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Thanks for pointing this out, it always irks me when people do that.
I won't comment on this further, but come on man, you know that creating two false extremes like that is exactly what a false dichotomy is, right? It's not really helping contextualize the feedback that is being offered to S&M, and is just being dismissive to people's valid concerns. Imagine if S&M responded to customers/potential customers the way you are.
This is what I don't understand, and I've seen it happen in the Luxire and Epaulet threads: someone has a legitimate complaint, and fans of the service somehow take it personally, as if their mother is being insulted.Telling people who have complaints that they should shut up or go do Bergdorf is creating a false dichotomy in what people can expect.Anyway, I haven't purchased anything from S&M yet, but I look forward to doing so, as it looks like most people are happy, and...
Don't own either of them, sorry.
Don't turn this into the Epaulet thread; it sounds like he's having legitimate issues.
Very beautiful sportcoats.
Do they always have them? And are they wool, and over the calf?I've gotten kinda tired of all the patterned socks I have, and was thinking of just switching to navy wool socks from one of those brands, or Falke. CM and J. Crew have Falke, but they're over $30 a pair, so I'd have to wait until they're discounted.
CM put their Inis sweaters on sale, and have an extra 30% off kicker.
Care to share the name of the tailor so we can avoid them?I also recommend Magic Tailor, used to go there all the time when I worked across the street.There's a place called HTC below Royal York; it's only been open for about a year max I'd say, but the guy that works there I really like as he seems to know exactly what he's doing. But that's also downtown.
Finally got around to trying on the Sutton wool melange trousers I ordered on Black Friday. I have to say that I really like them, with the higher rise and slimmer fit. The only alteration I need to do is hemming. I can see why it might be too slim for some though, because for example, I have to tailor Epaulet's Walt trousers to get them to fit this way, and the Walt is considered slim.
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