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Is your completed shoes also going to be purple???
Probably a bit risky I believe most fine Japanese RTW shoes go in English sizes. You can also tell your size in an English brand for reference. Though beware that most Japanese brands` size selection usually tops out at UK 9.
Jon, the last maker (left), the always immaculate Andy (right), and the one and only Frank (middle) @ The Chequers Tavern
Took a sneak peek into Gaziano & Girling new flagship store on the Saville Row before the opening... Tony in front of a wall of fitting shoes. Complete in D~G widths. wow The interior is very posh and lovely, I`ll post pics once it opens (in fact, it`s today!!)
Looking very sharp there! I will also be posting some pictures from my recent visit to Okuyama-san tooon a sidenote, I had a random encounter with add911 (the chap above) at a mall during my HK visit, a pleasant surprise
I went through the whole thread once before (for compiling the big link on my signature bar), and it is not a simple task. I commend you for the effort!
That sounds like a lot of fun and thnx for sharing! Those are some great looking Yamacho MTO!
More fun in Tokyo this weekend Il Quadrifoglio Bespoke Trunk Show @ World Footwear Gallery Kioicho 4/18~4/20 A pair of bi-colored croc loafers (and a matching belt) for a lucky customer
Oh really? I have not heard of that before. Fascinating, but not surprising
Foster`s `newer` bespoke samples that I saw weren`t shabby at all. Also, if it means anything, I know there are a couple of Japanese hands involved in the current Foster`s bespoke shoemaking operation I do dig the visual quality of Foster`s `fading` finish, and I find it`s purpose, which is to artificially make the bespoke shoes look as if it was sitting by the window for decades, to be highly amusing. I wonder if it was a customer, or a shoemaker, that came up with the idea
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