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checking back in, did the whole legal saga die out?
pics please
wait, just substitute the ** chars for ones in your email?
lets fire up that drew keith webpage with a wanted poster.
Please add me to the list.
Drew your restaurant has great fish sticks. Now may I please have my refund I have been waiting 8 months for. Thanks again.
I would likely cancel my refund at this point (8 months) if I knew I was going to actually receive the jacket, have said jacket made to the right specs in a decent time frame and have charly help me with the sizing.
I just called paypal and even though they couldn't give me any details about disputes or closures on toj's paypal account they confirmed that the account is 100% able to receive and send payments at this current time.
Do drew and charly even communicate with each other? I've been asking charly periodically for the last number of months about refunds and he hasn't said anything about the paypal being "locked". Also is this the longest paypal dispute in history? didn't someone contact paypal and they were told the paypal account was closed vs having open disputes?
Drew I requested a full refund in Oct. 2014. You sent me a partial refund for 1 of my orders through e-check. Why did I not receive my money back in full at that time? And why have I had to wait nearly 7 months trying to get my hard earned money back?
New Posts  All Forums: