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Seems like there is a concrete day for Koji`s NYC Show SPIGOLA NYC Show May 16~May 17 Bespoke: $4500~ MTO: $1900~ The Armoury Link Looks like someone is excited...
plus 1Not easy to pull off a beautiful plain toe derby!
A great pleasure to finally meet you too!!
Thanks fellas!
Got yours?? LAST Issue 06 (on sale 4/30)
That sounds terrific. Hopefully we can all meet in near future!
Thank you Gianni!
It was great meeting you too! A lot of stores were closed that day (Bank holiday), including TA Pedder store, so I would definitely be back to HK for more soon!
I believe they go for 38,000 HKD, in line with British makers (around 2,900 GBP, or 3,500 EUR)
Thanks! ...and I think I`ll keep the name to myself. Can happen anywhere in the world. I actually thought London stores (includ. eateries and bars) were very friendly in general and services were really good.
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