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You have to also consider the formality of your workplace and how you dress. Walking in with jeans, boots and a leather jacket and SAB/Globe Trotter attache is just going to look pretentious, or at best that you're dressed by the internet and have no idea what you're doing. For more casual places, a Filson 256 is much more appropriate, and better than the polyester stuff many people seem to fancy. Better also than the Herchel stuff I see spammed everywhere too.
Oh come on.
Pulled the trigger on the oxblood McGregor from the shoebank for $157 plus shipping to Toronto. Will expect FedEx charges, but can't do much about that. Excited to get them, as he said there wasn't anything unusual looking about them; they even had shoe bags. Do seconds not normally come with shoebags?
Cool thanks, I'll consider it.
Any thoughts on the University, on the 333 last? Compared to the 5, it sounds a little wider?
The actual listed size would also help you get it sold.
Was thinking of picking up a Lexington or McGregor from the seconds sale, any opinions? Looking for a chili or oxblood, and already own black Fifth Avenue, brown Park Avenue (or vice versa, I always get the names mixed up) and walnut Strands. And any idea why the McGregor seconds are priced so low? Is it because the firsts have dropped to $199?
Nice try douchebag.
Why does it matter? You blocked them, now get over it. Almost sounds like you'd like to unblock them again to create more drama.Back to relevant topics, looks like J. Crew has a few of their Ludlow models on sale for 30% off, mostly winter ones I think. It's worth pointing out, as almost all sales codes do not include Ludlow.
For sale are two beautiful Inis MeƔin sweaters, both size small. These handmade, Irish sweaters are are pretty much considered among the best, at least on par with SNS Herning. I wear a small in Gitman Brothers Vintage, and these are spot on. First up is a donegal grey in charcoal, 100% wool. It has a rich texture, and the flecks give it real visual interest. Second is a dual-tone wool and cashmere, which is pretty thick and has four buttons on the shoulder. They are...
New Posts  All Forums: