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Hello all, I'm looking for a backless black tie waistcoat. You used to be able to get these everywhere but I can't find any RTW ones anywhere. This one: Is RLPL and the only RTW one I've seen. Does anywhere know where else might have them? Alternatively, evening wear waistcoats in general (fully lined, non-backless)? Full dress white marcella waistcoats seem to be in abundance but the only places selling black evening waistcoats seem to be Ede & Ravenscroft and Oliver...
Thom Browne aran wool hat: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Thom-Browne-hat-100-aran-wool-160-RRP-/251018495070?pt=Men_s_Accessories_UK&hash=item3a71de445e#ht_500wt_1083 Thom Browne aran wool scarf: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Thom-Browne-scarf-100-aran-wool-RRP-225-/251018492360?pt=Men_s_Accessories_UK&hash=item3a71de39c8#ht_500wt_1083 Alexander McQueen...
Unwanted christmas gift of a Thom Browne wool hat - retail £160. Aran wool knitted in Ireland. Very nice hat but I don't feel the cold! Shipping: Free within the UK 5€ Europe $5 USA
Quote: Originally Posted by afis1990 Hello do you still have the wallet? thanks Unfortunately wallet is now sold.
Quote: Originally Posted by jaypee Bitcoins confuse the buggery out of me, but bump for a nice wallet Thanks Yeah bitcoins are rather mysterious! I find them to be a very convenient form of online payment though. None of the hassle and fees associated with PayPal et al.
Hello, Thom Browne leather wallet SS11 brand new. £250/$400 new two weeks ago, never used. Selling here for £160/$260/37 bitcoins. I bought it from Oki-ni where they are sold out. In the US they are sold out at Barneys as well. I'm in the UK but will ship anywhere you like. Edit: this is the one http://www.highsnobiety.com/news/201...wne-wallets-3/
Yeah I don't think people would really bother faking them. The standard Ray Ban aviators and wayfarers must be much easier to fake and have a much bigger market.
mm.. fakes are fine I guess but when you've paid close to retail it is a bit grating.. I'm in Milan next week, wishing I had just waited till then!
I'd venture that Persol aren't the most counterfeited brand out there but still, I'd like to know if there are any known tell tale signs for fake Persol sunglasses. I bought a pair of size 52 Persol 714 24/57s from eBay as I had trouble tracking down that particular combination in London. I've only bought a few things off eBay, this seller has very good feedback and seems genuine but I'm always a bit apprehensive. Item will be delivered tomorrow and I'm assured come...
I noticed Tom Ford recently rebranded the Neroli Portofino scent as part of a new collection with a rather lovely emerald colour scheme. Any opinions? I had creed's neroli sauvage which was great but wondered if anyone had experience of this.
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