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I believe FTC / Grenson worked together only for that one specific collection. Otherwise, FTC shoes are made in Japan (including the one above).I get confused too about their different lines, and there are several lines that I know of: FTC / Authentic Shoes / Spectus (sneakers) / Beautiful Shoes (women) etc....The Officer Shoes (above) is priced at ¥88,000 JPY ($880 USD), among the more expensive one from their offering.
Authentic Shoes Co. / Foot the Coacher `The Officer Shoe` in Kangaroo Leather. Lots of great details Gallery of Authentic HP
TYE Shoemaker`s Tsuyoshi Ohno interviewed by Claymoor`s List http://www.claymoorslist.com/portfolios/tye-shoemaker
I totally agree with both points!! The other team members of his workshop (all very young) are essentially his students, and their workmanship is quite amazing.
Yes they sure are!
Talkin about another venue currently in town, George Cleverley is currently having their Bespoke Trunk Show @ the Penninsula Hotel, Tokyo. Tomorrow (Sat.), Mr. George Glasgow Sr. will be at Isetan Men`s, conducting an MTO fair for the Anthony Cleverly Line. 15 models, and 3 leathers to choose from, but here is the catch... starting price ¥356,400 JPY ($3500 USD / 2100 GBP) Glad to know they are standing behind the quality of AC shoes from Isetan Men`s FB
I hope some of our fellow expatriates will make way to the Real Bespoke Exhibition this weekend! Meet and chat with Hiro-san and his talented team! Hiro Yanagimachi (FB)
Real Bespoke @ Gallery RybinaA joint effort between Hiro Yanagimachi (shoes), Fugee (leather bags), and Hitsujiya (tailor), Real Bespoke is not only a showcase for the extraordinary handcrafts made by these top Japanese artisans, but also a celebration of the Bespoke-making culture in Japan. The exhibit is organized into 3 zones. The first zone shows the design and construction process (predominantly by hand) from each of the 3 disciplines. The second zone is a showcase...
Real Bespoke Exhibition starts today! @ Gallery Ryabina, Omotesando 3/18~3/23 http://realbespoke.info from Hiro Yanagimachi FB Hopefully I can snap some photos to share on this thread!
The latter They only offer one width. If you fit a standard E in English shoes, should be no problem IMO.
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