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I guess you missed my request - how did it work out for you when you did your own measurements for your jacket, without asking Charlie for advice? Can we see pictures?
Any thoughts on the crewneck and sizing?
Mike, I'm interested in the crewneck: what size would you recommend if I wear a Small in GBV, and a size 35 in the Napoli? My brother might also be interested, and he has a slightly smaller frame, so what would work for him? Oh, and any word on shipping directly to Canadians? Someone asked before, but I don't think I remember if there was a definitive answer.
Is that how you submitted measurements for your jacket? How did it turn out? Can you post pics?
I placed an order for a full leather a year ago, but because I expected a long wait time, I didn't do any measurements, as things can change. Does Drew do sizing advice? If not, does anyone know how I could possibly submit proper measurements now? I'm pretty lost here.
If what you're saying is true, and you're not just trolling, you're living a completely fucked up life. Check yourself.Eating cookies twice a day, not spending time with your friends, going hungry, all the while you're in college? You actually can't afford $3k in jackets. Having money to spend on something doesn't mean you can afford it.
If you care so little, I'll take it.
Is this the same spot you're selling?
Lol, I was reading his classified and wondering the same thing.Comments, Death24?How much do you think is a fair price to enter this shit show? Looks like you think it's worth full price?
What're you talking about? From a few items I've checked, the dollar amounts are the same on both the CAN and US stores.
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