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So he didn't post updates for ages, people like you whined. He created the spreadsheet, you whined. He's making and shipping jackets, you whine that probably only half will be good. I feel this thread has become an outlet for people who are unhappy with their lives and just come every now and then to shit in it.
At least be embarrassed enough to take the pic down.
lol. Just put the asterisk instead of the character.Nobody is supposed to have more than 1 account, that's why. He's been asked to just keep a single one.
You can shit in one hand and wish in the other, and see which one fills first. He's asked to put our details in the spreadsheet, and it appears as if he's using it - there's a field called Manufacturer Hold/Go and at least for my record it's been highlighted green, and not by me. With people like Distorbiant and the amount of changes they do to their order, I can't imagine anyone would want to go back through GMail to fix it (not that Gmail was the best way to do order...
Thanks for the tip on protecting your own range. Here's also the link to the spreadsheet again, to save having to go back to previous pages: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_0B0TbD-QDLH8azZydtmfUwnmBSmL5UoLutgSzpexdc/edit?usp=sharing
What's so hard to understand that people don't want their real names and private email addresses (which may very well contain their real names) out in a public forum? Especially one with complete morons the like of which abound in in this thread?
I don't want to be putting my name and email address there. Drew, can you please utilize a form as suggested, that exports into a private spreadsheet that only you can view? Also, would people here be willing to give sizing advice, now that Charly isn't in the picture? I could post a pic of a moto I have and we could go from there?
I actually think he's exactly right. Now that things are falling apart people are starting to question jackets they were perfectly happy with all along. Jacket leather too thick, not as good quality as they thought, zippers are wrong, etc.Pretty fucking weird.
This is pretty ignorant, blaming it on drug use. You try literally losing one of your senses and being trapped in an awful relationship. If the things he says are true, along with the lavish lifestyle we've actually seen, it does a pretty good job of explaining being depressed and burning through money.You don't have to use drugs to explain depressive behaviour. Sometimes people just get depressed.
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