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Got yours?? LAST Issue 06 (on sale 4/30)
That sounds terrific. Hopefully we can all meet in near future!
Thank you Gianni!
It was great meeting you too! A lot of stores were closed that day (Bank holiday), including TA Pedder store, so I would definitely be back to HK for more soon!
I believe they go for 38,000 HKD, in line with British makers (around 2,900 GBP, or 3,500 EUR)
Thanks! ...and I think I`ll keep the name to myself. Can happen anywhere in the world. I actually thought London stores (includ. eateries and bars) were very friendly in general and services were really good.
My Shoe Searching Journey in LondonLast week, I finally made my way back to London, 30 years after my last visit. It was a business trip of sort, but I also had another mission: to visit as many fine shoe stores as possible (although I was mainly restricted to central London). While doing so, I was able to meet many of the famous figures of the English shoe industry. All (well, except for one store), were incredibly welcoming to this little visitor from the Far East, ...
I think the non-E width fitting shoes are used for ordering MTOs
A Visit to Masaru Okuyama, Hong Kong Masaru Okuyama is a Japanese shoemaker who runs a bespoke shoemaking practice in Hong Kong. A fascinating, and a very brave career decision in his part, and his talent and hard work seemed to have paid off. Not only has he garnered a healthy list of international clientele (mostly from HK and China), he is now among the most recognised and acclaimed Japanese shoemakers in the world (most recently being featured for Tudor watch ad)....
Is your completed shoes also going to be purple???
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