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Can you please put th the price back in already? It's against the rules to take it off, in addition to there being no good reason.
And many sizes are already gone! I guess those won't be hitting markdowns.The student discounts don't work on third party items right? I guess you really wanted it.
Where do you send these shoes to be resoled when the time comes?
You can get better prices at fragrancenet.com .
I can proxy for someone if they'd like. I'd just charge whatever the actual cost is, and once it's not like 3-4 pairs of shoes.
Anyone ever sent shoes in from Canada for recrafting? What was the shipping like to the US? Any duties charged on arrival of recrafted shoes? And what's the SF offer that has now been terminated?
Does anyone have any links to healthcare consulting in Toronto? I'm in the middle of masters in health admin, and trying to find a second 3-month admin residence at a consulting firm, to get exposure while hopefully adding some value myself.
Cool!I tried it on last night and it fits very very well. Maybe it's the cashmere that causes it to drape so nicely. I got a 36R, and will need the sleeves slimmed and maybe extended 1/4" or 1/2"; didn't try it on with my proper shirts as yet.Question - did yours come in a garment bag with a hanger? A previous MIA blazer I had bought to try on did, but this just came in a plastic bag, no garment bag or hanger.
Last week I bought this MIA cashmere blazer for the fall. Wouldn't have paid anything other than the $300 it eventually went down to. http://www.clubmonaco.ca/product/index.jsp?productId=23422336
New Posts  All Forums: