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Thank you both. I think I'll buy the oxblood polish and apply to a cloth first, and then rub it on; only for the McNeil and Strand.
Ha, I get it. It's cause it's 2017.
They're usually pretty helpful. Good luck.
For sale are two pairs of Epaulet Rivet chinos, one BNWOT which I have had hanging around for a long time (2012) but never wore, and the other well-worn that I bought but never got around to wearing. Butterscotch Canvas, Size 31 $80 Waist: 32.5 Length 32.5 (inseam from bottom of crotch) Note that the close-up photo has been adjusted to better show the colour. Caramel, Size 32 $40 Waist: 32.5 Length: 33.5 (inseam from bottom of crotch) Note that the close-up photo has...
Shoe-cleaning question. I have the following shoes: Walnut Strands Oxblood McNeil Black Park Avenue Brown Lexington Over the holidays, I decided to get some shoe cleaning done, so I did this: 1. Brushed with a horse-hair brush to get rid of dust and dirt. 2. Wipe with a damp cloth. 3. Let it dry. 4. Apply conditioner. 5. Wipe of excess. 6. Buff with a cloth a bit. After doing this to each pair, they look really great, and much better than they did before. I have AE...
Haha true.
Good tip; you can get about 35% off IIRC. Happens a couple times a year maybe?Or get a student to hook you up with a student code for 20% off.
They make mistakes/omissions with their online stuff sometimes.I wouldn't pay full price for anything from Club Monaco, for what it's worth, especially as this is the old model.Not sure if you're dead set on cashmere, but it is pretty fragile. You didn't ask for one, but my recommendation would be to go with something like hopsack, which is sturdier, and has the advantage of being able to be work all year round.
Thanks for letting me know, never really thought of Holt's as a store I should keep my eye on, but will do so from now on.
Where'd you get Zespa's for 60% off?
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