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Received knickers, probably could've gone Medium instead of Large but will be fine. Soft as all-fuuuuccck.
Finally got around to ordering a pair of navy chinos to round out my British Khaki and OD. Once I start working again will probably order 4 or 5 shirts, and some trousers and that Chino restock is timed just right too. Oh yeah.
Still confused about the overdyes and chinos, everything I read seemed like they would be deep discounted with the code. Ah well, the chinos seem like they'd probably be too short for me anyway after any shrinkage, so I'll just enjoy the knickers.
grabbed a large in the Indigo Knickers (I'm usually between 33 and 34 but figured larger would be ideal on these), looking forward to 'em edit: find them by doing a search for "knicker"
Is the code supposed to be live? I'm getting invalid on "iwishihadatote" from the tumblr and only the 30% off with "IwishIwasatoteholder" from here. No $65 overdye and chinos, just 30% off those too
Received my Stewart Black Walts today, and they look fantastic. First Walt purchase too so I was interested in just how well they'd fit, and turned out perfect. Most definitely will need to go on a spree next time I'm in the market for trousers.
Quote: Originally Posted by Beatlegeuse aaarrrggghhh....why are these on sale: But these aren't?? This is discrimination for those that can't fit into Walts! Looks like they are now. Also, damn I just can't put these off anymore. Had to grab the walt.
Yesterday was a sad day for the girlfriend's favorite shirt of mine. [[SPOILER]]
I'm really liking the ToJ and am wanting to pick up a baseball jacket this year. What a horrible time to be losing my job
Monkey arm lengths are sounding great
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