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Il Quadrifoglio by Atsushi Qnai for OAK ROOM Bespoke Diamond Cap Lazyman Oxford Blue / Violet Patina Finish
Some of the more interesting RTW makeups that we currently offer... G&G Hove in Oak Hatch Grain MH71 Last, Single Leather Sole G&G Burlington in Mole Suede MH71 Last, Wensom Sole G&G Wobun in Vintage Chestnut GG06 Last, Double Leather Sole G&G Rothschild in Espresso Calf TG73 Last, Single Leather Sole Carmina Balmoral Boots in Brown Calf/Grain combo Rain Last, Leather Sole Carmina 2 Eyelet Derby in Brown Llama calf Rain Last, Leather Sole Carmina...
Thanks! Hope to see you again soon!
Thanks! PM me when you plan to visit
Let me know when you`re planning to be visit Taipei the next time, perhaps I can arrange something
Thanks!! Really hope to meet you one day. Please do visit us!
Thank you folks for your kind words! Yes, we already have some Japanese makers in line for later this year. Once its official, I will post it here on the thread!
On Online Purchasing: While our current ONLINE CATALOG is very rudimentary, feel free to browse them. Size is currently mostly 6~9.5. Yes, small for international standard, but we will be increasing the size to 10.5 or 11 for our May shipment. The Chinese New Year Clearance we are currently running may be of interest to some of you. Listed price includes 5% VAT, which overseas clients could deduct. I`m happy to give SF members 10% off the list price for all non-sale...
Thank you! Couldn`t be happier to be here!
Pictures from our opening and past trunk shows! Grand Opening Sep. 5, 2014, with our special guest Andy Murphy from F&S (conversing with our VIP guest) Opening Press Conference (televised on news!) F&S Trunk Show Andy and Jon from F&S Jon measuring a client G&G Trunk Show Daniel at work! Atsushi Qnai (Il Quadrifoglio) Local celebrity fan of Il Quadrifoglio! Il Quadrifoglio Bespoke
New Posts  All Forums: