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http://www.ssense.com/men/product/common_projects/black_classic_leather_backpack/69338 Has anyone copped this? Im really tempted to buy it , do you guys think it will go on sale?
Yeah I always noticed a little bit of navy undertones but I thought it was because I am color blind ah, guess not
I got a question has anyones ribbing on their toj1's turned navyish?
Yeah the pants are tight for sure but the angle is just making it a lot worse gotta work on my camera angles
I actually like the carrot top look did it on purpose ( maybe I should lurk more )
Yeah the pictures are pretty poor quality ill post some better ones
Really lol I thought it was the opposite maybe it is because my sweater is pretty cropped
First fit pic been lurking for a long long time
Fit pics of my Toj1 I have been wearing it for like 4 straight months, what do you guys think of the fit?
I was wondering if any Toj1 owners could tell me how they clean and maintain their jackets etc I've been wearing the shit out of mine and I dont know how I should go about cleaning the wool parts
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