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I also have the pearl grey, but I think I'll be keeping that one.
Does anyone know if these are stocked in any stores in Amsterdam, Brussels or Paris?
I'd be interested in some shots of the NW crew (on a model too maybe?) and the price point. Thinking lately that I should splurge on 2-3 good sweaters that should hopefully last a while. I currently wear J. Crew ones, but they don't seem to hold up well.
What about a Paypal gift?
[[SPOILER]] Those are some serious GTH pants.
This is what the Barberis cocoa flannel from the November EFF looks like sort of. It's actually much darker in real life.
Sound like you're lazy man, lol. You want to confirm if other people can do chargebacks? Is that somehow a proxy for whether your bank can?
[[SPOILER]] Looking good man.
I realize that most people just read the thread and don't post. Much like me. But I did want to chime in and say "fuck you" to the people that are threatening violence to Drew/his restaurant/coworkers. First of all, it's just wrong. You emailed money to a guy in South Korea because he posts nice pictures on the internet. You knew the risks. Second, doing those things is going to affect the possibility of those of us who still decide to wait however long it takes to get...
Hey man, I agree it's a lot of work to find out something like that for yourself. Why don't you send me your address, SS #, birthdate and bank info and I'll find out for you.
New Posts  All Forums: