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A pair of spectacular shoes that a fellow Japanese (an actor, in fact) commissioned from F&S. If I`m correct, the fellow asked the shoes to be made in the style of the good old Henry Maxwell sample that he saw at the show. He even asked the shoes to be labelled as Henry Maxwell. Henry Maxwell logo The `soft` fiddle back waist is a`new` addition, though The original Henry Maxwell Sample Shoe: The new version Link to blog
Thanks for the thought!The show took place at a fine watches gallery after all
While Shoji-san (Marquess) has a much closer and personal ties with G&G, Yohei Fukuda is stylistically closer to G&G. Like Tony, Fukuda looks back to the 1920`s (Deco age) for his inspiration.Also, while I see nothing wrong with trying out the MTM shoes by the shoemakers above, you may also want to consider bespoke shoes (since you`ll be in Japan regularly). Misawa & Workshop, Egawa Custom Shoemaker, gentile 79, Annonymous, Le Scarpe di Cabiria, and Bottega Tramoda are...
OK, I assume you`re coming to Tokyo. If so, Otsuka, o.e., Yoshinoya, Regal, Ogasawara Shoes, Clematis and Yohei Fukuda are the better known bespoke makers that also offer MTM shoes that requires no extra fitting session, and also allows lasts to be modified. (aside Yanagimachi and Guild of Crafts)Otsuka is probably the best deal (at around ¥157K for full handmade MTO)Clematis (¥163K~ for machine bottomed, and ¥253K for full handmade), is located in Ginza (like Guild). ...
TYE Shoemaker Bespoke Samples To the joy of his fans (myself included), Ohno san (TYE Shoemaker) has finally made some bespoke sample shoes for everyone to see! (all other shoes featured here or on his website are commissioned shoes) Here is a stunner: Single monk in cognac calf and a 18K WG original buckle TYE Shoemaker Diary
Mystery solved! That watch on Andrew`s wrist looks quite intriguing too...
Fantastic!! A big congrats to your bespoke endeavour with Marquess. A pair of blind brogues in their chiseled last will be gorgeous. I also love their ocher calf, and how they finish it so immaculately.
Yeah sizing is very limited. I think they only made a small run to test the market.Considering that their parent company makes most of the Sketchers shoes in the world, it`s hard to imagine that Goodyear Studio / Turnright is being tied up with a string budget though...
Try emailing them, I believe they are OK with English (the website is in English after all) info@galleryofauthentic.jp
and I also recall (from just a while ago) that the entire Bespoke team of Stefano Bemer is made up of Japanese. (may be not true as of today)
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