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See, when I read stuff like this, I realize why jackets are taking so long and this whole process is so messed up. You can't even get a customer profile right. Is it really that hard to have some sort of very simple database, where you could just simply update someone's address and acknowledge it? But no, you prefer to have people repeatedly emailing you, with no idea if anyone's read their email, and then they'll wait another few months for someone else to read it (and...
You disagree that wearing a shirt with tie on is the best way to show how a shirt looks like with a tie?
Don't believe so.
Which sub was this?
Using my Cheateau on its 4th season now, still going strong.
You'll also know whether or not he's read it.
Lol unfortunately no. She was just hanging around, and I thought I'd share, as she brings us a lot of happiness.
What problems does a more expensive fabric solve?
[[SPOILER]] I like your site and all, and admire you starting your own business, but I feel your tone was all wrong. First of all, the last word I would use to describe the way your site is working is "properly." No mater how many boxes you ship. Try to reduce your snark a bit. When people give you feedback, thank them and try not to get so defensive.
Ah, so this is where you get it from.
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