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Separate question to get this back on track: I'll only be getting one jacket, and I'm a little torn between the Moto and the MDR. The MDR sometimes looks great, sometimes not, and I'm worried it's not really something that I could pull of, it's not quite my style. The Moto is a little less edgy, and I could wear that just fine. Any comments on this? Other styles I should consider? And is there anything like whiskey lamb? I've thought about getting it in brown, but was a...
I try not to judge other people's taste too much, but coming in here and suggesting the SLP jacket that you bought as some kind of alternative shows you're way off the mark. In my opinion that is a horribly ugly jacket, and I wouldn't wear it if I got it for free. As someone else also mentioned, you're discounting the MTM aspect of it all. And for the others who are simply stating the other brands of jackets and calling them alternatives: when people go shopping for a...
Pics would be great.
Hello! For sale is a "rusty" small tattersall sportcoat from Epaulet's Factory Finds program. It's a midweight lambswool and it's really a luxurious piece, but I should have ordered a size 35 instead. The color would work with all ranges of grey trousers, most navy trousers, and any shade of tan. A pale olive would work too. It's also a year-round fabric that you could easily wear in the Springtime. The price paid was $495, so I'm offering a savings of $50. I'll even...
See, when I read stuff like this, I realize why jackets are taking so long and this whole process is so messed up. You can't even get a customer profile right. Is it really that hard to have some sort of very simple database, where you could just simply update someone's address and acknowledge it? But no, you prefer to have people repeatedly emailing you, with no idea if anyone's read their email, and then they'll wait another few months for someone else to read it (and...
You disagree that wearing a shirt with tie on is the best way to show how a shirt looks like with a tie?
Don't believe so.
Which sub was this?
Using my Cheateau on its 4th season now, still going strong.
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