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Would be happy to see a knot too.I'd be happy if the sportcoats had patch hip pockets and barchetta breast pockets.Looking forward to the fall trousers too. 13, 11 and 26 look great.
Now you'll send me down a rabbit-hole of reading up on whether or not they're a generally accepted accessory.
For sale is a 100% cashmere made in USA sportcoat from Club Monaco. It has a 3-roll-2 lapel, two buttons on the cuff (non-functional) and a single hook vent, all throwbacks to more traditional days, but has a modern fit. Only worn about eight times, and don't turn to it much anymore, so getting rid of it. I can meet up in downtown Toronto near Union Station (limited areas), or at Lakeshore and Bathurst in the evenings. Shipping free in Canada, $15 to the US, elsewhere...
Personally, I think there's a lot to be said for walking into SuSu's store and walking out with exactly what you want, all costs considered. I think trying to find stuff on sale and and outlets can really be hit and miss in terms of patterns and sizing, not to mention the cost of visiting so many places.
Not sure why you took the price off when it was sold? It's also against the buy and sell guidelines.
What's the damage like at 70% off?
Toronto's great, and you should definitely visit, but as the poster above said, the selection isn't that great, and the 13% taxes kinda not make it such a great destination for luxury good shopping.
If you're thinking of FW already, any response on moleskin trousers?
Lol, everyone stahp. Back to sales talk.
Wait for a sale on phone calls. If you wait long enough, they get marked down to 75% off.
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