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Here`s more Clematis with funky stitching. I took these photo during my last visit (I didn`t take the one above). (DW, I`m digging through my photo album looking for some interesting stitching, hope something will catch your eyes )
Sole stitching by Clematis Link to the original post (Clematis`s Boots) I say around 16~18spi? (he doesn`t use a marking wheel so it varies by location) Sole stitching by Main-d`or I recall these are 14 spi. Murata-san uses marking wheel. English trained shoemakers (Marquess, Hiro Yanagimachi etc...) tend to go for typical UK standard (10~12 depending on the type of shoes). Locally trained makers like Takano-san above (Clematis), Yokota san (now defunct Saion),...
Glad to be at your service!As for the #2792 one, I thought it was neat how a row of coarse stitches was sandwiched by rows of fine stitches.
Hmmm... digging for more Clematis (with interesting stitchwork) from my photos
Some interesting stitch work by Takano-san @ Clematis
Talkin` about fine stitches, here are some by Marquess. For this pair, Shoji-san says he wanted to give the bulgy, coarse (tactile) feel to his stitches (like on older English shoes). Quite different from, say Yohei Fukuda, who I think he favours fine, precisional look.
Ohno san said he try to make those look like miniscule gimping. It`s now like a signature TYE detail.The guy who does the upper at TYE (Ohno`s partner) is simply amazing. The funny thing is, Ohno-san`s wife is also a talented artisan in her own right, and she makes the uppers / stiching for Clematis and Ortus (but not TYE).
A delicious pair of olive green oxford by TYE SHOEMAKER TYE Shoemaker Blog
Most splendid! Looking at your cut up fitting shoes, looks like you`re getting even more fine tuning !
ooo, I highly doubt any of the makers offering services that fast here. You can try makers that don`t make test shoes / extra fitting session. I know Clematis and Fukuda offer that.
New Posts  All Forums: