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If you're thinking of FW already, any response on moleskin trousers?
Lol, everyone stahp. Back to sales talk.
Wait for a sale on phone calls. If you wait long enough, they get marked down to 75% off.
The only ones left in my size are the burgundy and the green. I already have a few winter trousers - medium grey flannel, a darker grey tweed, light grey flannel and shetland tweed navy. If I were to get one of these two, which would be better?
Some pics of the ties would be nice, preferably knotted.
What's the code for the trousers? I've signed up to the emails, but I haven't been receiving any (signed up about three weeks ago, not sure if it went out before that, or what the frequency is).
Have you guys ever done moleskin trousers? Maybe something to consider for next fall/winter?
[[SPOILER]] Jacket looks great!Do you mind some unsolicited advice? A solid shirt, or one with a much subtler pattern would allow your jacket to stand out a bit more. The two patterns are quite strong together.
What's with all the edited/deleted comments? And no, didn't buy anything from that Tumi sale.
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