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Spike just announced the full cast of TUF 10 TUF 10 cast.
Quote: Originally Posted by Slopho Shields vs. Lawler. The card was pretty deep considering it was Strikeforce. Diaz vs. Scott Smith was pretty decent too. Yea, I don't know how Smith was standing that long, I don't know if I ever seen someone get hit in the head that many times. A lot of the punches didn't have a lot of power but it seemed like every single one in the second round landed.
Kimbo will be on the next TUF season. lol, I can't wait to see whose team he ends up on.
Cro Cop is coming back to the UFC. He's gonna be fighting Mustapha Al-Turk on June 13th
First paycheck at my new job is making me pretty happy right now.
That was crazy, you could tell kimbo was pissed about the whole situation from the interview earlier. I can't believe it happened that fast though.
Kimbo vs. Shamrock off. Ken got cut above his eye so its Kimbo vs. Seth Petruzelli now. Frank Shamrock offered to step in, but EliteXC definitely can't have Kimbo lose to a MW. Petruzelli will probably put up a better fight than Ken would have so I guess this could be good.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ambulance Chaser I think Junie's getting kicked off the show next week. They really make it look like that, which makes me think it might not happen. Plus when they were showing clips from later on this season in one of the earlier shows Dana is telling someone "you should have been kicked out of this house 3 times already" so Junie might be getting a couple more chances. If he really jumps into the octagon to go...
UFC 93 They just announced Hendo vs. Rich Franklin are fighting at LHW for the main event and Shogun is gonna be fighting Mark Coleman.
Arlovski vs. Roy Nelson was added to the Oct 4th EliteXC show on CBS
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