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For sale are two brand new with tag Gitman Brothers Vintage shirts, bought on sale from Unionmade. Can meet up downtown Toronto. Shipping in Canada for free, otherwise at cost. The close-up of the berry with the tag is the most accurate picture. For the aqua, a more accurate colour is here: http://the-brandmag.com/images//i450x600//05/118/45_0.jpg
I thought it was a widely-known fact that HR is a store for people with more money than brains. If Carlos Santos was sold in HR they'd probably sell it for $1,100.In any case, your comparing Carlos Santos shoes to AE at retail is disingenuous at best, as the latter are on sale frequently at many locations.I won't comment on this further.
Who pays full retail for AE? If you have, I've got a bridge to sell you.Anyways, don't want to derail the thread. My fault for misinterpreting what was said in the email, and not realizing it was only for US customers.Agreed it should be an option for some US buyers. I'm sure there are many that would be happy to find that middle ground between AE and Carmina. At $510 CAD, it's just not an option for me.
I guess $510CAD might be pretty good compared to what it might have cost for Carmina, and compared to G&G, EG, etc., but I can't imagine it'll sway many of the AE crowd's purchasing decisions. At least not mine. And that's okay.
I must have misinterpreted something in the email:
Wanted to chime in that it's pretty refreshing to have an option like this on Skoak, as before I always dismissed the store as being way too overpriced for me. It's actually now become a realistic place to keep an eye on, and I'll probably subscribe to the thread. At $382CAD with shipping, duties and taxes all in (it does include all of that, right?), I could easily see myself spending a little more than I would on an AE pair and presumable getting better quality shoes.
You have to also consider the formality of your workplace and how you dress. Walking in with jeans, boots and a leather jacket and SAB/Globe Trotter attache is just going to look pretentious, or at best that you're dressed by the internet and have no idea what you're doing. For more casual places, a Filson 256 is much more appropriate, and better than the polyester stuff many people seem to fancy. Better also than the Herchel stuff I see spammed everywhere too.
Oh come on.
Pulled the trigger on the oxblood McGregor from the shoebank for $157 plus shipping to Toronto. Will expect FedEx charges, but can't do much about that. Excited to get them, as he said there wasn't anything unusual looking about them; they even had shoe bags. Do seconds not normally come with shoebags?
Cool thanks, I'll consider it.
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