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Jeez, I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Thanks though!
The Carmina in UK7 should be equivalent to US8? I wear 8 in AE shoes, do you think that would work?
So because your size might change in the future, you shouldn't bother making sure you get the right size now. Got that everyone?
Don't go near the ToJ thread...
Not spending $500 on a wool blend coat.
Hopefully now someone will grab that 36 seersucker Samuelsohn that's taunting me. Works out to $300.
Yeah, it is no coincidence the colour of the seersucker suit is light - the fabric and the colour are both made for very hot days. But the good thing is that in my opinion, you could wear them as separates whenever you want.
I wouldn't.
That would've been a pretty epic purchase.The only other thing that is in stock and interests me is the Filson dopp kitt, and only orange is in stock. They don't ship to Canada though.
I ordered a trousers and 2 shirts amounting to ~$300 and didn't get assessed anything from FedEx upon delivery. A week later I got a later saying I owed $18: $8 in taxes and $10 for FedEx.I was actually pretty happy with that.
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