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The latter They only offer one width. If you fit a standard E in English shoes, should be no problem IMO.
Spigola`s MTO allows only minor last adjustments (to accommodate high instep, for example), and they don`t offer trial shoes either. They do allow minor, if not reasonable changes to the designs (on/off a medallion etc...).
Thanks for your kind words!MTO shoes` soles are taken to a contracted factory to be machine stitched.The sewing machines for the upper are old Singer Cirdar`s and old Seiko`s.and yes I absolutely agree. Their stitchwork (both bespoke and MTO) is outstanding.
The only international outlet for Spigola (so far) is The Armoury. You may want to catch one of their trunk shows at Hong Kong or New York (this Spring). Perhaps they will take Spigola to their London location (Drakes) too!I don`t think Spigola takes new orders over mail/phone.
FIllers are indeed used to fill the gap (usually on the front half of the sole) for handsewn welted shoes too. Not sure what Spigola uses, probably sheet cork or felt... Factory assembled GYW shoes tend to use a thick layer of hot cork pulp. Someone like Bengal-stripe may have a better answer.
Thanks bud! Oh, I must check it out!A close-up pic of an old Spigola bespoke.... Tight stitches
Hi Bams,Spigola`s MTO shoes are made alongside the bespoke shoes by the same team of craftsmen (Koji, Etsuo etc..): Hand lasted and handsewn welted. The difference (construction-wise) is in the outsole: Spigola bespokes (as well as G&G bespokes) are handstitched, while the MTOs are machine stitched. However, the dress soles of the MTO shoes have hand stitched waist (to hide the stitches).Comparatively, Spigola MTOs are closer to St.C in the construction process, than...
Qnai-san`s basic style (both square and round) are indeed sharp, but less edgy / pointy than those new whole cuts. Recently he`s been getting more requests for aggressive shapes though.... (such as those seen in the pictures)
A Visit to Spigola, Kobe How can I complete my visit Kobe without making a pilgrimage to Spigola? A short drive from Il Quadrifoglio, the `temple of shoes` as some like to call, is a lovely, yet imposing structure that they built from the ground up. Koji Suzuki (last making, bottoming), brother Etsuo (upper), and 3 apprentices work hectically around the clock, churning out about 20 pairs of shoes each month. A bespoke powerhouse by any standard, Spigola is ready to...
No, they only make hard leather goods that are made from wooden form.Bellago, also from Kobe, and a buddy of Qnai-san, makes great looking order-made bags and wallets.http://www.bellago.jp
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