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You didn't misunderstand, that's what he said.
[[SPOILER]] Any idea how they compare to the 5 last? I'm also thinking of getting a pair.You can see that the leather covering the insole on the left has a gap between the footbed and the side of the shoe; however, when wearing the shoes I can't feel any defect at all.  I am feeling like these are keepers.  Am I missing something that would worry any of you?
Haven't posted here in a while, but CM continues to be my favourite store in Canada because of the third party stuff and MIA jackets they sell. The majority of them go on steep sale, so it always works out really well, especially with the Canadian dollar so low. I purchased the Golden Bear moto (it's navy, but very hard to notice) and it's great. I got my tailor to take in the sleeves, and I'm just sad I have to wait another couple months before I can wear it. The MIA...
This post was from a while ago, but I'm only now catching up on this thread, and normally don't comment on stuff like this but thought I would anyway.Some of you guys in this thread seem to think it's impossible someone can have a less than perfect experience as an Epaulet customer. Implying the person is stupid just because they didn't think their transaction would be flagged is in itself pretty stupid.It looks like they were proactive, called the store, spoke to someone...
I'll never get those 45 seconds back.
Your pit to pit is wrong.
Looks like he's trying to buy and resell? Or just a generous gifter.Regardless, a year ago nobody thought this is what would happen, so it's not like it was a dumb idea.
For what it's worth, in Toronto I've gotten the sleeves slimmed on a Golden Bear jacket I bought. It was pretty cheap I thought (~$60) and had a 3-week wait time. I'm not affiliated with them in any way, but it was at Magic Tailor, and I've been going there for quite a while now. Apparently for leather stuff the owner does it, not one of the other staff they have.
I can't ever imagine a leather sportcoat doing well. You're already having a hard time moving some more traditional styles, so I wouldn't risk it. About the ties, I agree that there isn't much of a differentiator for them: plain silk ties are easy to find and at that price point I usually find myself looking elsewhere. Looking forward to the new seasonal ties though, they already sound interesting. I think it's the same for the hoodies - I recently needed one and I ended...
That's exactly how I find it.
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