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Let's build a GUI interface with Visual Basic to track him!
For sale is an Epaulet Marcello size 36 cotton/silk nailhead sportcoat. It's an older Epaulet sportcoat, that I bought a few years ago, and I've worn it about 5 times. It's just sitting in my closet, and my wife needs has put in a one-out, one-in policy, so here we are. It's a pretty great summer sportcoat. Measurements, all in inches, are: Shoulders: Should to shoulder, laying flat, across back: 16.5 Length: Bottom of collar at back down to bottom of jacket:...
For sale is a hardly-used Epaulet factory finds sportcoat, bought in the summer of 2014 for $495USD. The description: 1x Factory Finds FW14 Southwick Sportcoats in Midweight Lambswools - Midweight Rusty Small Tattersall SWC081 for $495.00 each It was a little smalll in the beginning, and fits smaller as I've started going to gym. It's honestly been worn about twice outside the house, I just don't wear it. Would prefer to sell this and the other one I don't ever wear and...
Slightly bigger pics wouldn't hurt. But yeah, don't get carried away.
Nobis is another company that makes what sounds like excellent parkas - they're fully waterproof, which CG aren't, and have real fur (like CG). They are also a bit more stylish in my opinion, and appear to have a few more useful bells and whistles in terms of pockets and stuff. I've had my black CG for 5 seasons now, and just the other day someone told me it looked like it was new. I don't think I'd buy again, I'd probably get Nobis, but it goes for around $800 full...
I paid straight out of my checking account, so I have no chance of getting anything back from the bank.
I admire your patience dealing with this guy, DWW.
Why don't you just stfu? You're not helping at all.
Is this the same restaurant on TripAdvisor? https://www.tripadvisor.ca/Restaurant_Review-g294197-d7738671-Reviews-The_Libertine_Bar_and_Kitchen-Seoul.html
I hear ya. Starting a family soon, and will be selling off some books that I collected. It actually is easier when there isn't a choice.
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