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After waiting nearly 6 months for my refund maybe I should go back to my jackets, might come sooner.
My 2 orders are from Dec 28.13 if anyone wants.
I have $1530 in toj credit.
you want me to wait over a year to get my own money back? you drunk?
Visa's policy from what I understand is 115 days from when you are supposed to receive your item. If the company keeps having delays but is still giving you specific dates then you won't have any problem doing a charge back 1,2 years or whatever after the original purchase date. I guess charly's emails are to non descript for visa. Drew sent me a refund for only 1 jacket, waiting 3 months for the last 2.
I'll assume sarcasm, should know Visa is a credit card company.
You would think. The lady that ended up calling me back from visa made it seem like it was my fault in the first place and didn't protect myself as a consumer. She left me, by telling me to go to the cops so they can try and flex their muscle because visa won't.
I faxed them some of my emails that included dates and pushed back delivery eta's. They sent them off to be reviewed and the dispute was declined due to how long it's been since the original order date. I have an email from toj saying I would have my refund by Oct 30. There is a 115 day rule with visa that I thought would apply to this situation since I was given that deadline for my refund. I'm guessing visa doesn't want to get to involved because toj looks like a shady...
After having visa look at all my documents they told me I was fucked, you win TOJ.
And nothing on the refunds we have been waiting 7+weeks for.
New Posts  All Forums: