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Is the correct way to button it up and lay it flat on its front and measure it straight across the back?
Those are great results, but I'm not sure what the solution was. Did you remeasure after the pinning and then sent those new measurements?
Any Epaulet customers own KW suits? The Napoli in 36 from southwick is a tad large in the shoulders (the place I'm mainly concerned about) and was wondering what the best size to order in the KW suit would be: 34 or 36? The Napoli is a soft shouldered jacket however, so I'm not sure if the comparison would be accurate. I think the KW trial suit is a structured shoulder, but I would rather a soft shoulder when I make my final order.
Did you maybe mean that the back rise isn't long enough? I've seen multiple pants, including mine, where it looks like the butt is eating the pants. It seems to me that there isn't enough space in the seat and that reducing the back rise would just make that space less and make the situation worse.I also agree that the back pockets on that recent pants are spaced too far apart. Should be closer to the back centre seam.
The 2 way zipper isn't offered anymore for silver? Are there any cons to this, if correct?
I'm here till Saturday, but I'm unavailable Tuesday and Wednesday. So I think ill order the 36S navy to check shoulders, colour and length. If everything but the length is good I can always return it and wait for the 36R to come in stock and buy from canada. I just can't afford international shipping to canada and duties and then international shipping back if it doesn't fit.
Is that the same as the dark navy on the site right now? I'd like to get a 36R navy in a hurry, but the only one available is a short. As the sleeves are unfinished, would the sleeve length matter much? Could I make the shorter sleeve on the 36S work, if I were fine with the shorter length? I need it in a hurry because I'm only in the US for a few days and I'd like to be able to order it and try it out to see if it fits, before I return to toronto.
Thank you for all the comments so far, I really appreciate it,and know it must be annoying to see these questions all the time, but I'm trying to be as focused in my questions as possible. The link to the 2012 compilation of comments of Drew was really helpful (didn't mind clicking ). It seems the consensus is calf for a hard-wearing jacket that will take a while to break in, maybe it's the 32oz selvedge denim of leather jackets. Lamb or goat seems to be a toss-up...
Hi guys, I was thinking of ordering a 2011 Moto (I'm fine with the wait), and was wondering if there's any resource that explains the pros and cons of some of the leathers? I saw the guide to the colors, which speaks briefly about the properties of some of them, but I'm sure you guys know more. It'll be my first, and probably only, leather jacket, and I was leaning toward a medium brown; but might be convinced otherwise if there was a compelling reason. Should I go with...
Haberdash charged me twice for something that should've been free shipping, and I had to call multiple times for them to fix it, even after emailing them.
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