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I just found it weird, cause I imagined they would have been warm pants, but I actually can't wear them on very cold days. Anyways, they do look great on the milder days.
[[SPOILER]] I have a pair of those trousers; they're very beautiful to look at, but do you find them itchy, and not particularly warm? I think the weave is pretty loose, and it just lets the wind pass right through it.
Thanks. Sending it to NYC isn't an option, however, as it's too costly. Maybe the next time I visit I'll take a few pairs to get that done, because as you point out the sole itself (separate from the heel) doesn't really need replacing often. Not sure when I'll be in the US next though, with all the craziness.
Where do you get flush metal toe-taps installed?And what about the heel? I wear mine away pretty quickly.
Looks fine to me.
For sale are two pairs of Epaulet trousers: Chambray Walt in size 32 bought in 2012 and never wore. It has been tailored, so measurements are below. Waist 16.5 (not much room to let out) Knee 8.5 Leg opening 7.5 Inseam 30 Chocolate brown duck canvas Walt Size 32 - This has been worn a couple times. Note that the inseam can't be let out any more as there is no fabric left. Waist 15.5 (has a lot of room to let out) Knee 8 Leg opening slightly less than 7.5 Inseam...
Someone said the regular Sutton trousers (not the wool melange) are a wool blend right, and incorrectly described on the website?
I saw on RedFlagDeals that there's a 20% off on winter trousers. Looks good.
Yeah that really sucks. Hope they have a good replacement.
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