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The Kawaguchis work too much. Considering the amount of back log orders they have, I hope they can expand their shop (with a few more apprentices) and finally get some break
The longer time probably also reflects the fact that many Japanese shoemakers work alone (or a duo). Spigola and Hidetaka Fukaya (Il Micio), both who has a team of 4 or 5, churns out shoes much more timely. I asked Hide and I recall him say 40 hrs.
B-SThnx for the informative post.I feel bad for creating the confusion. Yes, I must have got the numbers wrongI was told by someone else (not directly by the maker) that they spend 2x the time the others do (40 sounds just about right). So that will be 80 hrs, not 160hrs as I assumed. Thanks for the correction.
Thanks! That is a lot of pages to scroll...Regal is a massive company, and the last time I checked, they have 4 main factories in Japan (one factory making 800 pairs/day). I believe their output in Japan has been decreasing significantly over the years, moving out to China and elsewhere instead. While I can`t get their exact figures now, their revenue (and output) still continues to grow. Yes, not all are GYW shoes, and frankly a lot of them (probably the majority) are...
Not him
I believe the marbled effect is applied by brush, used more prevalent on leather accessories More Il Quadrifoglio`s: Something unusual: Black & Gold
While I can`t say much about how fast/slow European makers work, I do know a shoemaker here who spends about 160 80 hours making a pair. Thats pretty much twice as longer as most other makers spend, and its remarkable to see him put his soul into every one of them (I won't name who, but you can all probably guess). Yet obviously he can`t charge double of what others do simply because he spend more time on it, and I do feel some pain thinking that he is not necessarily...
Regal has a peculiar story of how they got to be named after the famous US shoe company. This Japanese shoe manufacturer (originally called Nihon Shoes) has been around for a while (since 1870), making predominantly army boots and also shoes for export, and started making GYW shoes since 1910`s. They partnered with Regal in the 1960`s and started selling licensed Regal branded shoes in Japan. Their American `trad style` shoes became incredibly popular in Japan (along...
Talking about an ornamental sole Il Quadrifoglio by Atsushi Qnai Burgundy Croc Tassel Loafer
Thanks for your insight DW. Japan does have a sizeable RTW shoes industry, some actually make quite lovely shoes. Regal is probably the largest local maker of RTW welted shoes with about 1 mil pairs output / year.I really think it`s regrettable that the pictures are the only medium for most of us to see Japanese shoes, and a lot of the ornate shoes posted on the thread probably reflects my taste more than anything!There`s really a lot of fascinating shoemakers to meet in...
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