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Oh really? I have not heard of that before. Fascinating, but not surprising
Foster`s `newer` bespoke samples that I saw weren`t shabby at all. Also, if it means anything, I know there are a couple of Japanese hands involved in the current Foster`s bespoke shoemaking operation I do dig the visual quality of Foster`s `fading` finish, and I find it`s purpose, which is to artificially make the bespoke shoes look as if it was sitting by the window for decades, to be highly amusing. I wonder if it was a customer, or a shoemaker, that came up with the idea
Haha, no they are really old samples. Not many makers could boast a collection of archival grade shoes like Foster, and they were a pleasure to look at. But yeah, some of them looked really beat up, and could use some proper shoe care / repair, IMO I think Foster bespoke goes for 3000 GBP (2500 GBP minus VAT, or 420K JPY)
This weekend seems to be particularly `Trunk Show heavy` in Tokyo. ISETAN JAPAN SENSES (Isetan),Spigola Bespoke Trunk Show (United Arrows), Miyagi Kogyo Trunk Show (WFG Harajuku), Shoe Republic Bespoke (Rifare Ebisu) etc... and then there is the ongoing Foster & Son Tokyo Trunk Show that I dropped by today. The show ends on 4/15 Lovely shoes. I especially like the V-front wingtip derby. Very `Foster`-like! and even more lovely, Ms. Emiko Matsuda I posted more shoes...
ISETAN JAPAN SENSES 4/9~4/13 The finale of the annual celebration of Japanese artisans, JAPAN SENSES, kicked off today at the Isetan Department store. 25 or so of the country`s best known artisans gathered for this weekend`s event, giving us a rare opportunity to meet and chat with them. The artisans themselves seemed to have been enjoying the occasion as well, to find time to meet their peers and rivals. Co sponsored by MEN`S EX magazine, the exhibition also...
double post (see next post!)
Ouch! Maybe TA should update their pricing on their website
Spigola is having a Bespoke Trunk Show this weekend in Tokyo @ United Arrows Harajuku Men`s (4/12~4/13) Price has gone up (weak yen / new 8% VAT) to ¥430,000 JPY ($4300 USD) Somehow Tokyo`s price is much higher than Hong Kong (The Armoury)`s price for a pair of Spigola Bespoke
Awesome shoes Chogal Had to look carefully to figure out that pattern
gentille & 79 by Koji Endou Bottier Bespoke 2-eyelet derbies in Japanese lacquered leather (Kurozan-gawa) gentille&79 FB
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