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Bought these from Colette in Paris in 2005. One of the first collections that Acne mass-produced. Super nice cut and feel. I don't believe they've ever made this wash again. on eBay now: But I'd like to sell to a member to avoid eBay fees. Looking for around $150. PM me questions/offers.
Now on eBay (with a low starting price):
Selling a Raf Simons mainline buttondown because I've never worn it and need the space. It's the classic Raf buttondown. Small buttoned collar, impeccable cut and darting on the back to make it quite slim, flat black. All buttons are a faded steel. Material is 100% cotton. Color is flat black. These retail for north of $350. This is in brand new condition. Fit is a very slim because of the darting.  Asking $190 shipped (pretty firm on this). Measurements...
I was just curious. Way too much hate for some bullshit purchase though, guys. Chill and go hang out with your girlfriends; Robert, judging from your picture on this you probably don't, so go drink a forty and watch TV or something.
I just picked up a pair on Gilt with credit. Anyone handled it? I'm sure it's overpriced just because of the label, but I was wondering how the fit/quality is for $100-ish. I got the "tapered leg," so I'm assuming it's slim. Are they really stretchy?
Woops. This is actually the BOX CHECK flannel. Drop the price to $175 for my mistake. Regardless of the name, one of the nicest Supreme releases.
Selling this because I'm in need of cash, and I've never used it. Really doesn't need much of an introduction. This is the best flannel in the best colorway that Supreme ever made and it's basically impossible to find. It's in pristine condition. The nicest flannel I've ever handled. You won't get another shot at this. Asking $185 shipped CONUS. Will post measurements if they're requested. Paypal as a gift or add 4% for fees. Please message me any...
Final drop to $100. Some interest but no firm takers yet.
Still taking offers on Man of Moods. OC boots have been sold. Raf jeans and NDG slicker on eBay ending today:
Price drop to $110. This retailed for $210 at Oi Polloi and sold out immediately.
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