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Looking for a pair of these in new or like-new condition. Let me know if you're holding!
I'm looking for a pair of derbies like the APC chic derbies from this season (http://uscheckout.apc.fr/browse.cfm/4,3276.html?nav=men&subnav=shoes). Just want a pair that I can use every day and not very formal. Looking to pay about $200 but willing to go higher if they're right. Anyone got any ideas?
Wish this were a 50! Free bump
Selling this beautiful Ervell sweater because I bought and never wore it. You all know it, so not much introduction is needed. Best iteration of this piece that he has done. Sz L and fits like standard Ervell. Made in Peru with super soft baby alpaca that feels like cashmere but is more substantial. Perfect spring weight. Price includes shipping CONUS. Buyer pays fees. First picture is not mine (sorry about the quality of my iPhone pictures). Please feel free to...
Selling this sweater to clean up some space in my closet. It's the same one that Raf Simons owns multiples of. This is a rare knit from SNS Herning because it requires so much work. This piece is built to last forever and is SUPER warm and tough. Very substantial sweater that, for me, is a definitive piece for this brand. First picture is not mine because all I've got is my iPhone camera right now. All others are mine. Color is somewhere between green and gray. ...
Anyone have customs experience ordering from this store from the US?
Anyone ordered from Antic Boutik? Customs info?
Anyone handled Goti stuff? http://www.ssense.com/men/product/goti/silver_double_chain_bracelet/86740
Has anyone in the US been hit with duty fees when ordering from Ssense? I know it's been asked but I can't find it.
Best current yoox code?
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