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The annual Initiation Ceremony at Columbus Co. Ltd (Bootblack) New and senior employees polishing each other`s shoes.... reminds me of the stuff they do at Christian youth group retreats (washing each other`s feet) Columbus FB
Yes that is a lot of leather. It`s French calfskin.
and welcome to SF!
Thnx!I`m sure the Aurum line will be received very well in Japan too (if that is in the future plan)Isetan also has a line called Meccariello by Napolitano (Rachele)
Fascinating!May you elaborate on what specifically about the Japanese shoes (or which makers) was Antonio inspired by??I have heard of UK makers being inspired by certain Japanese shoemakers, but this is the first time I heard from the Italian side.
I believe FTC / Grenson worked together only for that one specific collection. Otherwise, FTC shoes are made in Japan (including the one above).I get confused too about their different lines, and there are several lines that I know of: FTC / Authentic Shoes / Spectus (sneakers) / Beautiful Shoes (women) etc....The Officer Shoes (above) is priced at ¥88,000 JPY ($880 USD), among the more expensive one from their offering.
Authentic Shoes Co. / Foot the Coacher `The Officer Shoe` in Kangaroo Leather. Lots of great details Gallery of Authentic HP
TYE Shoemaker`s Tsuyoshi Ohno interviewed by Claymoor`s List
I totally agree with both points!! The other team members of his workshop (all very young) are essentially his students, and their workmanship is quite amazing.
Yes they sure are!
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