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I don't think he should be reducing the hips. Look at that last picture, those horizontal lines means it's pulling to the sides, no? It seems every time someone posts something the default suggestion is to reduce everything. The fabric is also pretty flush across the seat of the pants.Also consider that when you order a nicer wool fabric it will drape a lot better.Don't know what to do about the fabric under your seat though.
It's tough man, but there actually are other countries in the world out there. It's hard to keep track, I know.
Last year around this time they released a similar one that was a fishtail parka made out of Millerain waxed cloth. Priced around $300, I ended up getting it for $100, so that one should get pretty low too.
I ordered a shirt yesterday from Canada, so I'm waiting to see what happens with duties and taxes. My previous orders of single shirts did not attract any extra fees.
What changes did you make for your casual trousers to make them more casual than your dress trousers?
I saw stuff that was 450 for 250, but nothing as drastic as 600 off. Of course if you didn't need it in the first place, then no discount is worth it (although I really wanted the fall line jacket).
Is that fabric the chocolate duck canvas? I am just wondering how close they'll be able to get as the "target" pants appears to be wool, which drapes a lot differently?
[[SPOILER]] I just want to chime in here and disagree with most people - those pants are indeed too boxy everywhere below your butt. There's obviously an excess amount of space there. If you're not happy with how they fit don't be swayed by anyone else's opinion.My HY flannels are my favourite pants ever, but only after I had them tapered.
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