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If you can read Chinese, check out Gentry. Its a relatively new website, but is already a favorite destination for i-gents in Taiwan (like SF)
A nice ad from the current MEN`S EX Isetan Mens X Men`s EX`s Menswear Bespoke Extravaganza `Japanese Meisters of Menswear` (4/12~4/13) from left: Shigeaki Naoi: tailor Hideaki Sato (Mario Pecora Ginza): tailor Yohei Fukuda: shoemaker Osamu Nemoto (Lid Tailor): tailor Shoji Kawaguchi (Marquess): shoemaker Hayato Osaku: pantsmaker (pantolonaio) These 6 tailors and meisters are among the many artisans that would be in Isetan this weekend (to showcase their work and to...
Thanks for bumping the thread!
You mean Japanese oiled cordovan?Here is one by Hiro Yanagimachi (from the recent exhibition). I think this one is by Shinki Hikaku. Not as heavily oiled as Horween`s, but still, a great sheen. (Clematis`s above is not Shinki)
Clematis charged ¥47000 JPY ($470 USD) for a full resole. With a pitch that small, it will be too impractical to thread through the existing holes, so my guess is that he recrafts the entire sole (rewetting).Shoes made with 10~12 spi soles are way better suited for resoling.
A better view of Clematis`s tight out stitching. (borrowed from an earlier post)
Excellent! IQ Trunk Show will be held at Concierge de WFG store link . Would have taken you there if I was here, unfortunately I`ll be out of the country!
Yohei Fukuda / Marquess / Otsuka are having a joint bespoke show at Isetan 4/12~4/13and the following week, Il Quadrifoglio will be in Tokyo 4/18 ~ 4/20
Clematis Trunk Show @ Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi (4/5~4/6) Dropped by Mitsukoshi today to say hello to the extraordinary Keitaro Takano (Clematis) Clematis samples Hippo/Suede saddle shoe and Burnished lizard oxford More reptile greatness Full brogue derby in Japanese cordovan Can`t talk about Japanese shoemakers without mentioning their obsession with tight stitches. The imitation brogues have double stitching on bottom and triple stitching on top (to look like...
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