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Hmmm... It doesn`t say on their website, so I may have to check their store out one day. I`ll let you know then. Mr. Carr is charging $2200 direct, so I assume it costs more than that.During the Winter sale, Trading Post in Ginza had quite a few RTW St.C for sale at 80K~90K or so.
Interesting thought! but a Japanese buyer will have many other choices of MTO shoes (with similar quality/price points) to choose from too!! In terms of being `hand made` or being fully customisable, I don`t think St.C brings anything fresh to the table for an informed Japanese buyer. Many Japanese makers offer exactly that: fully customisable MTO shoes (and 100% handmade) for about the same price or lower (the lead time is much longer though). The St.C hollowed trees...
Saint Crispins Trunk Show in Tokyo Feb 20~22 I dropped by the posh Mandarin Oriental Hotel to say hi to Mr. Carr, along with The Armoury Team. This is Saint Crispin`s first trunk show in Japan, and Philip will be offering the brand`s signature services such as the pattern/last customisation to the Japanese clients for the fist time (St.C RTW has just been discontinued at Trading Post). MTO shoes are offered at the price of 224K JPY / 2200 USD (import tax included). ...
As always! Thanks for the info! Looks like a neat solution IMO, though an extended heel stiffiners (like the one above) are probably more than adequate for normally arched feet.
Fascinating! Was this `insole up in waist` a common method used for English shoes in the past? Or was it intended as a special purpose insole? (for feet that needs extra arch support?)Some Japanese shoemakers seems to prefer this `insole up in the waist`, and I know Osamu Egawa (from o.e). uses this method as a default for all of his vintage inspired shoes. I assume Okuyama-san does so too.
Welcome to the Styleforum!Major department stores and select stores conduct member`s outlet sales every 2 months or so (usually announced online), but I have been able to enter (usually at hotel banquest halls )without being checked. Big sizes are usually abundant at outlet sales.Super 8 Shoes is a reputable online store that sells mostly used/vintage shoes, but they also stock a good amount of brand new deadstock shoes at a good price. A lot of US brand shoes,...
Nice to know that they look great in person!These are the insoles from Okuyama-san`s FB page. I`ve seen a similar one made by Egawa-san (o.e.), and I recall the side portion was quite rigid too. This plus an wrap around counter should be quite supportive.
WOW! Congrats on taking the plunge!!Okuyama san`s insoles (the one with the stiffener extending up the arch) looks quite unique and supportive. Interested to see how effective they are to support flat feet (I have a pair of flat feet too, but not as bad as yours it seems) WIll look forward to see what you two come up with!!
While I don`t know the details, I confirmed that Kamioka did indeed form a partnership with Takano san (Clematis) to design the last / patterns of the new hand made line (hand last, handsewn welted MTO). Seems to make a whole lot of sense for both of them though. They (Kamioka / Turnright Shoes) have the all the resources and skilled craftsmans on hand, they needed someone to design beautiful shoes for them. For Takano-san, a RTW with his name on! (though I`m not sure...
My good friends at Kamioka are at Las Vegas now, promoting their Ingenuity / Shinsho shoes! (at the Magic Show). They are also unveiling the first samples of the premier line of handmade shoes. Check it out if you`re around Vegas! Someone keen to Japanese shoes may notice something interesting in this photo..... Kamioka FB
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