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Haha, he must`ve had too much fun in HK!I`m sure Masaichi-san will make sure he won`t be disappointed with Tokyo`s night life either!!
I dropped by to see the Gaziano & Girling Bespoke Trunk Show @ Brift H, Aoyama, Tokyo The ever stylish Mr. Daniel Wegan Trial shoes for a pair of bespoke Balmoral boots (Canterbury style). Complete with stiffiners, lining, and rubber soles/heels. Hurts to see them being cut open! Bespoke samples. The new hollowed trees looked very nice too! My thanks also to Mr. Masa Hasegawa (also very stylish) from G&G! The show continues tomorrow at Tomorrowland Marunouchi...
I`m planning to visit Kobe next week. Hopefully I can add Spigola into my itinerary
A beautiful spread of Otsuka Bespoke sample shoes from the latest MEN`S EX (April) See them in person, or even order one (for ¥324,000 yen / $3200 USD) during the upcoming JAPAN SENSES exhibition at Isetan Men`s Store. Along with Otsuka shoes, Yohei Fukuda and Marquess are also going to be there to take orders.
Dropped all together? or are they still gonna hold bespoke shows at LS....
The annual celebration of Japanese artisans is coming up next month! JAPAN SENSES @ Mitsukoshi / Isetan (4/1~4/12), co-sponsored by MEN`S EX magazine As far as shoemakers go, Shoji Kawaguchi (Marquess), Yohei Fukuda, and Otsuka Shoes would be conducting shoemaking demos and taking orders at the exhibition. Patina artist, Yusuke Ito will also be there for demos. Other artisans of interest: Nakata Hanger (bespoke hangers), Ishida Brush (handmade brush for vicuna),...
Also coming up next weekend: Gaziano & Girling Bespoke Trunk Show with Daniel Wegan March 7~8 @ Brift H, Aoyama Tokyo The show is taking place at the stylish shoeshine parlour, Brift H. Should be very interesting. This weekend, Brift H is also celebrating an opening of their new concept store, THE BAR. Brift H FB
For those living in Osaka / Kansai area, a great opportunity to meet Mr. Yohei Fukuda and to see his wonderful shoes this weekend. Yohei Fukuda Trunk Show: March 1~2 (today and tomorrow) @ Vulcanize Osaka also from Yohei Fukuda Blog: A stunning pair of bespoke Chukka boots. The line of stitches that extends from the heel is stitched through the lining, and keeps the stiffener below in place. The portion that contacts the ankle bones (above the stitches) are unlined...
from the Monocle article: Fukaya`s pupils.... master shoemakers of tomorrow
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