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You`re most welcomed! Definitely not cheap, but I think they are done very tastefully!
Great news Stephan!Both of the shoes above are made with his `smart round` MARQUESS ROUND style. The chestnut one based his sample last and the chocolate one based on a client`s foot. While the sample is obviously made to look slim and smart, I really like how the `real world` one came out very classic looking.
Marquess Round Toes The left is a bespoke sample. The right was made for a customer.
Congrats on your new boots! ¥35K seems like a good steal! Yes, there are a slew of Japan-only C&J models and lasts, and those may very well be one.
and the last of the 3 Japanese manufactures teaming up with Amazon Guranisuta X M X Amazon Plaintoe Derby Horween Chromexcel Leather Oiled leather sole w/ Cat`s Paw heels link from M`s Blog
Part II of the Amazon Collaboration,( and perhaps even better than the ones above) Yoshiharu Hasegawa Monkey Boots in Navy Shinki Cordovan and another lovely pair Plaintoe Boots in Black Annonay Calf link (for more pics) from M`s Blog
Lovely colours indeed!They`re GYW, looks like 360 reverse welt to me. I think they are made by Miyagi Kogyo, but could be wrong.
M X Hiroshi Tsubouchi X Amazon An interesting project produced by, bringing some of the top Japanese RTW makers and minds together to create some interesting shoes. The shoes are sold exclusively through Hiroshi Tsubouchi Plaintoe Derbies in Shinki Cordovan (cognac, navy) in some ways a Japanese version of 990 more pics (as well as pricing) from this link from M`s Blog
Here`s another nice bespoke commission, courtesy of Koji Endo bottier (gentile & 79). Another one with rubber insert gentille & 79 FB
Congrats with your shoes!I`ve seen the pics before, and those curvy sole pattern (not the marble) looks identical to the Japanese maker Il Quadrifoglio`sIs that something you requested? just curiousI think it looks fantastic
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