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Yes, I`ve met Shirahama Bottier last year in Tokyo. Having apprenticed at Spigola and Altan (Paris), he offers a style that I think a lot of connoisseurs may find very pleasing. Like many of the better Japanese makers, Shirahama-san`s attention to detail is tremendous.Here are some of the pics I took from my meeting with him.http://www.styleforum.net/t/343005/japanese-shoes-bespoke-rtw-super-thread/1260#post_6447718on a separate note: Nakamura Tatsuya, Creative Director...
Yamamura-san also apprenticed under a local shoemaker for 7 years before he set up his own atelier / shoe repair shop.The island of Kyushu seems to be blessed with a number of talented shoemakers. Others include Yuki Shirahama, Yutaka Seikaku (Corno Blu) and Matsuda Akinobu (both who apprenticed under Roberto Ugolini). Shoji Kawaguchi (Marquess) also hails from Kyushu (though now in Tokyo)
Wow! Not sure if Wada-san knows PG, but that post has tons of `like`s!! Those hilo boots are not green btw. They are made from burgundy cordovan.
gentille&79 (Koji Endo Bottier) Another textured beauty made from the unusual Kurozan leather (urushi lacquered leather) gentille&79 FB
I couldn`t have said it better
thanks!Who`s the best 3 shoemakers? I don`t feel qualified to answer that (especially not having tried them), but I `m sure a good argument can be made for a number of fine Japanese shoemakers.If we`re talking about a popularity contest (who`s most recognised / talked / written about), I suppose the winners are Il Micio (Hidetaka Fukaya), Spigola and Yohei Fukuda? I could be wrong.I`ve heard Fukuda`s wait list is over 2 years right now.
Very nice! Thanks for the link!!The article says Suzuki-san will be in NYC soon to take orders! (presumably via The Armoury)
Miyagi Kogyo MTO shoes are sold through selected retailers (MK don`t sell shoes directly), and most if not all of them should be able to accommodate metal toe taps.Metal toe taps would keep your toes from wearing down, probably saves a trip or two to the cobbler before your soles require full recraft.
I was once told by a shoemaker how many hours it took, but I just can`t seem to remember. I will try to ask about that again, will let you know. I assume it varies a lot from one maker to another.
Le Scarpe di Cabiria is the brand name, I had no idea what the name was referring to til now! I hope the maker isn`t implying that his customers are shoe-whores and would all experience heartbreaks from buying his shoes `Seven Sister Shoes` is the name of the model.
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