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Goodyear Studio Shoes now Online! Goodyear Studio seems to be the new name for the RTW shoes collection produced by Turnright Shoes, Taiwan. They now have an online store, offering a wide range of oxfords, derbies, and casuals for men and women. The lineup is very similar to what their sister company Kamioka/Ingenuity in Japan offers, except the ones sold in Taiwan are made in Taiwan instead of Laos (Kamioka/Ingenuity). As some of you may know, Turnright is a major...
A sad news: Jeffery West @ Bella Vita Mall is closing its doors on May 20th. Everything is on sale now! I never owned a pair, but I liked the store interior.
Excellent!! I hope you had a great time with them!!also, most fascinating that you ordered a pair of shoes without knowing what design/leather you want Please keep us updated on your journey!
Great store you got there. Would like to visit one day! (I visited your HK store just a couple weeks ago)and also a big congrats to Koji-san for his return to NYCThe latest June issue of MEN`S EX has a spread on SPIGOLA`s MTO shoes. Mentions the NYC show too
When it comes to Italian style tailoring in Osaka, I think you can`t go wrong with Coccinella. You may want to contact our friend, Bespoke-makers, who knows a lot more than I do when it comes to Kansai area tailoring.I think Roberto Ugolini does his trunk shows at Coccinella.
Seems like there is a concrete day for Koji`s NYC Show SPIGOLA NYC Show May 16~May 17 Bespoke: $4500~ MTO: $1900~ The Armoury Link Looks like someone is excited...
plus 1Not easy to pull off a beautiful plain toe derby!
A great pleasure to finally meet you too!!
Thanks fellas!
Got yours?? LAST Issue 06 (on sale 4/30)
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