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Is the only option for sending something in the FedEx option linked above? Wasn't there a NY option? Does the NY option use regular post, or is it safe? Because others have said that the Indian post isn't that safe.
About shipping and duties - I received a USD$225 item in the mail from FedEx and was charged ~$30CAN for duties, ~$30CAN for HST and ~$30 brokerage from FedEx totaling up to a $100CAN bill. I don't know if this is as a result of the changes Luxire mentioned (the package shipped March 10) or if it's because it was more expensive than anything I had received before (all < $100). But if this is how it's going to be from now on, then I'd like at least an option to do the...
Apart from the extra seam allowances that someone mentioned (great idea), you should mention what you want done with the fly.I just said button fly, and I got this fly that has about 3 or 4 regular buttons and then an extra two buttons accompanying an extra piece of fabric that goes across the front of the pants. I thought that this was quite an incongruous design to default to.Also, although I sent in measurements based off of a couple of pants, the seat and back crotch...
It sounded to me as if the part where they somehow avoid duties by leveraging their NY operations is what's not feasible anymore.In fact, it sounds like option 3 is exactly what's going on right now, where people will suddenly start to get bills for duties where they never before used to get them.
What about offering three options during checkout: 1. $20 fee upfront, no surprises 2. Free shipping with national mail carrier (fewer surprises, takes longer) 3. The old free option with FedEx, and let the customer deal with whatever surprises there are, if any.
Also worth mentioning - with MTM stuff, people often buy one item at time, as they gradually tweak the fit to get it to where they want it to be. This would cost an extra $20 for each trial. For example, only on my 4th shirt would I consider it to be perfect (the rest are pretty great). Adding a $20 charge regardless of the size of the order actually drastically increases the barrier to entry, because that would be an extra $80 for 4 orders, or in other words a whole...
I haven't been charged duties on any of the 4 orders I've made so far, so I would prefer this to be opt-in also, as I'd rather not subsidize any else's duties issues either.
You know what they say, you can lead a horse to water...
There is no coupon code, but I feel their prices offer good value for money.
Very nice video. And yeah, wouldn't ever buy a non-iron shirt.
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