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Count me in, gents. Possible +1.
Looks pretty good untucked, IMO. Isn't this MC casual style?
NOBD, unless you've taken up residence in a nudist colony, please post some pictures in here. You are sorely missed.
He definitely did seem to try to solve the mystery of women.
Is time dilation the secret behind your extravagant wardrobe?
Spoo, don't worry, I'll wear a GoPro as a pocket square
The basic idea is:1). double the prices on everything2). add champagne to the menu3). call it brunch
Could this be the beginning of an MC Renaissance?
Honestly, from all the fits I've seen from you over the years, I think you look best in your more casual outfits. You always look a bit "unnatural" in the suits. Maybe it has to do with the poses you make for your suit shots vs. casual shots.
The color of the jacket really makes that paisley work. In terms of fit, though, I don't really like the jacket. Can't put my mind on exactly what it is I don't like.
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