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Very nice video. And yeah, wouldn't ever buy a non-iron shirt.
I've seen bi-swing backs here and there, though not often. Allows you a greater range of motion without pull on the fabric in the back of the shirt/jacket.
[[SPOILER]] I'm curious as to how they intend to fix that. Unfortunately, my "best-fitting" pair of pants have a bit of that problem, and when I send it in to be replicated eventually, I'd like them to address that issue.I think it might have to do with reducing the back rise, because if you pull the seat of your pants up by half an inch or so, you'll see it disappear. Or maybe it might be more complicated, that's just my guess.
Can someone explain to me why sending a "vintage" postcard and pencils to your order of stuff produced in 2014 somehow actually means something? Does it mean anything at all? It's pretty tiring, the whole throwback to "the good old days" trend, with stuff like that, along with old kerosene lamps, bookshelves filled with old or sometimes fake books, fake fireplaces with real logs, etc.
[[SPOILER]] Nice shirt. What's the tie?
Thought so :-)
What's the Pollock Jacket with no pictures?
Interesting. Not sure why I thought so. Thanks.
Does SS NY offer free alterations? The one that recently opened in Toronto requires that you pay for them, which I wouldn't ordinarily have an issue with unless it's free elsewhere.
Chiming in a little late here, but this thread moves so fast. For about a year now I've been using a shoehorn I got from Kent Wang. I figured if I'm spending hundreds of dollars on shoes, spending $35 on a nice shoehorn made out of genuine horn is worth it. It doesn't work any better, but it gives me a little pleasure every morning when I use it.
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