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Thanks Dogen for the pdf conversion! Great idea! and congrats on your first post
I just noticed that HIRO YANAGIMACHI WORKSHOP has an all-English website! I knew he was working on it (from our last conversation), but the site came out far more impressive than I imagined it would be, and it includes a whole lot of contents in English. Quite possibly the best site (in English) from any Japanese shoemaker so far for showcasing their work and philosophy. A big kudos to Hiro-san for the effort (who is an alumnus of the Cordwainer's College in UK). ...
I use one of those myself (not the patinated kind), love it. The shape (with facetted sides) is supposed to look like the toe of a shoe.
100% agree!Marquess`s (less talked about) Chisel last is actually quite a stunner too. I`ll try to get some pic of a sample when I get to meet him next time.
The Dainite piece is glued on without stitches.
There`s something about captoe oxfords with textured leather that is so appealing.... Marquess Punched Cap Oxford Shoes Carl Freudenberg Impala Marquess Blogspot
@ the posh Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Nihonbashi!Fascinating! I might wanna go say hi
I think they are Japanese horse hide.
Very nice! If I recall correctly, those boots are based on the Imperial Japanese Army boots from the war. The double welted sole is a nice detail!!
Yes! the dainite sole is cemented on, and it takes the contours (on the bevelled waist) quite nicely IMO. Qnai-san said it was a pain to make it. and yeah, the soles do look thick, maybe the owner requested for a double sole? I recall Dainite (or was it Vibram?) has a `thin` version of the studded sole (for dress shoes).ps these are not my shoes
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