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Fits looks great from what's visible. Got the right swag for it too. Post more pics!
@pyroxyze IMO, it's not just a gut feeling, it's simple color coordination. Black hair and dark skin transition more nicely into a black leather than brown. Whereas brown/blonde hair and white skin-tones have more versatility. I'd assume that's the same logic in not wearing black clothes with brown shoes....? For some reason Adam Rodriguez (obviously not Indian) came into mind. He has similar characteristics and black looks best on him.
Get this thread back on track and regale us with some recent (or not so recent) stories of debauchery and general bad-doing. or what was the purpose for this thread again?
Thought I read somewhere that the Minimalist DR's have wider upper sleeves (bicep) because of higher arm-holes? Is there any truth to that? Because IMO, the last two fits have been thrown off a little by the slack in the upper arms. Not very flattering for those who are skinny and want a slim fit. Of course there are MTM options, but does this apply to stock jackets?
Where are the pics of 5'7 135lb guys with minimalist DR's!
I'm 21 and still rocking some previous level stuff. Uniqlo oxfords, Blank fitted T's, Skinny APC PS, Clarks Boots, Levis 511 chinos. Would love to transition into some Ervell-type wear as I transition into my mid 20's. Feel like it's a great balance between casual and maintaining a young and care-free look. Basically I want to become Mellow.
More than the actual shorts, I seem to have trouble finding viable options of footwear. A year ago I'd be fine with boat shoes or vans, but I'm at a loss nowadays. Please no suggestions for New Balance.
This shoe doesn't discriminate against age. It's a great beater shoe. Ervell himself loves them!
Need a Black/Navy semi-casual trouser/pant that fits slim. Preferably under ~$130 Is there something between Navy chinos and Ervell trousers? Or am I better of just getting good quality chinos? Thanks in advance
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