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I can't really complain about B&S either myself. I've been able to pass of both new and used items without too much hassle. In fact, the presence of B&S encourages me to take certain measured risks as I know there's a great chance I'll be able to pass it off. That also depends on the brand and nature of them item also.
Thank you for including my post? Very flattering!
You've been on SF for 7 years and still get surprised by people obsessing over half an inch? Have you spent all your time in the fragrance and travel threads or something?
For sale is a very gently used and well-taken care of pair of Oak Street Bootmakers shell cordovan loafers in size 7.5D. Bought a while ago but never wore much because they were a tad small. Moving and trying to get rid of things I no longer wear. I have had the toe taps installed, always kept them with shoe trees and always wore them with no-show loafer socks. Can meet up in downtown Toronto, and will throw in the shoe trees if that's the case. Shipping in Canada just...
I was only half serious; just yanking your chain. I agree EBay is a lot of work. I've had great success with SF Buy and Sell, Kijiji and a lot of patients
[[SPOILER]] Can you guys learn how to use the spoiler tag?In addition to what everyone else has asked, can we also get the name of your barber, brand of hair product, underwear size, deodorant brand, fragrance, hand moisturizer and condom size?
Apparently still relevant enough to waste it on a forum trolling for sales, lol.
Are the belts that are on sale adjustable at all? Need a 34 for my brother but only 30 and 36 are available. Any chance of getting the 36 shortened?
The NMWA talk about the guy ordering the shoes and then returning it reminds me of assholes who recommend wearing new shoes for a few hours on carpet to see how it works out. You're still putting wear into the shoes, including the cork footbed and wear in the leather. The things you have to deal with as a store-owner are really ridiculous.
So he didn't post updates for ages, people like you whined. He created the spreadsheet, you whined. He's making and shipping jackets, you whine that probably only half will be good. I feel this thread has become an outlet for people who are unhappy with their lives and just come every now and then to shit in it.
New Posts  All Forums: