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Beautiful shoes by Masaru Okuyama Side Elastic in Navy, Mr. O Japan Masaru Okuyama FB
That sole`s shape is lovely indeed. Is that a Classic round toe? I assume the last is `twisted` in an English way?If I recall right, the fitting shoe is complete with shanks, heel, stiffeners, leather sole etc... Might as well keep them as an extra pair (and spare them from being cut up)
About 30% I think. I heard the selection of EG and C&J are quite good this time around.
Here it is. The mother of all menswear sale in Japan is starting tomorrow morning. Yes, I mean the Isetan MEN`S Clearance Sale! I know some of our members are going, just expect long lines in the Summer Heat!! The entire list of brands on sale is available on their website (thankfully in English) http://www.miguide.jp/cl/ise/shinjuku/index_eng.html#mens
Here is another example. G&G Crust / Midnight Blue, a pic I took at the G&G factory
Hmmmm.... how bout some Chelsea Boots in Norwe stitching?and some George Boots in Norwe (actually a bespoke pair for a lady, the above`s wife)TYE Shoemaker blog
Talking about boots... Here is a new bespoke sample: Field Boots by TYE Shoemaker TYE Shoemaker blog
Thanks for posting Daniel, and I totally agree what you said there on the end.and Welcome to the thread!
Understood. Makes a lot of sense. Thanks DW, B-S.
The Kawaguchis work too much. Considering the amount of back log orders they have, I hope they can expand their shop (with a few more apprentices) and finally get some break
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