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Thanks for your kind words! I just happen to have access to the goodies here in Tokyo, thats all!!Keep in mind that most shoe makers in Japan are tiny local businesses (mostly 1 or 2 man shops), so I wouldn`t compare them with what big European maisons with international clientele like JL Paris (Hermes), Berlutti (LVMH), F&S, Cleverly etc... are able to offer (especially when it comes to exotics).That being said, most of the shops I have visited to do have a decent...
Thanks!While I can`t really say if top notch leathers are used for sample shoes, I was told these are made from Dupuy calf.
These are actually my very first pair of a `Dover` type apron front derby. I got these for a bit over ¥80K JPY, quite a bargain from a full priced bespoke (80% off)
Guild of Crafts Bespoke `NORTON` Apron Front Derby Olive Brown Calf My loot from Guild`s Bespoke Samples Sale
Happy New Year folks! Before you can think of a New Year resolution, the Winter Sales are already starting! Here are some of the worthy mentions... Otsuka Shoe Manufacture (Roppongi): 1/1~ Scotch Grain (Ginza): 1/1~ (for extra value Fukubukuro sets) Sanyo Yamacho (Ginza): 1/2~ Ginza Yoshinoya (all locations): 1/2~ Guild of Crafts (Ginza): 1/2~1/3 (Bespoke/semi-bespoke sample sale) World Footwear Gallery (Harajuku, Ginza): 1/2~ Shetland Fox (Hibiya): 1/2~ (B-Grade...
Happy New Year from Tokyo! Akemashite Omedeto Gozaimasu!
Indeed. They seem to be made for a connoisseur with a very particular taste.One for regular wear and one for driving.I'm pretty sure that Ohno-san didn't disappoint his client....
Those are actually for a man, btw TYE started out by making shoes for ladies (and gorgeous ones), but I believe they get more orders for men's shoes now.
Probably this thread's final WOW of the year TYE Shoemaker 2 pairs of bespoke shoes for a gentleman Combined Oxford Shoes: Camel Linen & Grain calf upper Combined Oxford Shoes: Beige Linen & Grain calf upper. With driving shoes insole TYE Shoemaker Diary
Spigola charges a bit less if purchased direct from them ( ¥97K~). Their website has the price listed.United Arrows in Tokyo charges the quoted price above (with ¥20K or so upcharge).The Armoury charges more, obviously for including the transportation/lodging/shipping fee from Japan. I assume TA price also includes the shoe trees, but I may be wrong.Either way, Spigola is raising their prices significantly starting next Spring (after the January Trunk Show).
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