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Here`s a little more Main-d`or: some closeups of the Wingtip oxfords The Main-d`or Silhouette Murata personally favors a softer bevelled waist, but his razor sharp fiddled waist is also a looker. The Back: Interesting stitchwork
Main-d`or by Eiji Murata The man with the Midas touch: His name is Eiji Murata, a son of a shoemaker, and a 100% home grown craftsman trained in Japan. He founded Main-D`or about 10 years ago, while also teaching full time at the Esperanza (a shoemaking academy in Asakusa). On the off days (from teaching), he works on commissions at his own studio in a Chiba suburb. He seems to be content in making shoes quietly in his own pace, for those who appreciates his craft,...
I couldn`t figure it out either. It must be some type of kidskin. Maybe I should ask the Otsuka rep for that.Their flagship store has a number of old bespoke samples from ages ago (I was told some were from the Meiji era late 19th century). Here is one that I dug out from Google.I saw these in person, and I think they are made from kidskin (heavily waxed for display)
A set of vintage Otsuka Shoes advertisement from the early 20th century (Taisho era) Available in Box Calf, a variety of kidskin (apparently a popular choice back then), and Willow Calf
I`ve seen Il Micio shoes made with big round toes with a Marini vibe to them. They looked very good too.and talking about inconspicuous and pretty shoes, I had the opportunity to visit Mr. Eiji Murata, aka Main-d`or, at his atelier.Beautiful, beautiful shoes. I`ll do a little writeup soon, but here is a preview...He also made this pair that I posted (via a link) a while ago... saw them in person. Lovely form.
I saw those Spider shoes at the Scotchgrain boutique at the Tokyo Sky Tree`s mall (Soramachi).... crazy looking shoes.btw congrats on your shoe purchase! I know Trading Post carries AE, but definitey not at that price!
An interview with the great HIRO YANAGIMACHI is up on Keikari! Kudos to our friend VRaivio!! Link to the Interview
Dropped by Kutsumigaki Honpo @ Shinbashi to have the talented Shoeshiner Ken work his magic on my green shoes. Cleaning and conditioning.... Green wax polish. Not available off the shelf.... good to go!
I believe that fine picture was taken by our friend Bespoke-Makers (judging from the photo style). Not sure if they are his, but you may want to ask him about the shoes.
Talking about the man..... Shoji Kawaguchi, aka Marquess from the Hankyu Men`s Tokyo Trunk Show Feb 21~22 (ended today) Hankyu Mens`s Blog
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