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Try emailing them, I believe they are OK with English (the website is in English after all) info@galleryofauthentic.jp
and I also recall (from just a while ago) that the entire Bespoke team of Stefano Bemer is made up of Japanese. (may be not true as of today)
Great job for making such fascinating video! Thanks for sharing
You have great taste Gianni!That model/style is his homage to a certain well known Parisan shoemaker that has closed down some time ago.
How about some Bespoke news from Tokyo! Starting this weekend (5/24), Munich based shoemaker Ryota Hayafuji will be taking orders at Old Hat Tokyo (5/24~5/26) and Osaka (5/30~6/1). Theres also gonna be a welcoming party (open for anyone) for Hayafuji-san on Saturday night at a Harajuku restaurant. I attended the party last time, and had a wonderful time chatting with him, as well as some big names in Japanese shoe industry. Highly recommended! Old Hat...
That`s the right attitude!
Most excellent!! Thanks for sharing us the experience!Looks like a long way to go (`til delivery), but keep us updated along the way!!!!
200K JPY ($1999 USD) for subsequent pairs~ yes that is a phenomenal price for Bespoke shoes (granted you pay for the initiation fee of 350K first pair)from his English website:http://www.hiroyanagimachi.com/en/order-system/index.html
Welcome to Styleforum! Glad you`re enjoying all the shoes on this thread!!
Here you go folks, from several years ago.
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