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Talking about an ornamental sole Il Quadrifoglio by Atsushi Qnai Burgundy Croc Tassel Loafer
Thanks for your insight DW. Japan does have a sizeable RTW shoes industry, some actually make quite lovely shoes. Regal is probably the largest local maker of RTW welted shoes with about 1 mil pairs output / year.I really think it`s regrettable that the pictures are the only medium for most of us to see Japanese shoes, and a lot of the ornate shoes posted on the thread probably reflects my taste more than anything!There`s really a lot of fascinating shoemakers to meet in...
Very nice Meccariello!I assume real Carpincho`s (or quality ones) are very difficult to come by in Japan. I`ve never seen them offered by any maker here.
Nah, its textured (cow) suede. Looks great though, I say 90% like the real thing It`s also available in olive.Other than Qnai-san, I`ve seen Ugolini, Spigola, and Il Micio offer the same leather as well. I assume they are readily available in Italy.
A big belated thanks! to you al!
New Bespoke sample shoes in the works by Il Quadrifoglio: Plaintoe Derby in faux-Carpincho Suede & Seemless Wholecut in D. Brown calf Stay tuned for more pics of the new samples!
Imai Hiroki / Il Quadrifoglio Trunk Shows @ Hankyu MENS Osaka 6/22~6/23 Shoemakers Imai Hiroki and Atsuki Qnai (Il Quadrifoglio) are having a joint trunk show at Osaka right now. They are among the 15 craftsmen or so participating at the Premium Bags & Shoes Order Fair at Hankyu MENS. Show ends tomorrow (Monday)! Price for IQ bespoke starts from ¥237,600. Imai Hiroki MTO starts from ¥59,400. Mr. Imai Hiroki, marking his 10th anniversary this year Hankyu MEN`S link
Boot Black at the Pitti and some new premium shoe creams. Tasty looking Columbus FB
Hi FPLast year, Hankyu, Beams, and UA all started their sales on 6/28, but I heard they are pushing their sale back to early July this year (date not confirmed yet).Isetan and Mitsukoshi already announced their sale dates. Starts a bit late on 7/17
Thanks!Yeah I wish I can order from all the shoemakers I`ve met For this particular instance, I inquired several local and foreign makers about this specific vintage style/look that I was looking for. I actually asked Otsuka, since their vintage bespoke samples from Meiji ~ early Showa were what inspired me in the first place. However they didn`t seem interested in making a pair that would look like a replica of their old samples.Then I revisited Hayafuji-san, and he...
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