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Yuki Shirahama Bottier L'Antico Guardaroba
I don't think Imai takes orders from overseas at this point (at least from his online store). Hopefully that will change soon.
For those who understands French, Hiroki Imai was featured in the shoe magazine Pointure Open the link for higher resolution of the article. from: Imai Hiroki Website
You mean your own shoes? I'm not sure if Imai-san does that (I highly doubt it), but there are several patina artists out there who specialises in doing just that. Nobuaki Fujisawa from Fg-Trente, and Yusuke Itou (formerly from Corthay) comes to mind.Fujisawa-san does his shows @ World Footwear Gallery in Tokyo (as well as Mitsukoshi Isetan in Osaka) once every few months. I think he charges ¥15000+ for shoes, and less for leather goods like wallets.Here are some pics...
Imai Hiroki, the maker of some of the most striking (and outlandish) hand stained shoes, quietly launched his online store last month. Each pair is made to order at Imai-san's workshop (of 3 craftsmen) in Himeji City, and are priced generously from ¥42K~¥78K JPY. RTW shoes are all blake/Mackay constructed (with single/double soles), but Imai-san can also do custom jobs using blake rapid or handsewn welted construction upon request. http://shop.imaihiroki.com
A lovely pair of bespoke loafers by gentille & 79The whole process has been documented by Endou san on his blog and Facebook page. [[SPOILER]]
That is a great shot of the beautiful soles!
I think Suzuki-san travels to Rome few times a year to source the llama skins.On the side note, I recall seeing a very nice pair llama-skin shoes made by Okuyama-san on his website. Not sure where he sources his leather.
Yes very true. The grain isn't as prominent, but probably softer.
Not exactly related to shoes, but Nakata Hanger, the maker of some of the most beautiful (and most expensive) wooden hangers in the world, is starting their annual sale today (12/26). Their 'fukubukuro' sets are basically 50% off retail. Highly recommended! Sorry, the site is in Japanese only! http://www.nakatahanger.com
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