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@ the posh Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Nihonbashi!Fascinating! I might wanna go say hi
I think they are Japanese horse hide.
Very nice! If I recall correctly, those boots are based on the Imperial Japanese Army boots from the war. The double welted sole is a nice detail!!
Yes! the dainite sole is cemented on, and it takes the contours (on the bevelled waist) quite nicely IMO. Qnai-san said it was a pain to make it. and yeah, the soles do look thick, maybe the owner requested for a double sole? I recall Dainite (or was it Vibram?) has a `thin` version of the studded sole (for dress shoes).ps these are not my shoes
You don't often see a Dainite sole that looks this slick... Pics taken from the recent Il Quadrifoglio Show in Tokyo
Il Vagabundo is actually located in Nishinomiya, near Kobe.
+1From certain angles (from the blog), the pictures certainly make me forget they are triple soled.I really have to make a pilgrimage to Kobe area one day.....
Nice shoes indeed!Talking about llama, below is an interesting image that I snapped from MEN`S EX Nov. 2011 issue.The shoes are Bollini, and the leather is llama calf, a shrunken baby calf leather made to look like llama. From the pictures, the grains/textures look indistinguishable from the real ones.
How did you get so many notes? That is crazy
Those are some really good stuffs!!! Also love the new shoe bags made from tweed(?)Tokyo Trunk show starts tomorrow!!!
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