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Great photos B-M!!
Looks spectacular. Almond Freudenberg has an aged chestnut leather feel to me. Congrats with your new Marquess!
His supplier told him that, unlike typical patent leather, this old patent leather needs to be maintained like regular leather with creams and what not.
Spotted this beauty at my recent trip to Marquess accompanying a friend. Bespoke Side Elastics in Patent Leather Well this vintage patent leather is supposed to be something, it really looked like a well polished calfskin. On a side note, I was invited to join a dinner with 5 other Marquess aficionados that night (yes they all had Marquess on their feet....scary) Felt like an initiation to the club
I had my loafer done with seamless heel, and a different shaped slit.
Our good friends at HIRO YANAGIMACHI WORKSHOP are conducting their Fall Pattern Order Fair from 11/22 to 11/30 5 models and 10 colors / combinations to choose from, at a discounted price (¥135K) and a shorter lead time (3 months) From familiar (balmoral ox) to daring (gillie spectators) Combination/Spectators for the upcoming Spring season Pattern Order Info HIRO YANAGIMACHI FB
Baby Buffalo skin looks beautiful. Want to get my hands on those.... Also noticed that the new LAST Magazine is out
Thanks folks!! Yeah, his old atelier was definitely more accessible (but the new one is larger). The bag cost about one pair of Fukuda bespoke.
Thank you! (the bag above is the complete product, and shoes ... probably 6 more months)
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