The CM one only has a single breast pocket though, which I happen to like. I'll probably be keeping mine and giving my spot to my brother. Very happy with it, and...
I actually bought that one with the 30% off sale they had a few days ago. I've been keeping an eye on it since hey stocked it quite a while ago, and it's the first time it's been put on sale. It's not final sale, so I can still return it. I'll get a fit pic sometime over the next few days for feedback. With the spring here, it's the perfect time to start wearing a leather jacket, and I've been waiting a year for the ToJ already, with probably another 6-10 months to go....
I haven't seen people mention Golden Bear leather jackets a lot, what's the general opinion on them?
I used it to pick up the Golden Bear moto jacket. Not sure if I'll keep it as yet though.
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