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Don't go near the ToJ thread...
Not spending $500 on a wool blend coat.
Hopefully now someone will grab that 36 seersucker Samuelsohn that's taunting me. Works out to $300.
Yeah, it is no coincidence the colour of the seersucker suit is light - the fabric and the colour are both made for very hot days. But the good thing is that in my opinion, you could wear them as separates whenever you want.
I wouldn't.
That would've been a pretty epic purchase.The only other thing that is in stock and interests me is the Filson dopp kitt, and only orange is in stock. They don't ship to Canada though.
I ordered a trousers and 2 shirts amounting to ~$300 and didn't get assessed anything from FedEx upon delivery. A week later I got a later saying I owed $18: $8 in taxes and $10 for FedEx.I was actually pretty happy with that.
Where was the piping? I saw some on the edge of the back pocket; anywhere else?
I didn't think that taped seams would matter when you are taking something in. Isn't it simply cutting the old threads, refolding it with more material on the inside, then re-stitching it?
Good question, I didn't think they were fully canvassed, but that's just an assumption because it doesn't say what it is really.Link to the blazers you bought?
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