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Hi, while the CNY Season officially ends in a few days (March 5th), we will continue to offer sale items in store and online until most sizes are gone.
Carmina Boots continue to be our current best sellers in the store. Brown Calf/Grain Balmorals in Rain Last Navy Suede Chukka in Rain Last Frankenstitch Jumpers in Oscar Last and our Chinese New Year Sale is still going on strong, selected shoes and bags go for 30% off and more.
Thanks! Yeah, we are planning to go up to UK 11 for the next shipment
Many thanks Justin!
Thank you!
Thank you! We use EMS unless otherwise requested. Fee is $30 USD for a pair shipped worldwide (incl. United States), and $10 USD per additional pair if ordered together.
Gaziano & GIrling MTO Program We are probably one of the very few retailers outside UK that stocks full sets of Gaziano & Girling Fitting shoes in both E and F widths. MTO orders could be taken all year round without second guessing your size! We also have a good selection of DECO MTO`s Mr. Wegan in front of our G&G Wall (from the past trunk show)
Thank you Rolf for such kind words! Would be nice to meet again when I`m back in London next time!
For now, I only have plans of bringing Japanese bespoke or premium MTOs through trunk shows. Of course, Japanese RTW shoes have crossed my mind many times too, but probably not in the near future.
MTO is a model that seems to have worked well for many bespoke makers (especially in Italy and some in Japan too). I`m trying to push Qnai-san to take MTO orders, and he is indeed interested in pursing that path too. However, he has to prepare a set of pre-made lasts first.... There is a difference between making a individual-specific bespoke last and designing an RTW last that accommodates a wide range of feet shapes. Exciting prospect though....
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