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Nice shoes indeed!Talking about llama, below is an interesting image that I snapped from MEN`S EX Nov. 2011 issue.The shoes are Bollini, and the leather is llama calf, a shrunken baby calf leather made to look like llama. From the pictures, the grains/textures look indistinguishable from the real ones.
How did you get so many notes? That is crazy
Those are some really good stuffs!!! Also love the new shoe bags made from tweed(?)Tokyo Trunk show starts tomorrow!!!
ISETAN MEN`S Winter Clearance Sale Plenty of sale-hungry men came to line up, despite being the coldest day of the year so far. Hurray! B1F Shoes Section! The selection was good, but not spectacular IMO. EG were on sale from ¥94,000 and up (Dover priced at ¥115K). Vass shoes were all going for ¥60,000, Bemer RTW for ¥130K or so. C&J Handgrades (a decent selection) were priced at ¥63,000, and there were plenty of benchgrades too. Other sale brands that caught...
The line is there only during the store opening, and yes, they are very very long by the time the store opens at 10:30. Fortunately it moves quite fast, and if I recall correctly, you should be able to enter the store in 5~10 minutes or so. Honestly I have no idea why people line up hours before the opening (supposed to snow tomorrow morning!).I highly recommend you to check out the Spigola shoes (whether you`ll order one or not). They definitely look better in person. ...
The brand list (on the link) seems to be incomplete. I have been to the sale year after year, and there were always a good selection of high end brands such as JL, EG, Vass, CJ etc...(especially on the first few days). Aside from shoes (B1F floor), I always like to check for deals on (1F) shirts/knits, (5F) classic menswear. Ring Jacket is on 4F.The first few days are insanely packed, so Good luck!! and I sure will tap on your shoulder if I see you!!Btw, Spigola MTO...
ISETAN`s Winter Clearance Sale starts tomorrow 1/15! A healthy selection of mid~high end shoes are expected to be on sale at 30%. List of brands on sale (Japanese)
From what I understand, the lacquer isn`t `painted` over the leather per se, but rather soaked in / rubbed in multiple application into a piece of hand-boarded leather. The Kurozan leather retains the softness/pliability, while the soaked in lacquer resin provide durability (vs fading or scratching). The color apparently ages slowly and gracefully like a Japanese lacquerware. Until recently, they were most commonly used for Kendo fencing gears (and of course, for...
Punched Cap Oxfords by Yohei Fukuda Fukuda san changes his box color every year, and for the year 2014, it is brown w/ green interior. The box is accompanied by brown tweed cloth & shoe bags. Yohei Fukuda blog I have heard that despite having expanded the workshop, Fukuda san is busy up to his neck and may soon stop taking new clients.
For this commission, TYE Shoemaker was asked to make a pair of (correspondent) dress shoes for driving. He designed the shoes to accommodate a set of custom `driving shoe` insoles, while keeping the outside rather dressy (with a bevelled waisted leather sole). This could be an idea you may want to explore TYE Shoemaker blog
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