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100% Agreed.Million Dollar Smile
Lovely shoes! Congrats B-S!and here are the pics of your shoes being hand welted! I
The 2nd pair is built upon the lasts of my first pair (semibrogue oxford). Felt just fine (just like my first pair), but the Kawaguchi`s did some minor adjustments here and there to optimise the fit for a derby.The upper leather of the trial shoes are made from fine RTW grade leather, creased beautifully and probably would have taken polish really well... bummer that they had to be sliced up...
MARQUESS: A Revisit For my last day in Japan, I returned to see the famed Kawaguchi duo for a fitting session Samples: Great looking as always Fitting shoes for my Marquess #2, a Black 3-Eyelet Full Brogue Derby ] Will closely resembles a similar pair made by Tuczek. Open sesame Shoji-san also showed me a rare batch of vintage baby calf Patent leather. Covered with a layer of oil, a quick polish reveals a deep, deep gloss ...and a lovely pair of...
Fascinating! Thank you
CLEMATIS: A Revisit Also dropped by Clematis Ginza for a dinner with friend Keitaro Takano. Among the best home-bred shoemakers in Japan, always amazed by his stitch work (he does 99% of all work by himself). Always fun to look through the sample shoes! Exotics are Clematis`s specialty. Hippo is by far the most popular Hide of some strange creature. Anyone know what this is? I think its related to armadillo? not sure Crazy stitching. Also notice the minuscule...
MISAWA & WORKSHOP: A Revisit Shoemaker and `Shoe Artist` Misawa Noriyuki impressed me thoroughly during my last visit, with how his bespoke shoes (especially the lovely brogues shoes) showcased his background as a shoemaker / instructor at GUILD, and as an apprentice at Materna, Vienna. His more decorative `art` shoes, which he is possibly better known for in Japan, is what to really reflects his passion in 19th century Victorian and Fin-de-siecle decorative arts. He...
As far as I can see from their website, shipping is to Japan only
I don't think any of the e-book stores allows that. I just use the screen shot function on my mac.
An e-version of THE RAKE JAPAN is actually out. Check out the article on Japanese Shoemakers, featuring some of our favourites (Spigola, Il Quadrifoglio, Marquess, Yohei Fukuda, Yuki Shirahama, Misawa Workshop, Gentile 79, Toru Sato). Lets hope for an English version soon (which is actually happening, so I've heard)
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