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Beautiful. Looks like they're one piece!
The soles of the shoes I have on the link looked quite bad (dry and flaky fibers), days after waddling through several monsoon storms. I think the conditioner (contains oils) did make the leather look healthier.Here is an interesting product called the Leatherstick by Abbeyhorn. Yes, made in the UK (buffalo horn) and sold in Japan.Perhaps not its intended purpose, the leatherstick can be used in conjunction with the sole conditioner, for pressing the loose fibers down on...
The BB leather sole conditioner is thick and creamy. I suppose it contains lots of oils to penetrate and moisten the sole. It also contains some mildew-proof agents? (not exactly sure what chemical that is) It works quite well for dry, flaky soles.Here is a link to some pictures I took.http://www.styleforum.net/t/355694/testing-ingenuity-shoes-by-kamioka/15#post_6520943p.s. but yes, a specialised sole conditioner is not a necessity. 'Regular' leather conditioners like...
Yes that is it. Never tried the mild version (brown) though.The one I actually use now is the M. Mowbray Stain Remover. Similarly light, water based cleaner. Cost a lot less than BB version. Amazon.jp link
I've tried several of their products before. Not so much a fan of their signature high-shine regimen (base, coat, polish water), but their cleaner/conditioner, leather sole conditiner, and their edge coloring ink proved to be very useful.Light cleaner/conditioner (clear color). Quite easy to use without fear of over stripping.Leather sole conditioner.Edge coloring ink, with an applicator attached to the lid. Pretty bottleTheir premium shoe cream ('Collections' series)...
If you're in an emergency to get some Saphir polishes in the middle of the night, Donki got you covered
Yohei Fukuda "Ebony" from the Heritage Collection Full brogue oxfords with imitation brogues Black Calf with Antique Finish Tints of greens and browns are exposed to create a delicate nuance. Quite stunning.. and of course, the sublime sole..... from Yohei Fukuda tumblr
Wow! I can only imagine, since Qnai-san is quite handsome himself! The town must be an inspiration for him and so many other craftsmen who calls Kobe their home!
Welcome to Styleforum!Those are some very interesting shoes Qnai-san made! I hope Nuzzo-san doesn't mind his shoes being seen by people around the world!!I would definitely love to visit Kobe one day to meet all the great people there!
Yes, yahoo.jp auction is an excellent source for locating bargains, both Japanese and imported shoes.I assume those Regal shoes are some of their Italian styled shoes. Both are blake/Mackay stitched, and have Polish Binded kip for their uppers. Seems like a reasonable deal (vs. retail price).
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