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Where was the piping? I saw some on the edge of the back pocket; anywhere else?
I didn't think that taped seams would matter when you are taking something in. Isn't it simply cutting the old threads, refolding it with more material on the inside, then re-stitching it?
Good question, I didn't think they were fully canvassed, but that's just an assumption because it doesn't say what it is really.Link to the blazers you bought?
Sample sale. Usually stuff lasts about 60 seconds.
I'm sorry for being snarky about it, applky. I apologize.
Can you please put th the price back in already? It's against the rules to take it off, in addition to there being no good reason.
And many sizes are already gone! I guess those won't be hitting markdowns.The student discounts don't work on third party items right? I guess you really wanted it.
Where do you send these shoes to be resoled when the time comes?
You can get better prices at fragrancenet.com .
I can proxy for someone if they'd like. I'd just charge whatever the actual cost is, and once it's not like 3-4 pairs of shoes.
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