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Part II of the Amazon Collaboration,( and perhaps even better than the ones above) Yoshiharu Hasegawa Monkey Boots in Navy Shinki Cordovan and another lovely pair Plaintoe Boots in Black Annonay Calf Amazon.co.jp link (for more pics) from M`s Blog
Lovely colours indeed!They`re GYW, looks like 360 reverse welt to me. I think they are made by Miyagi Kogyo, but could be wrong.
M X Hiroshi Tsubouchi X Amazon An interesting project produced by Amazon.co.jp, bringing some of the top Japanese RTW makers and minds together to create some interesting shoes. The shoes are sold exclusively through Amazon.co.jp Hiroshi Tsubouchi Plaintoe Derbies in Shinki Cordovan (cognac, navy) in some ways a Japanese version of 990 more pics (as well as pricing) from this amazon.co.jp link from M`s Blog
Here`s another nice bespoke commission, courtesy of Koji Endo bottier (gentile & 79). Another one with rubber insert gentille & 79 FB
Congrats with your shoes!I`ve seen the pics before, and those curvy sole pattern (not the marble) looks identical to the Japanese maker Il Quadrifoglio`sIs that something you requested? just curiousI think it looks fantastic
My good friend and shoeshiner extraordinary Ken Shibata has recently opened up his own shoeshine business called `Polish Made` The `store` is actually a concession located inside a tailor shop `Yoshida Suits`, a set up similar to what Mr. FitzPatrick had at G&H London. Seems like the bulk of their business comes from mail-in shoeshine orders (from all over the country), which is remarkable. Ken-san is on location on Mon, Wed, and Fri. for walk in clients. Located near...
Beautiful shoes by Masaru Okuyama Side Elastic in Navy, Mr. O Japan Masaru Okuyama FB
That sole`s shape is lovely indeed. Is that a Classic round toe? I assume the last is `twisted` in an English way?If I recall right, the fitting shoe is complete with shanks, heel, stiffeners, leather sole etc... Might as well keep them as an extra pair (and spare them from being cut up)
About 30% I think. I heard the selection of EG and C&J are quite good this time around.
Here it is. The mother of all menswear sale in Japan is starting tomorrow morning. Yes, I mean the Isetan MEN`S Clearance Sale! I know some of our members are going, just expect long lines in the Summer Heat!! The entire list of brands on sale is available on their website (thankfully in English) http://www.miguide.jp/cl/ise/shinjuku/index_eng.html#mens
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