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Beautiful pair of jeans from Ervell that get remade each season. This is 60/40 wool/cotton mix but very light and breathable. Very sturdy construction and the cut is slim but not skinny. Signature satin waistband. Great condition with small, unnoticeable discoloration -- please see pictures. Purchased new by me. Price includes shipping CONUS. Buyer pays fees.
Beautiful linen shirt from Our Legacy for the coming weather. Cut and fit are what you expect. Fabric is amazing. Purchased new by me from Tres Bien and never worn -- decided linen is not for me. Please see picture for irregularity in the dye. Classic thin white stripe pattern. Price includes shipping CONUS. Buyer pays fees.
Retail was more than $1400. Very rare kangaroo chukkas from Guidi. Signature leather laces and construction. Quality is amazing. Vibram since day one and no signs of wear (see pictures). Color is a deep brown almost black. Size is EU 46 but like all Guidi fits about two sizes small. Feel free to message me any questions. Price does not include shipping. Buyer pays Paypal fees.
Any Roden Gray codes?
Absolutely one of the nicest knits I have ever handled in my life. Insanely soft and luxe. Fits a L/50/52, tagged a 54. I could talk about it for paragraphs, but I'll let the pictures do that. I got an insane discount on this, so I'm passing it along. Unworn and still with tags; only reason I'm selling is it's too warm where I live to get much use. You will not come across something like this again, especially not at 1/3 retail. Buyer pays fees. Price includes...
just bought this jil cardigan 70/30 wool/cashmere that i might need to sell suddenly ugh
Best stooges in the best leather from the best season. Purchased new by me and worn only a few times. This is about as rare as it gets. Only reason I'm selling is I've got some vet bills and need the money. In perfect condition. This fits a true large/48/50. Not oddly sized as some Rick tends to be. Not looking to make a make money because I need a quick sale. On the rare occasion these go on the secondary market, they usually sell in the $1400+ range. Appx...
Anyone got any ikat stuff from a few years ago in 50-52 they might part with?
I picked up an APC Croft MA-1 on sale and need to sell to free up cash. Similar to Rick MA-1. PM if interested.
I'm considerg putting my black oiled calf stooges size large on the market. Just never really got the wear it deserves. PM me if interested before it goes up officially. You won't get another chance at one of these.
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