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I actually bought that one with the 30% off sale they had a few days ago. I've been keeping an eye on it since hey stocked it quite a while ago, and it's the first time it's been put on sale. It's not final sale, so I can still return it. I'll get a fit pic sometime over the next few days for feedback. With the spring here, it's the perfect time to start wearing a leather jacket, and I've been waiting a year for the ToJ already, with probably another 6-10 months to go....
I haven't seen people mention Golden Bear leather jackets a lot, what's the general opinion on them?
I used it to pick up the Golden Bear moto jacket. Not sure if I'll keep it as yet though.
Ah, thanks. I might have been able to swing that with the coupon, but with the exchange rate at $1.28 CAD per USD it's definitely put that (and most of my US purchases off for a while).
What would be the price for a MTO sportcoat on its own?
Lol, that's gotta be the funniest way someone's put together IAmACyborg's name.
My understanding is that you take the position in the queue.
Was definitely planning on getting the 4-zip, as the 2-zips look unbalanced. I know they have a high resale value, but I really want to get it right the first time for obvious reasons. I've also been waiting a while, so I want to ensure I don't have any regrets on what I choose.I follow your blog, and really like the RRL cafe racers you've shown there, both the brown you own and the lighter colour. I think the lighter colour is tempting as it's a little less common, and...
Separate question to get this back on track: I'll only be getting one jacket, and I'm a little torn between the Moto and the MDR. The MDR sometimes looks great, sometimes not, and I'm worried it's not really something that I could pull of, it's not quite my style. The Moto is a little less edgy, and I could wear that just fine. Any comments on this? Other styles I should consider? And is there anything like whiskey lamb? I've thought about getting it in brown, but was a...
I try not to judge other people's taste too much, but coming in here and suggesting the SLP jacket that you bought as some kind of alternative shows you're way off the mark. In my opinion that is a horribly ugly jacket, and I wouldn't wear it if I got it for free. As someone else also mentioned, you're discounting the MTM aspect of it all. And for the others who are simply stating the other brands of jackets and calling them alternatives: when people go shopping for a...
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