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Japanese hollowed shoe tree prototype that I spotted today. Very nicely finished. European hornbeam.
There are quite a few Leather-makers / tanners organisations / associations, JLIA probably the most visible one (with many shoemakers / manufacturers). JLIA runs its own gallery in Ginza (TIME & EFFORT), where they sometimes organise shoes-related events, including exhibitions of bespoke shoemakers` works, or theme-related shows (such as inviting only female shoemakers). However, many of the best Japanese makers we are familiar with here on SF are not involved with these...
Yes, 4 years was what I was told too for new orders. I think I lucked out with 1 1/2 yrs wait
Some photos from our BRIFT H Shoepolish Seminar with Yuya Hasegawa Yuya Hasegawa Yuya demo`ing with a pair of Navy G&G Hanly`s How to securely wrap a cloth Well polished pairs of Alden and Carmina shell shoes. Quite a few girls took part of our seminar With Jin, a local pro shoeshiner. We also had a film-shoot by the GQ crew. The short movie will soon be played at the GQ TV (online and in Eslite bookstores) next month! Our first BRIFT H show was a great...
A big feature on our good friend Atsushi Qnai (IL QUADRIFOGLIO)
Yeah, Miyagi Kogyo MTO indeed does offer a full spectrum of size/widths. Great base price, though upgrading materials could hike the price up significantly. Just need to find their authorised dealer (plenty in Tokyo), since they don`t sell online.The MD last is Miyagi`s version of Modified Last. Not sure if MD stands for ModifieD, but at least MK seems quite open about being inspired by Alden
Most Japanese MTO shoes also have size restrictions. I recall Hiro-san`s MTO shoes only going up to size 28 (size 10). Not sure if he expanded his sizing option.Clematis comes up to my mind though: he offers sub-¥200K MTO shoes for any size. Yohei Fukuda probably offers that too, but costs a bit more.
Like many Japanese RTW brands, Shetland Fox offers both Italian, and British styled shoes. As far as I know, the Italian styled ones are partially blake (GY/Blake hybrid?). SF is supposed to be the high end line for REGAL SHOES, so aside from the styling (up to your preference), I assume they are well made.They have a nice boutique right adjacent to PENINSULA Tokyo.
Thank you! and Wear in good health!!
Suede CARMINA collection in OAK ROOM TAIPEI Tassel Loafer 80287 Uetam Last, Sand Suede. Tomir Sole. $465 USD ex VAT RIbbon Loafer 80228 Uetam Last, Navy Suede. Tomir Sole. $465 USD ex VAT Tassel Loafer 80287 Uetam Last, Bordeux Suede. Tomir Sole. $465 USD ex VAT Strap Loafer 80372 Uetam Last, Green Suede. Leather Sole. $465 USD ex VAT Split Toe Derby 757 Forest Last, Brown Suede. Tomir Sole. $465 USD ex VAT Split Toe Derby 757 Forest Last, Navy Suede. Tomir...
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