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Is it north of Bloor? Haha jk. We went house-hunting earlier this year, and even with decent incomes, the houses we could afford mid-town were tiny. We ended up getting a condo right downtown just 20 minutes walk from both of our workplaces. It's all about compromises.
The waist and sleeves are very easy to fix at a tailor. I've found it impossible to find something that fits perfectly right off the rack, and always get my stuff fixed up at a tailor.
Spent the afternoon calling around the outlets. The 8.5D merlot Park Avenue is actually really bad, and they wouldn't advise selling them to anyone. I called a few places about the Lexgintons in the same size, and many of them have bad streaking. Tomorrow I'll see what the discounts are and take a look. Good luck everyone.
I don't own any CPs, but any white sneakers aren't going to stay white for very long, and isn't part of the idea that it'll get a nice worn-in look? It won't always be blinding white, so if that's a concern I don't think it should be. Just my 2 cents from owning a pair of white Jack Purcells.
Dropped the price to $250 from $300.
So if I was looking to get a pair of close-outs, I might as well get them now, as the sale won't include thelm?
Jesus Christ are you serious? This again? And people actually like your snotty comment?The guy said it's his first time buying pants and "they're really big in the thighs." How is that voicing dissatisfaction in a "whiney petty" way? And "minor league quibbles"? So you've gotta drop thousands of dollars to qualify to complain? Do you have ANY idea how that even sounds?You also totally misunderstood his question about shipping, and chose to interpret it in the worst way...
I hope it's not improper to ask, but has anyone tried out Meermin? With AE prices creeping up so much lately, I've been thinking about it. But would have no idea what size to order. I'm normally 8D in the 65, but have been finding lately it's a little cramped. Might go with 8.5D if I continue to buy AE.
Seriously, how do people keep posting in the wrong threads?
I've usually gone with AE for a long time, but with their prices creeping up so much, I was thinking of going with Meermin. Has anyone else made the switch and can help with sizing? I wear an 8D on the 65 last, but it's a little narrow and tight, if I had to pick a complaint. Any advice for what last and size I should go for with Meermin?
New Posts  All Forums: