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Hi everyone, this thread is way too fast for me to keep up with! I'm thinking of getting a new pair of shoes from the Nordstrom sale, and was considering the chili LaSalle. What do you guys think of that addition? From ThisFits' post the LaSalle sounds like a good shoe. I already have a black Park Avenue, Brown Fifth Avenue and Walnut Strands. Also, I wear 8D on the last 5; how should I size this?
[[SPOILER]] That looks great! Is it also the Weller fit?
[[SPOILER]] Guys, I'm sorry I swore like that. It was very rude.
[[SPOILER]] What tie was that, if you don't mind me asking?
The Knottery has their 50% off sale as someone has mentioned already, but they took all their grenadines off first, haha. I've purchased a couple from there, and from Chipp; I like the Knottery's more, so that's too bad.
Dude come on, shut the fuck up about the Barney's sale already.
You might get more responses if you gave a budget per shirt, the kind of climate you live in: do you need cool-wearing fabrics like linen/linen cotton, or regular fabrics? Do you have any kind of shirts already? Usually for business dress anything with a white base and light blue stripes/checks/gingham are pretty good, as far as I know.Just try to provide as much context as you can for people to work with.
Do the jackets get shipped with duty pre-paid? Or are you guys having to pay duties on them when you get them? I imagine it could add up to a couple hundred.
Thank you for the advice and the congratulations. I think I'll go with that.
I'm wearing a charcoal suit for my wedding, white shirt, black captoe oxfords and deciding on the tie now. I have a black grenadine grossa, and considered that. I was also thinking of Kent Wang's black and white glen plaid here: http://www.kentwang.com/ties/glen-plaid.html His black and white shepherd's check is OOS, leaving only the navy here: http://www.kentwang.com/ties/shepherds-check-navy.html The wedding will start in the afternoon and go into the night. Any other...
New Posts  All Forums: