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Hi Bams,Spigola`s MTO shoes are made alongside the bespoke shoes by the same team of craftsmen (Koji, Etsuo etc..): Hand lasted and handsewn welted. The difference (construction-wise) is in the outsole: Spigola bespokes (as well as G&G bespokes) are handstitched, while the MTOs are machine stitched. However, the dress soles of the MTO shoes have hand stitched waist (to hide the stitches).Comparatively, Spigola MTOs are closer to St.C in the construction process, than...
Qnai-san`s basic style (both square and round) are indeed sharp, but less edgy / pointy than those new whole cuts. Recently he`s been getting more requests for aggressive shapes though.... (such as those seen in the pictures)
A Visit to Spigola, Kobe How can I complete my visit Kobe without making a pilgrimage to Spigola? A short drive from Il Quadrifoglio, the `temple of shoes` as some like to call, is a lovely, yet imposing structure that they built from the ground up. Koji Suzuki (last making, bottoming), brother Etsuo (upper), and 3 apprentices work hectically around the clock, churning out about 20 pairs of shoes each month. A bespoke powerhouse by any standard, Spigola is ready to...
No, they only make hard leather goods that are made from wooden form.Bellago, also from Kobe, and a buddy of Qnai-san, makes great looking order-made bags and wallets.http://www.bellago.jp
A Visit to Il Quadrifoglio, Kobe I finally had an opportunity to visit the good folks of Il Quadrifoglio at their hometown of Kobe. A short distance from the scenic harbour area, their atelier is located on the 2nd floor of Knocks Bespoke, a co-op workshop they founded with several other shoemakers. Both Yuka and Atsushi Qnai spent some years working in Florence, and they must have brought back a little bit of Italy with them to decorate their charming little space. ...
Sadly I don`t own side elastic shoes, so perhaps some others may chip in! But yes, elastic shoes seem to have a continued popularity in Japan. Here are some pictures I took (with camera) from the old Otsuka Shoes book (pub. 1971) I recently bought. The pics showcase some of the shoes Otsuka made for the royal family. `Royal Footwear` for 3 generations of emperors (Meiji, Taisho, Showa) 1. (top) Side Elastic shoes (Emperor Meiji) 2. (right) Side Elastic boots (Emperor...
Oh forgot about that!Kanda`s got some good unagi`s and soba`s too, if I recall Maybe next time!
I believe the last / pattern is by Tony-san (and his team), and Shoji-san (and wife?) was designated to do the making.Sorry for the grainy photo (my old iPhone).
A very special pair of Gaziano & Girling Bespoke, made by Shoji Kawaguchi Last designed by Tony, shoes executed by Shoji. shoes courtesy of Masa Hasegawa
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