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WOW! Congrats on taking the plunge!!Okuyama san`s insoles (the one with the stiffener extending up the arch) looks quite unique and supportive. Interested to see how effective they are to support flat feet (I have a pair of flat feet too, but not as bad as yours it seems) WIll look forward to see what you two come up with!!
While I don`t know the details, I confirmed that Kamioka did indeed form a partnership with Takano san (Clematis) to design the last / patterns of the new hand made line (hand last, handsewn welted MTO). Seems to make a whole lot of sense for both of them though. They (Kamioka / Turnright Shoes) have the all the resources and skilled craftsmans on hand, they needed someone to design beautiful shoes for them. For Takano-san, a RTW with his name on! (though I`m not sure...
My good friends at Kamioka are at Las Vegas now, promoting their Ingenuity / Shinsho shoes! (at the Magic Show). They are also unveiling the first samples of the premier line of handmade shoes. Check it out if you`re around Vegas! Someone keen to Japanese shoes may notice something interesting in this photo..... Kamioka FB
Great photo! (as always).
Ingenuity @ The Magic Show Visit if you`re around Vegas! Kamioka FB
For himself.... Bespoke by HIRO YANAGIMACHI Workshop Hiro Yanagimachi Workshop FB I will be posting more about the upcoming March exhibition Real Bespoke (co-hosted by Hiro Yanagimachi Workshop (shoes), Hitsujiya (tailor), Fugee (bags) some time later. Til then, please check out their FB page.
I dropped by Tie Your Tie Aoyama today, and met the Artist himself. His shoes were indeed breathtaking. I wasn`t allowed to take pictures, but was graciously given a nice booklet/catalog of Il Micio. I will try to upload the pics some time later Il Micio is available for order until today(!), for a princely sum of 740K JPY (5300 EUR/7260 USD) and above, if I recall correctly.
Guild`s repair shop (`Guild Arms`) charges ¥31K~ JPY (310 USD) for Hand rewetting, and ¥10K~ JPY (100 USD) for hand out stitching. The boots on the video probably goes for ¥41K JPY and up ($410 USD).The boots above were factory made (maker unknown) that were recrafted by hand at Guild (apparently the original manufacturer refused to repair). Guild also offers exclusive service for repairing bespoke shoes (from any...
Thanks letsi!Yes, Tokyu Hands Shinjuku (where I took pictures at) do stock the Cordovan creams by Saphir (the square ones), in 4 colors. I recall they also stock cordovan creams made by Columbus (Japanese). The good thing about TH is that they also allow you to test the products out (on the shoes you`re wearing). If Shinjuku store is not convenient for you, Tokyu Hands in Ginza (above United Arrows) has an equally good selection of shoe care products.Bamboo is right on...
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