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I got the rusty small tattersall FF sportcoat a few weeks ago, and it's at the tailor; I'll post a pic when I get it back.
Maybe for the second kid.Or their kid.
I know, I'm returning it tomorrow, as alterations on making my other sportcoats fit close to perfect is costs the same as adding a sportcoat I'm not that excited about. I have that chocolate check cashmere MIA and the fit was really amazing, just the sleeves had to be lengthened a bit. Oh well.
[[SPOILER]] Nice collection there.
So I got the MIA Harris Tweed blazer, and I'm a little torn on it, because it seems a little too cropped. But my wife likes it, so I'm kinda torn on whether to keep it or not.
[[SPOILER]] Nice, I like the mittens quite a bit.
[[SPOILER]] Where do you live? And can you send us a scan of your driver's license?
[[SPOILER]] This is a pretty great fit, well done.
For sale is a wool/cashmere fisherman sweater from Epaulet, made by Ireland's Eye. It is a navy crewneck, with multicolored flecks peppered throughout for an amazingly dynamic visual effect. It is a size Small, and corresponds with traditional sizing of 36. This sweater has been worn just once so is just shy of being brand new. The picture attached is of a shawl collar, but this one is a crewneck. The attached picture does a better job capturing the complex nature of the...
I normally wear a size 35 jacket and size small in Gitman; what size should I get in the 1A?
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