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What's the Pollock Jacket with no pictures?
Interesting. Not sure why I thought so. Thanks.
Does SS NY offer free alterations? The one that recently opened in Toronto requires that you pay for them, which I wouldn't ordinarily have an issue with unless it's free elsewhere.
Chiming in a little late here, but this thread moves so fast. For about a year now I've been using a shoehorn I got from Kent Wang. I figured if I'm spending hundreds of dollars on shoes, spending $35 on a nice shoehorn made out of genuine horn is worth it. It doesn't work any better, but it gives me a little pleasure every morning when I use it.
Does it matter where the button actually is? The length looks pretty good to me - Any longer and then it starts to hang past the crotch.
Did J Crew update their website with a new look?
One of the pale blue dress stripes should fit the bill. I really liked this one: http://custom.luxire.com/products/pale-blue-dress-stripes
And how much do the Eagle County MTOs cost?
7_rocket, do you normally use oxford for dress shirts? That shirt appears to be a dress shirt, what with the absence of a placket and pockets. I see that you're asking about revamping your business shirt wardrobe with good basics, and if I may make a suggestion - some of the fabrics that are 'softer" and less rugged than oxford would make better dress shirts. Edit: I've also thought a lot about what fabrics to get dress shirts made from, and came to the realization that...
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