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These Saion wholecuts (from 6yrs ago) aren`t seamless.I highly doubt Spigola will turn down your request for a seemless one.I know his wholecuts look spectacular, I will definitely look forward to see what you come up with him!
Having spoken with Yokoyama-san recently, I learned that Saion has closed its atelier at ABC Mart, Ginza. The brand will relaunch itself as a Bespoke-only operation (no more pattern order / MTO), available via appointment only. The price is also scheduled for a change, and he plans to make it more accessible/lower. Their excellent MTO shoes were basically identical to bespoke shoes in construction (minus the last), for less than half the money. While its unfortunate...
Thanks for your kind words! You can also find his interview with our friend VRaivio @ Keikari.Please check your PM box!
That jacket can be found at ICHO boutique in Aoyama, Tokyo. I believe they are available for full order/bespoke only, and not available off the rack (RTW).Link: ICHO
I hope everyone is checking out the new English website of HIRO YANAGIMACHI Workshop. The contents are comprehensive (including ways to order for visitors), and the photos do a great job showcasing their legendary attention to details. There are also some nice slideshows detailing every step of their typical shoemaking process. Uppermaking Process Bottommaking Process more on the gallery page
Thanks Dogen for the pdf conversion! Great idea! and congrats on your first post
I just noticed that HIRO YANAGIMACHI WORKSHOP has an all-English website! I knew he was working on it (from our last conversation), but the site came out far more impressive than I imagined it would be, and it includes a whole lot of contents in English. Quite possibly the best site (in English) from any Japanese shoemaker so far for showcasing their work and philosophy. A big kudos to Hiro-san for the effort (who is an alumnus of the Cordwainer's College in UK). ...
I use one of those myself (not the patinated kind), love it. The shape (with facetted sides) is supposed to look like the toe of a shoe.
100% agree!Marquess`s (less talked about) Chisel last is actually quite a stunner too. I`ll try to get some pic of a sample when I get to meet him next time.
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