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So is this Kabbaz guy good? His website looks kind of circa 1999 though I'm sure appearances are deceiving!
Quote: Originally Posted by dragon8 If you like Charvet OTR I'm sure you'll love the MTM or bespoke program. If you go the Italian route I'd pick Finamore since these fora seem to have nice reviews and the pics are great. The prices for the above i'm sure are $400 and above. I use Ascot Chang and am very pleased. Supposedly, they make the bespoke shirts for Brioni. The best is subjective. Thats very interesting to know. I've been...
I've bought Charvet ready-to-wear for quite a while now and have on occasion passed through the hallowed third floor of their place vendome shop.. My question is simple. Who makes the best bespoke shirts? Turnbull & Asser spring to mind from the Jermyn St. contingent. As for the Italians, am I right in thinking that Brioni, Borelli et al. are more made-to-measure than bespoke? Anyway, thoughts please.
Quote: Originally Posted by Made in California Like a snakeskin tissue box to match the wastebasket: I think, however, you maybe on the wrong forum. It's extremely presumptuous of you to say that someone is wasting their money on anything. What if, every time you throw something away, you see that wastebasket and it makes you a tiny bit happier. And you do that 3 times a day. To say that a bespoke suit is an acceptable use of money (which MANY people on...
1998 Bristol Blenheim 2 1984 Renault 4 1991 Land Rover Defender 110 1967 Alfa Romeo Spider in Antibes At some stage I'd like to replace the Alfa with a 275 NART. Not going to happen any time soon though!
Recommend me some polo whites (as in jeans) and/or riding breeches please! Also, in terms of socks and underwear who are best? I hear Sunspel are good for boxer shorts?
Hello all. Jean Poincaré here, long time lurker, first time poster. I was crestfallen to find out that Romeo Gigli's south molton st shop is now a childrens clothing store. Did he relocate or close down? Do any London stores carry his label? I doubt I will find it in Harvey Nichols et al.? I posted a thread for this rather than on the 'quick questions' thread because I anticipated that this question might be a bit too obscure to be considered 'quick'. Thanks.
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