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Great! Many thanks!
Great pic! Thank you!
Thanks for visiting the store, and its so great to have finally met you JB! Sure had a wonderful chat. Will keep you updated on the progress!!
Fitting shoes look like standard HILTON in MH71 (with lesser grade calf), constructed the same way to ensure accurate fitting.
Thank you!!
Haha, you are welcome to drop by here anytime!
We also have a new shipment of RUTHERFORDS Bridle Bags from Chester, UK! Our signature MUSIC CASE London Tan Signal Red Racing Green Burgundy Tongue Folio A4 size Portfolio Navy w/ Red stitch Racing Green w/ Beige stitch Signal Red
Thanks UG!! Awesome selection you got there!
FYI, our Spring Clearance at OAK ROOM TAIPEI is winding up, and we still have some size left (6E to 9.5E) for our EG and G&G offering. If anyone here is interested, let me know (PM)! EG CHELSEA 202 CHESTNUT. $698 USD EG BERKELEY 202 BLACK. $698 USD EG BERKELEY 202 D.OAK. $698 USD EG MALVERN 202 BLACK. $698 USD EG MALVERN 202 D. OAK. $698 USD EG INVERNESS 888 BURGUNDY. $698 USD G&G Burlington MH71. Mole Suede. Wensome Sole. Trees included $878 USD G&G...
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