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Punched Cap Oxfords by Yohei Fukuda Fukuda san changes his box color every year, and for the year 2014, it is brown w/ green interior. The box is accompanied by brown tweed cloth & shoe bags. Yohei Fukuda blog I have heard that despite having expanded the workshop, Fukuda san is busy up to his neck and may soon stop taking new clients.
For this commission, TYE Shoemaker was asked to make a pair of (correspondent) dress shoes for driving. He designed the shoes to accommodate a set of custom `driving shoe` insoles, while keeping the outside rather dressy (with a bevelled waisted leather sole). This could be an idea you may want to explore TYE Shoemaker blog
The back portion slopes downward below the ankle for easier movement (for pressing gas/brake)
Boot Black Booth @ Pitti Uomo Freebies! Shoe cream, post cards, and Kit Kat Boot Black edition! (with dark chocolate?) Columbus Facebook
Awesome! Marquess`s trial shoes are complete with puffs, shanks, leather soles and heels. If you get the trials shoes in June, you should have 2 months to test out the trial shoes to figure out the fit, and any room for improvement!
Congrats! I hope you had a great time visiting the Kawaguchi`s!I`m also curious how the trial may work out for you, unless you plan to visit Japan again in 6 months or so?
The shoemakers that I`ve asked swear that the better specimens (but certainly not all) of old Freudenberg calfskins (in black and d.brown) have a grain thats finer than the current Weinheimer-made ones. Better ones are also increasingly hard to source. You may want to ask the question in the Leather Qualities thread for a better informed answer
Thanks! more like $820ish. Yeah, these are bespoke samples from 8 yrs ago, but not a bad price considering that the retail for Guild bespokes starts from around ¥440K JPY ($4400 USD)
Nice post! Looks like you had a great time shopping!
Thanks for your kind words! I just happen to have access to the goodies here in Tokyo, thats all!!Keep in mind that most shoe makers in Japan are tiny local businesses (mostly 1 or 2 man shops), so I wouldn`t compare them with what big European maisons with international clientele like JL Paris (Hermes), Berlutti (LVMH), F&S, Cleverly etc... are able to offer (especially when it comes to exotics).That being said, most of the shops I have visited to do have a decent...
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