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Another green shoos for me. Spigola Slip ons in Green Llama Skin, MTO
Wow, this is turning into a splendid shoe-history lesson for me (and the rest)... fascinating!!
With End of Year parties coming up, local shoeshiners are the busiest this time of the year. Brift H, currently with 100 pairs on backorder, waiting to be polished. Brift H blog
Thanks! Those polishing cloths are sold at Brift H, but you can easily make them yourself. They are strips of cotton flannel cut to 3" x 16".
Aside from Hide Fukaya, there are quite a few Japanese shoemakers currently working in Florence. Very few have taken steps to open their own shop (in Italy), and here is one. La Calzolaia (Shoko Matsuoka) Ms. Matsuoka did her apprenticeship at Maninna, and opened her store earlier this year. from The Journal of Style and Kutsumigaki Honpo Blog
Il Micio has a wonderful (printed) catalog that used to be available @ Tie Your Tie. I would really love to get of a copy.....
FYI, Ring MTM costs significantly more (30% or so, if I recall correctly) than their RTW collection, and none of the 'Ring Exclusive' fabrics are available.
I`m pretty sure the English Guild Bees Rich Cream is a standard cream shoe polish, and should be used like one. For high polish, they have a separate mirror wax polish (in tin cans). While I`ve never bought or used it (I did smell it though), I assume the quality and performance are in line with the square Saphirs. Sorry I can`t really comment on the ingredients.I`ve read some good reviews on it, here is one by Iijima san. He says the English Guild`s black polish has a...
You can get a digital version from zinio, itunes etc....
Hey there, long time no see. Thanks!
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