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It sounds like the length, lapels and roll aren't to your liking; perhaps you should look elsewhere for a product you'll be more satisfied with?
For sale is a pair of well-cared for Allen Edmonds Fifth Avenues in brown and size 8D. Here are a few details: - Well-worn and resoled once. Soles are in excellent condition. - Always stored with shoe-trees (not included) - metal toe-taps to prevent wearing away of the toe area of the soles These shoes would be a pretty great way to see what all the fuss is about relatively more expensive shoes without having to spend anywhere near that much. Will need to have one of the...
Is the brown melange hopsack sold out? I can't add it to my cart, now that I've finally decided to pull the trigger
Are you able to do any navy fabrics for the summer trousers?
Looking forward to the summer trousers. Hope I can hold out that long.
That's great news. Are the price points comparable to the current $135 wool flannels?
I'd be elated to see some linen/hopsack/fresco Bella Spalla. Those Bella Spalla flannels are great value, but I'm already good for winter trousers. Actually looking for spring/summer ones ones right now.
Club Monaco's got 30% off purchases of $400 or more; noteworthy cause it works on third-party stuff. Would be great if I wasn't starting a family and will soon be poor. Oops, it's SHOPSPRING. Sorry about that. It's an early access code apparently, so I imagine regular emails will go out to everyone else tomorrow or so. Happy shopping.
I'm pretty excited about the brown melange. Do you think it will wrinkle? And would it be just a summer jacket, or would it work for the slightly cooler temps of spring and fall? At $295 and a recovering CAD, it's very tempting. What's shipping like? And who do you ship with? Any other Torontonians interested in splitting shipping?
Yellow stripe sold, only the green remains: Handrolled Solid Wool Tie - Bottle Green.
New Posts  All Forums: