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Below are some of the pictures I took when I received my MAIN D`OR pair (the same one above) a while ago at Murata-san`s atelier Brown baby calf (looks darker under a cloudy day). Baby calf was a nightmare to work with, according to Murata-san. Coupled with English style hollowed trees After 2 trial shoes (the second one with 1 month trial time), the fitting is damn near perfect! Murata-san checking the fit Looking good! The lasts are being marked immediately. ...
Here are more of our store`s bespoke J-shoes for your eyes MAIN D`OR by Eiji Murata Adelaide Oxfords Brown Baby Calf A lovely pair of shoes by Eiji Murata. Hard to get hold of (bespoke shoemaking is not his primary job), and takes a long time to complete (close to 2 years for these), the result was nonetheless spectacular. Though I keep these in stores as display samples, they are indeed made for my feet. I selected Japanese baby calf (by definition much younger than...
Yeah, in the end, they are bespoke samples and not meant for actual feet (made impossibly thin).
Correct. Very minuscule toe spring on complete shoes. The advantages of having a little toe spring is probably accepted by most shoemakers, but several high end Japanese shoemakers I know make shoes with no toe spring at all.
OAK ROOM X ABERLOUR Event Pictures from our recent collaborative event with ABERLOUR Whisky ABERLOUR`s official launch of their brand in Taiwan Our shoeshining booth (offered to all VIP for free). Notice our new Shoeshine box!! Our `Shoemaker`s Workdesk` Display Shoe polishing with Whisky never seize to amaze!
CLEMATIS by Takano Keitaro 3-Eyelet Chukka Boots Brown Shark Skin I wanted a leather that had a rough, natural texture, so Takano san recommended this brown shark hide. Suits very well with his lovely Chukka design. This pair is made on Clematis`s MTO system, based on Clematis`s house last, but customised to my feet. Handsewn welted. The outsole is machine stitched, but like other Japanese 9/10 handmade shoes I`ve seen around, stitching and detailing visible on the...
JAPAN SHOES EXPO 21015 10/28~11/10 I`ve read things about it before, but this event is happening right now at ISETAN MEN`S Shoes` Floor. The event brings together only Japanese shoemakers and manufacturers . Should be quite interesting for anyone who can make it... Aside from YOHEI FUKUDA and MARQUESS, Nao Yokoo is a English trained newcomer in the bespoke scene. Maybe worth checking out LIST OF EXHIBITORS: bibliotek COLUMBUS DAITA KIMURA Desertic ENTOAN HIROSHI...
]Yup, nice article indeed! Looks like a new online magazine dedicated to shoes!
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