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FYI, Ring MTM costs significantly more (30% or so, if I recall correctly) than their RTW collection, and none of the 'Ring Exclusive' fabrics are available.
I`m pretty sure the English Guild Bees Rich Cream is a standard cream shoe polish, and should be used like one. For high polish, they have a separate mirror wax polish (in tin cans). While I`ve never bought or used it (I did smell it though), I assume the quality and performance are in line with the square Saphirs. Sorry I can`t really comment on the ingredients.I`ve read some good reviews on it, here is one by Iijima san. He says the English Guild`s black polish has a...
You can get a digital version from zinio, itunes etc....
Hey there, long time no see. Thanks!
A fun little film documenting the opening of United Arrows Taipei from a new sales person's eyes (he's also a big fan of "Poggy" ) The Taipei boutique, which opened this October, is the first overseas outpost for the UA empire. The store is quite large (2400 sq ft), and the selection of classic menswear is pretty much identical to a similar sized UA store in Japan (which is very very good). For shoes, they have a collection of Crockett & Jones, and I was told that...
Our favorite(?) men's style magazine, MEN'S EX has a new issue out today! Not too much on shoes, but there's a spread introducing 2 of our favourite stores in Asia, The Armoury and Kevin Seah Bespoke!
Appreciate your insight! I'll try not to stress too much about keeping my soles looking pretty
Thanks for your insight and advise DW. I notice that after the outsoles recover from the rain (a few days or so), they may look awfully dry with flaky fiber. I was under the impression that overtly dry soles tend to wear faster (or even crack), and the conditioner (or mink oil?) helps replenish the lost moisture??
I heard from a pro shoeshiner that BB wax polishes don't shine as easily as Saphir. but then BB also has their signature 'High-shine' formula that is supposed to be a fool-proof way to get a mirror shine.If you want to compare BB vs Saphir price-wise, they are about the same. Columbus (the manufacture) positions these as their high end product, and claims their polishes use as less artificial ingredients/solvents as possible.The lineup is pretty extensive, going up to a...
Fascinating! Looks like quite a few tanneries from overseas are exhibiting too!Thanks for the info!
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