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Preferably without much wear. Get at me if you're holding.
What is the Forward 10% code??
Anyone know of an online store that sells the Ami bird print shorts that accepts Paypal? Thank you!
Selling this shirt that is perfect for Summer because I've just never worn it. Purchased brand new from South Willard for $240. Very faint white stripes on light blue/grey. All of the details expected of this line and Raf. Small, sharp collar with great cut. Tone stitching "RAF" logo (pictured). Fits a true 48 and slim 50. Only reason I'm selling and the reason it's unworn is because it simply doesn't fit me. I can't justify holding onto it anymore because I need...
Supreme flannel that I purchased and never wore. Perfect lightweight and timeless flannel that I bought and have been holding onto because I love it, but I need the space. Details as expected from Supreme flannels. Nice, thick buttons, small collar, double buttoned chest pockets with pen holder, nice slim silhouette. This thing won't ever go out of style and looks great layered or unbuttoned over a t-shirt. Hate to let it go, but that's the way it goes. Perfect for...
Any codes at all for Haven?
Beautiful madras that is perfect for Summer. Purchased from Wasteland in San Francisco for $65. I never wore it and need the space. Fits a true EU 50/US L. Fabric is insane. Made in India. Perfect Summer shirt. In perfect condition (looks as if it's never been worn). Not much more needs to be said. Why own a rip-off when you can buy the original? $20 includes shipping CONUS. Buyer pays Paypal fees. Feel free to PM me questions.
Shameless self promotion: Ervell first season Air Jacket. If you're in the market, you're not going to find better.
Just bought this from another member, and it doesn't fit. More masculine alternative to the Drkdshdw denim/leather that fits also happens to fit normal-sized humans. Beautiful dark raw selvage denim and the sleeves are premium cow. Lined throughout with quilting but it's a Sping/Fall weight. Very rare collaboration that sold out immediately. Comes with tag. Made in USA Price includes shipping CONUS. Buyer pays Paypal fees. Feel free to message me...
I've got a sweater for sale that I purchased when this collaboration happened a long time ago. I've never seen one for sale elsewhere. 100% wool that feels soft as cashmere. Pattern is classic Umbro diamonds on blue (basically abstract unless you know what they are). This was before Jones's time at Louis Vuitton and it shows his appreciation for fabric and design. Bridges the divide between streetwear and luxury. Hate to sound like that but it's true in this case. A...
New Posts  All Forums: