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LeBron hahaha. Yeah they were pretty low key the past several months. I don't know how a lot of people got their hands on other colorways besides the original 3, but I'm a little jealous. But youre right. They're being sold at Finish Line, Champs, and a few other retail places now. Crazy! I think the hype rose too with the Roshe FB Mint aka Yeezy's. Definitely hypebeast propelled. I actually just picked up two of the new releases (Tarps and Squadron Blues) since my black...
Yeah, he's definitely not the best when replying to E-mails or tweets. Although he says he replies to people, I never got anything back from him. Hope you solve your issue asap. Solid products though.
I'd recommend getting any of the Lunarlon shoes. I went from Nike Free 5's to LunarGlide 3's and have never looked back. I just picked up LunarGlide 4's since they were onsale at Nike. Check them out, I assure you won't regret it! They're a little more heavy than free's but the comfort and support will make up for it.
Haha, yeah he takes a while to ship out stuff. I waited a few weeks before receiving my card wallet (on black friday).
I ripped my patch off my deep indigos :/ well at least half of them.
I was exactly in your position. I went ahead and bought a 34" Deep Indigo WG thinking they'd stretch and whatnot. I could barely button 3 of the 5 buttons. They sat really low at my hip, which would show half of my butt if my shirt rode up or if I bent down. I talked to Jay at blueowl and he recommended the 36" based off my measurements and they fit well. I wish I could fit into the 34" just for the whole mental aspect that I am so big that I have to wear a 36". I think...
That is ugly. Tribal? Really? Don't know why Liverpool switched to warrior.
Theres the olympics still! Although it's not as prestigious as the WC or Eurocup, it's still something
exactly what i was thinking myself.
Do they still carry the scent after 2 weeks?
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