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These KAMIOKA shoes are indeed equipped with lots of bells and whistles. But I agree with clee, I think $800 made in Laos is hard to swallow for most shoe buyers.The last/pattern though, are indeed not in par with lots of UK / Euro, or even Japanese brands.I think if paired with really good looking lasts, and better pattern (perhaps designed by UK shoemaker), and sold as another brand (with more recognised name, again maybe British), they may have serious chance.
Actually its the hand detailing (sole) that drives the price up. A mock-fiddle waist costs less than bevelled waist (that requires the edge being shaped / rolled up??)
The finish on those OTSUKA is really nice! Not sure when those pics of GC shoes you posted were made. Styles / finish of many brands have improved over the last few years (such as incorporating beveled/pseudo fiddle waist) Not that shoe factories aren't capable do doing a better job, just how much hand work / details they are willing to put in for shoes with certain price point. A relatively "bland" welt finish may have been fine for shoes costing $500 or so in the...
You mean the closed channeled sole?
I don"t think GENTRY COMPLEX shoes are offered in Tokyo, and to my knowledge the shoemakers who make the GC don't do works for other stores either.Priced at $65K, I"m told that they look uncannily similar to Edward Green in style / last, but in construction and finish, equal or even better (hand sewn welted, of course)and with an extra 64K JPY (or double the price), they can make a custom last for you (with full measurements and also a trial/fitting session). Subsequent...
Hi there,I've tried the high end MIYAGI KOGYO before. Initially inspired by Edward Green, they now have many American style shoes too. Fitting is unique (neither UK or US), and some of their lasts have curved, banana-esque lasts that seem to optimise fitting for Asian feet. Has a small heel cup, and accommodated my flat-feet very well (generous space / cup in the quarter area, reminded me of the Modified Last shoes). In this past year or two, they expanded their...
Excellent tally of fine Japanese be spokes Stefan!
Lovely Dover killers!! Ozeki san`s bottom-work has always impressed me for being so crisp`n clean!
Moving to Canada eh? I wonder what kind of a story is behind his decision to base his shoemaking practice in Toronto.
Here is the skin that Takano san used. Don`t remember if the parts for my pair were already cut from this or not.
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