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I got everything in my Unionmade order, which was pretty great. Got 4 Gitman shirts for $80CAD all in each, and a few scarves. It was nice to get a few summer colours/fabrics, as I've been wearing the same plain blue/white/stripes for a few years now. Their shirts are great. The Archive sale is twice per year right? When would the next one be?
For sale is a pair of Allen Edmond Daltons in Walnut. These are seconds that were bought from AE and worn about 4 or 5 times. I've never noticed any flaws in them. Shipping is extra and will be based on location. Ships from Toronto.
I guess the plan is back to looking out for slightly used Carminas.
$100 per pair of shoes? Jeez.
Can't say that I regret your hiatus is at an end.
For what it's worth, I tried messaging her on Facebook, twice. They were both very polite emails asking her to ask Drew to get in touch with me. No response.
Teamed up with my bro to my a bunch of stuff at the Unionmade sale. Only time it makes sense with $40 shipping. On the other hand, it's a flat $40 shipping for all the stuff we bought, so it worked out really well. We got mostly GBV, as they had lots of S still, scarves and socks.
I got confirmation for my petition also.
I think it's possible to enjoy the finer things in life (like $400 shoes) without having disdain for people that either can't afford or choose not to enjoy that luxury. I've purchased AE seconds by just blindly calling and ordering, and had success. Recently, I tried calling to order a pair, and I asked the sales associate to check it for any visible defects, and they all had defects. I spent over an hour and came away empty-handed; maybe it was just a popular one with...
Is it that hard to imagine that people would consider $300 shoes grail shoes? When you walk around the mall and see the proliferation of Aldo, Town Shoes, Shoe Company, Moore's? Median household income in Canada is about $60k, and in the US that's $52k, you think people are routinely going out and spending $300 on shoes? Some of you guys really need some god damn perspective. Anyway, the MSRP for the Club Monaco shoes is pretty steep, and third party stuff sales and...
New Posts  All Forums: