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Awesome shirt from deservedly hyped White Mountaineering. Pocket has a graphic pattern on it. Signature leather tag on the bottom (pictured). Perfect statement piece for this brand -- a basic that isn't quite so. Great for upcoming weather. Worn a few times, but only real sign of wear is the graphic (which is also pictured). Very rare piece. It's been folded up in a drawer, so please don't mind the wrinkles. Buyer pays fees. Price includes shipping in the CONUS. ...
Perfect madras shirt for Summer. Single needle tailoring with all of the details you expect ON TOP OF an awesome plaid color. Purchased for $80 from Wasteland in SF. Only reason I'm selling is I've just got too many plaid shirts. Buyer pays fees. Price includes shipping in the CONUS. Feel free to PM me any questions.
I need a pair of sandals. I'm going on a beach vacation and I live in Florida. I've worn the same beat Havaianas for too long. I'd like something simple with leather straps. Trying not to break the bank on something I don't wear with regularity but I don't want to waste money on something that's too uncomfortable to wear. Looking at something like this http://www.zara.com/us/en/man/shoes/sandals-and-espadrilles/basic-leather-sandal-c358064p1751087.html Any help and...
Hate to let these go, but I'm not wearing them enough to justify them. Purchased new from Barney's. These are really amazing. Toebox is very slightly lifted to get that ninja/SZ look. Zips curve and are hidden. Leather is insane -- hard to describe other than they have been treated to have a slight wrinkled/paper effect (I included a pair of recent RO sneakers which seem to use a similar process and are a good representation. These have been worn but not much. All...
Only reason I'm selling these is because I bought doubles and need the space. Perfect sneaker for all kinds of wear. Comes with an extra pair of plain black laces. These have never been worn. From Blackbird: 100% leather rubber-toed sneaker with metal hardware and wool blend lining. Constructed out of smooth and tumbled leather panels and equipped with a rugged rubber sole, these adventure-ready kicks feature the best of both worlds - workboot style combined with the...
Any forward codes? And do they still deduct 20% for first time using the app?
What's your size? I just moved from a cold climate, so I feel you. Best bet might be to start stalking B & S for staple pieces.
Hello, Selling this on eBay here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/161283562414?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 but I'd much rather sell to a member. Size is medium and you all know this. Very difficult to find and this is in perfect condition. Perfect shirt for warm weather. Feel free to PM me any questions. Buyer pays Paypal fees.
Crust, size large. Fits a true 50 but will work with a 52 without layering. PM me if interested.
Still thinking about selling my RO oiled calf. Doesn't get enough wear but it was so hard to find..
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