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well you can still change an August 2013 order so there is that
Danay want to buy my moto 2011 spot so you can wear it with your business attire?
Ya I guess I fucked up here, I should have known there was going to be a world wide YKK zipper shortage for my day pack and that it was going to be 4 months delayed.
Apparently July orders are done and just need to be shipped.
Time to sell that M5 or whatever BMW drew is driving these days
Drew man up and tell us you used our lamb for the seats in your restaurant
Toj will not respond to my requests either.
I'm down for v2 when it happens.
Was told my toj0 would be here in a month 6 weeks ago
I have a couple spots from Dec I'm willing to sell. $780 and $820 I'm sure they can be changed to whatever you want. Let me know
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