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There is no good reason for hand sewn buttons falling off. I hand sew buttons that have fallen off my dress shirts. When I sew the buttons they look exactly like the Borrellis and they never fall off. Buttons that are properly hand sewn will never fall off. Hand sewn buttons falling off indicates shoddy workmanship. Kiton makes a much nicer shirt than Borrelli. The workmanship and the fabrics are much better. I have about 30 Borrellis and about 20 Kitons. I very rarely...
I have had several suits changed 2 sizes (38 to 40 and 42 to 40). The alteration turned out very well, but was very expensive. As others here have stated the tailor must be very capable. Changing the shoulders a difficult and time-consuming alteration. I would not attempt to change a suit by more than 2 sizes. Changing a suit by more than 2 sizes will be prohibitively expensive and the result will probably be disappointing. Trousers are a different matter. I have had...
This is almost the same as Kiton. The FAMs I saw at Nordstrom cost about $1000. Can someone shed some light on this for me? Are these Santonis similar to Kiton in quality?
Quote: Originally Posted by Englandmj7 Went to NMLC and Saks Off Fifth yesterday. At NMLC, the tie selection was pretty dismal, particularly the little rack of Brioni ties, which were all absurdly hideous and still priced around $80. Shoe selection is equally terrible. Other than that, they had about 10 or so Canali ties, and the same amount of Zegna ties, neither in any decent patterns. Didn't bother checking out the suits. Saks Off Fifth wasn't...
I check into the last call store every week and have made 3 purchases. I bought a RLPL pink cashmere V-neck for $66 (reg $700) the other day, very nice. Also bought a solid blue herringbone weave Brioni shirt for $95 (reg 395) and a great Zegna lavender wool/cashmere polo for $57 (reg $300). The suits and shoes have not been impressive. I always ignore the 'special buy' garbage (Ike Behar, Hugo Boss etc). I just watch for recent shipments from the mainline stores.
Great shoes. Very creative color combination. They will look great with almost any casual combination. Congratulations on having the confidence to order something this unique.
Looks great in the photos, but I have not seen it in person. I have seen the Fritz at Nordstrom, very stylish. Any comments would be appreciated.
I have green suits from Kiton, Brioni, Zegna and Oxxford; they all look great but the bottle green Kiton is my favorite. Also have numerous Green jackets, shirts and ties. Green is a good color to create a stylish, sophisticated look. Not such a good color for the very conservative. Many men seem to be reluctant to wear green. It is harder to mix different shades of green than to do the same with blues or earth tones.
Some nice stores use Altea to make their store brand ties. I bought one at Wilkes Bashford last week.
Your timing is a little off. I was in NM yesterday and they were in the process of removing all the sale items from the store. Wilkes' sale is also over.
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