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I`m afraid to see the rest of his Legolas outfit....
Props from the latest The Hobbit movie? These are actually bespoke shoes by Saion, (faithfully) based on their client`s design & drawings. Outrageous design? Yes, but I commend Saion for doing their best to realise their client` dream. Couldn`t have done better. Client`s own drawings link (from Saion`s blog archive)
I believe the loafers (from the link) are made to order (sizing, leather), and orders are taken at trunk shows only. I doubt he will take MTO orders internationally.Beams and Isetan do carry a selection of RTW Corno Blu shoes.
UK 8 / 27cm was probably not what Thinkderm hoped to hear
Congrats on finally starting an official thread!
Happy Chinese New Years Folks! I hope everyone celebrating the occasion are eating good food over the weekend. I noticed a recent post on The Parisian Gentleman FB (link) featuring the lovely side laced wingtips by Ms. Reiko Tsukui. I thought it would be nice to post it here since its getting so many `like`s More pics These were handmade MTO shoes made for the now defunct shoes collection made for Oguri Tailor, Kyoto.
These Saion wholecuts (from 6yrs ago) aren`t seamless.I highly doubt Spigola will turn down your request for a seemless one.I know his wholecuts look spectacular, I will definitely look forward to see what you come up with him!
Having spoken with Yokoyama-san recently, I learned that Saion has closed its atelier at ABC Mart, Ginza. The brand will relaunch itself as a Bespoke-only operation (no more pattern order / MTO), available via appointment only. The price is also scheduled for a change, and he plans to make it more accessible/lower. Their excellent MTO shoes were basically identical to bespoke shoes in construction (minus the last), for less than half the money. While its unfortunate...
Thanks for your kind words! You can also find his interview with our friend VRaivio @ Keikari.Please check your PM box!
That jacket can be found at ICHO boutique in Aoyama, Tokyo. I believe they are available for full order/bespoke only, and not available off the rack (RTW).Link: ICHO
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