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Haberdash charged me twice for something that should've been free shipping, and I had to call multiple times for them to fix it, even after emailing them.
You don't know what import fees are?
I'm interested to see how this works out.
You're missing the fact that nobody ever said that that was their new site, so all of your indignation is pointless.
[[SPOILER]] These are actually the ones I helped my brother order. We ordered it when they first started doing the overcoats with the few coupons for 50% off. I neglected to tell him about the lining and it came way too tight, but luckily Luxire left enough seam allowance to let out the parts we needed (maybe they realized it was way too small).The fabric attracts a bit of lint, but I expect that to go away after a while. He's really happy with it.The jeans are naked and...
Also sad to see that the SM store is closing after so much effort and such a short time. I also wonder if there was any way to offer some of the stock at the SM store to those of us who don't live there.
"Stop liking what I don't like!"
Are you sure it's not just a function of how deep the pockets are? On the pants I ordered from Luxire, the pockets were a little shallower than I like, so in future I'd have to ask for deeper pocket bags. I had also requested the little "pocket in pocket" that Howard Yount pants have but that didn't materialize.
They said no it won't ever happen.As the LBM jackets are so short, and people who range from slightly tall to tall always keep asking for long sizes, maybe you should put it in the description so people don't keep asking the question over and over.
Does not compute. We get that it's somehow trendy to make fun of cheapskates in the Sales thread, but at least make sense when you're trying to be witty.
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