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Quote: Originally Posted by Icarus Hate the aesthetic. I like the look of db suits on slim men. It doesn't give off the vibe "trendy douche". Or does it. dont worry...i wont get the hilter youth cut...
Quote: Originally Posted by v0rtex Zara does nice slim-fit stuff at a low price point. Also, an alterations tailor can do wonders with an OTR jacket towards making it more slim fitting, if you find one that fits OK and just needs tweaking. thanks! i totally forgot to check zara. but i have two new (kinda dumb) question now: 1. what does OTR mean? 2. would you recommend a specific fabric (of the jacket) for a lanky guy?
im a fairly skinny guy (underweight...) and im looking for a slimfitting blazer just like the one in the pic! i tried on dozens of blazers of wich most didnt fit and the ones that did were meant to be a bit loser generally and felt very unsatisfying. and i wanted to avoid buying a too baggy blazer just to get it to the tailor... the problem here is that a slimane original would be too expensive for me. so i was hoping someone could recommend me brands (that i may have...
awesome!! i thought i know every jazz video on youtube..but the art pepper docu was super inspiring and new to me!!! thanks
i can eat what i acne is due to hormonal changes
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol Yeah way to go guys, link him to stuff he's not even in the realm of being interested in, I'm sure that will convince him! i wanna have sex with you.
i didnt really read anything in the thread...but im a vegetarian..and of course im underweight too...i dont even have cool reasons for it ...i just would feel bad for all the cows...cows are cool to chill with..other than that meats gives me bad smelling farts
Quote: Originally Posted by fuji Sweater: Margiela Jeans: APC Shoes: All saints not a good idea to sag if you got no ass
post pics or urself
STOP WATCHING PORN...cant emphasize that enough...masturbate no more than once every two days..kinda hard to do that..but you will feel horny as fuck and noticable better overall...there are so many studies on how porn will make you introverted and akward...
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