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Gravati makes a very nice, stylish $500 shoe; about the nicest $500 shoe I have come across.
I am currently focused on adding some great shoes. I just bought a great pair of Lobbs and ordered a pair of Kitons. Considering a pair of Stefanobis in green or purple.
It should look fine as long as the striped pants don't appear to be the remnants of a suit. If the trousers appear to be part of a suit you will look strange.
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday As someone who wears some fairly ridiculous stuff, I still don't get it. What is the monogram really expressing? I have not been impressed with monograms that I have generally observed on shirts; they do not seem to provide esthetic enhancement. I feel differently about Charvet as they seem to have put some effort into making the monograms tasteful and artistic. On a blue shirt, for example, the...
Just wore my new Lobbs for the first time today with a gray Oxxford suit. In the box these shoes appear to be almost black. Much different when worn with gray trousers or suit. Worn with the gray suit the subtle gray color of the shoes comes out and they are spectacular. I did not realize how great these shoes are until I wore them with the gray suit today.
I ordered some shirts from Charvet and was fitted by Mr Colban (owner of Charvet). He recommended that I try monograms on several of the shirts and recommended that the monogram be placed "three fingers below the heart." The monograms are very tastefully done and look nice. I see nothing wrong with some individual expression of style and do not agree with those who view clothing as a uniform worn mainly to blend in and be safe. I enjoy the details that make great...
Good choice. Hard to beat Charvet for a white shirt.
I bought the 897s from Lance and they fit very well.
The last buttons on my jacket are never buttoned; just as I would not fasten the bottom front button on my suit jacket or a vest. I view this as a fashion statement rather than an indicator of arrogance. I enjoy wearing great quality clothing and revel in all the minor features that make my attire special.
Just received my Mantellassi 897s and they are fantastic. Lance still has another pair of these great shoes in size 10.
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