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Sole stitching by Clematis Link to the original post (Clematis`s Boots) I say around 16~18spi? (he doesn`t use a marking wheel so it varies by location) Sole stitching by Main-d`or I recall these are 14 spi. Murata-san uses marking wheel. English trained shoemakers (Marquess, Hiro Yanagimachi etc...) tend to go for typical UK standard (10~12 depending on the type of shoes). Locally trained makers like Takano-san above (Clematis), Yokota san (now defunct Saion),...
Glad to be at your service!As for the #2792 one, I thought it was neat how a row of coarse stitches was sandwiched by rows of fine stitches.
Hmmm... digging for more Clematis (with interesting stitchwork) from my photos
Some interesting stitch work by Takano-san @ Clematis
Talkin` about fine stitches, here are some by Marquess. For this pair, Shoji-san says he wanted to give the bulgy, coarse (tactile) feel to his stitches (like on older English shoes). Quite different from, say Yohei Fukuda, who I think he favours fine, precisional look.
Ohno san said he try to make those look like miniscule gimping. It`s now like a signature TYE detail.The guy who does the upper at TYE (Ohno`s partner) is simply amazing. The funny thing is, Ohno-san`s wife is also a talented artisan in her own right, and she makes the uppers / stiching for Clematis and Ortus (but not TYE).
A delicious pair of olive green oxford by TYE SHOEMAKER TYE Shoemaker Blog
Most splendid! Looking at your cut up fitting shoes, looks like you`re getting even more fine tuning !
ooo, I highly doubt any of the makers offering services that fast here. You can try makers that don`t make test shoes / extra fitting session. I know Clematis and Fukuda offer that.
Those plain toes by Hiroshi Tsubouchi costs 77K, or 770 USDYes, imported shoes usually have an up charge (due to the high import tax), but not as horrible as you think.EG Chelsea shoes cost ¥146,880 in Japan ($1432 USD) including 8% VAT. This is after the recent price hike.
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