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A big belated thanks! to you al!
New Bespoke sample shoes in the works by Il Quadrifoglio: Plaintoe Derby in faux-Carpincho Suede & Seemless Wholecut in D. Brown calf Stay tuned for more pics of the new samples!
Imai Hiroki / Il Quadrifoglio Trunk Shows @ Hankyu MENS Osaka 6/22~6/23 Shoemakers Imai Hiroki and Atsuki Qnai (Il Quadrifoglio) are having a joint trunk show at Osaka right now. They are among the 15 craftsmen or so participating at the Premium Bags & Shoes Order Fair at Hankyu MENS. Show ends tomorrow (Monday)! Price for IQ bespoke starts from ¥237,600. Imai Hiroki MTO starts from ¥59,400. Mr. Imai Hiroki, marking his 10th anniversary this year Hankyu MEN`S link
Boot Black at the Pitti and some new premium shoe creams. Tasty looking Columbus FB
Hi FPLast year, Hankyu, Beams, and UA all started their sales on 6/28, but I heard they are pushing their sale back to early July this year (date not confirmed yet).Isetan and Mitsukoshi already announced their sale dates. Starts a bit late on 7/17
Thanks!Yeah I wish I can order from all the shoemakers I`ve met For this particular instance, I inquired several local and foreign makers about this specific vintage style/look that I was looking for. I actually asked Otsuka, since their vintage bespoke samples from Meiji ~ early Showa were what inspired me in the first place. However they didn`t seem interested in making a pair that would look like a replica of their old samples.Then I revisited Hayafuji-san, and he...
I had a reunion of sort with shoemaker Ryota Hayafuji last weekend. He travels to Tokyo/Osaka twice a year from Munich (where he is based), and meeting him again, I was reaffirmed with how fascinating this character really is (for my previous encounter with Hayafuji, please check out here). His equally fascinating shoes could be described as thoroughly cosmopolitan. I can imagine the shoes belonging to a well travelled gentleman during the 1920`s, who's taste in shoes...
Thanx! 4 times zones / movements....
A pair of spectacular shoes that a fellow Japanese (an actor, in fact) commissioned from F&S. If I`m correct, the fellow asked the shoes to be made in the style of the good old Henry Maxwell sample that he saw at the show. He even asked the shoes to be labelled as Henry Maxwell. Henry Maxwell logo The `soft` fiddle back waist is a`new` addition, though The original Henry Maxwell Sample Shoe: The new version Link to blog
Thanks for the thought!The show took place at a fine watches gallery after all
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