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Got this from Spigola`s website. 2014 price. Not sure if they raised it again
Also worth noting that prior to bringing in American specialists, the earliest instructors Dan hired were Chinese cobblers
Thank you!!
Preview of OAK ROOM`s new Patina Service for selected EDWARD GREEN models EG NEWBURY 890 in Ox Blood Patina & EG ASHTON in Deep Cobalt Patina EG NEWBURY 890 in Ox Blood Patina EG ASHTON in Deep Cobalt Patina See more here at OAK ROOM thread http://www.styleforum.net/t/460343/oak-room-eg-carmina-gg-foster-rutherfords-official-affiliate-thread/195#post_8173157
For semi-bespoke in Osaka area,OLD HAT OSAKA does good year welted MTO shoes. Just a great place to hang out tooBONTA Bespoke Shoemaker: I believe he also makes semi-bespokeSPIGOLA: The King is only a short ride away in Kobe For RTW, Osaka`s Mitsukoshi Isetan carries MIYAGI KOGYO shoes. Not much selection, but worth checking out if you`re already in the area. Hankyu Men`s is probably the best bet of RTW shoes, Japanese and imports.Bespoke:I will still recommend checking...
Oh, I meant he makes bespoke shoes (as in taking order from clients) more as is side occupation. His daytime job is teaching shoemaking courses at the Esperanza Institute at Asakusa (shoeschool.jp), where they have an extensive 2 year course for career shoemaking.Yohei Iwasaki, the chief bottom maker at George Cleverly, was Murata`s student. Yohei`s interview (http://shoeschool.jp/interview/iwasaki/) tells how inspired he was by Murata sensei`s classes and his shoemaking...
More pics of MAIN D`OR Samples we have on display MAIN D`OR Diamond Cap Adelaide Oxford Blue Calf MAIN D`OR Full Brogue Oxford Black Calf w/ burgundy stitches Some details of the upper MAIN D`OR Quarter Brogue Oxfords Brown Calf
Below are some of the pictures I took when I received my MAIN D`OR pair (the same one above) a while ago at Murata-san`s atelier Brown baby calf (looks darker under a cloudy day). Baby calf was a nightmare to work with, according to Murata-san. Coupled with English style hollowed trees After 2 trial shoes (the second one with 1 month trial time), the fitting is damn near perfect! Murata-san checking the fit Looking good! The lasts are being marked immediately. ...
Here are more of our store`s bespoke J-shoes for your eyes MAIN D`OR by Eiji Murata Adelaide Oxfords Brown Baby Calf A lovely pair of shoes by Eiji Murata. Hard to get hold of (bespoke shoemaking is not his primary job), and takes a long time to complete (close to 2 years for these), the result was nonetheless spectacular. Though I keep these in stores as display samples, they are indeed made for my feet. I selected Japanese baby calf (by definition much younger than...
Yeah, in the end, they are bespoke samples and not meant for actual feet (made impossibly thin).
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