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I didn't find anything particularly enjoyable about it, just subjected myself to it as I was just about to pull the trigger on some MTM flannels, and this came up. At this price and factoring in the alterations, it works out to about the same, and I like Epaulet, so... yeah.I got:1. Grey Donegal2. Pearl Grey Barberis Flannel3. Dark Mocha Barberis FlannelIt was a lot of clicking though.
Got a pearl grey!
Agree on making the tartans into scarves. I can't imagine anyone wearing those as pants.
I got the grey donegal, but was undecided about the copper and it disappeared. Looking for one more brown or grey.
Noticed that too.
Thank you for posting!
Could you share your experience with them? Have you owned one or just seen it around?
Anyone ordered the tobacco colour pop check FF? Interested in how it made up.
On the topic of banning people for doing stupid things, can you state the policy for idiotic posts like the above, and the one where Distorbiant offered up nonexistent codes for Mr. Porter? These types of posts just generally add to the noise and confusion in a thread which is known to derail too often.
I've always wanted to get one of these, but apart from the price, I always felt that they're the sort of Harris Tweed of sportcoats - too warm to keep on inside, not enough to use on its own outside. And it's way too bulky to fit under anything I have already. Anyone else feeling me, or am I just trying to make myself feel better for not having one yet?
New Posts  All Forums: